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Bring Your Own Device Policy (Classes of '24 and '25)

Members of the Classes of 2024 and 2025 at St. Louis U. High are required to bring their own device to school (BYOD). The device will need to meet certain minimum requirements mentioned below. Cell phones are not acceptable devices.

Important Policies

  • Students and parents/guardians must adhere to the SLUH Student Handbook and in particular to the Internet Policy section.
  • Each teacher has the discretion to allow and regulate the use of devices in the classroom and on specific projects.
  • Students are expected to arrive at school with their personal device fully charged for the day; batteries must have enough charge for each class. Electrical outlets dedicated to charging personal devices will not be available. A charging station with a limited number of charging ports is available in the Library.
  • Students are not allowed to have cell phones on their person during the day.
  • Student devices must have a label with the student's name or student ID.


Minimum Technical Requirements

  • Must be able to run Google Chrome
  • Must be able to run Google Drive, Docs etc. either via a browser or apps
  • Must have a total storage capacity of at least 32GB
  • Must be able to connect to the school wireless network
  • Windows devices need to have a current and up-to-date anti-virus software installed and running
  • Have a healthy battery that can last through the school day
  • Have a minimum screen size of 7". Larger is recommended.
  • Optional, but strongly recommended
    • An extended warranty for your device
    • A protective case. If planning to use a tablet make sure it protects the corners.
    • A physical keyboard, either built-in or connected via Bluetooth

Permitted Devices

Apple iPad: Any Apple iPad is allowed; no iPad mini. Minimum of 64GB storage. Keyboard case and stylus are highly recommended. Classes of 2026 and 2027 use school-issued 9th Generation Apple iPads.

Apple laptop: Minimum of 8GB RAM. Minimum of 256GB of SSD storage. Needs to run Mac OS 11 (Big Sur) or above.

Chromebook: Prefer 8GB RAM, as 4GB will limit the ability to run multiple apps simultaneously, has ability to add an SD Card for local / offline storage.

Microsoft Windows Laptop or Tablet: Minimum of 8GB RAM. Minimum of 256GB of SSD storage. Needs to run Windows 10 or higher. Windows 11 is recommended.

Note: Students will not be allowed to have cell phones on their person during the day.