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School-issued Device Policy (Classes of '26-'28)

Starting with the Class of 2026, SLUH will lease iPads and accessories to all incoming freshmen families.

Class of 2027 Lease details can be found in the lease agreement, which can be downloaded here.

If you would like to submit the lease agreement online, you can do so through your Apply online account here. Paper copies should be turned in on Direction Days.

Included in the lease are:

  • iPad
  • AC charger and cable
  • Rugged keyboard case
  • Apple Pencil
  • 4-year warranty - details are in the lease agreement


Frequently Asked Questions

Can families opt out of the iPad program?
No. SLUH students starting with the Class of 2026 are required to use a SLUH-issued iPad at school.

Does my student need to install any software or can they use a personal Apple ID to download apps?
No, all required apps and software are supplied and managed by SLUH and will be distributed directly to the iPad. Some optional applications will be available via the Self Service app. If additional apps are needed, classroom teachers will work with the technology department to have those deployed.

Does my student need to create an Apple ID?
SLUH is providing Managed Apple IDs for all students. A Managed Apple ID is an Apple ID that is created and owned by SLUH and used for educational purposes, and gives the Technology department the ability to manage the IDs and services that students access. This includes password resets and basic troubleshooting.

What are the differences between personal Apple IDs and Managed Apple IDs?
Managed Apple IDs maintain a focus on education, provides 200GB of iCloud storage per account and disable all commerce capabilities. Because Managed Apple ID accounts can't make purchases, the SLUH IT department will make specific apps available. Managed Apple ID accounts have the following services disabled: App Store purchasing, iTunes Store purchasing, Book Store purchasing, HomeKit connected devices, Apple Pay, "Find My" Service, iCloud Mail, iCloud Keychain, iCloud Family Sharing, FaceTime, iMessage.

Can my student use a different iPad case?
As a condition of the provided warranty, the SLUH-issued case is the only allowed case and the iPad must remain in the case at all times.

Will there be content filtering on the iPad?
All student devices have content filtering applied both while they are at SLUH on the SLUH network as well as off-campus. Families should still monitor student use and behavior as no filters are 100% effective.

Can we use a family tracking app (e.g. Bark, Life360, Qustodio)?
The way SLUH manages the iPads prevents the installation of these monitoring services. You can set up Apple’s Screen Time manually on the iPad device. However, it is important to note that Screen time via Family Sharing cannot be configured.

What happens if my student loses their charger?
One replacement charger and charging cable will be provided. After that, your student will be charged a 50% replacement cost.

What about other replacement parts/accessories?
Apple Pencil tips will be provided to the students free of charge, as needed. If accessories are lost or stolen, the student will be responsible for a 50% replacement cost. Damaged items need to be brought to the IT Department so they can be sent off for repair/replacement.