Senior Ismael Karim wins MLK Model of Justice Award
Jackson Cooper, Core Staff

Senior Ismael Karim has been honored with the MLK Model of Justice Award, an award which recognizes high school students across the Archdiocese of St. Louis for their service in racial and social justice.

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Rifle snags second in state tournament
  • Sports

The depth of St. Louis U. High’s rifle team shined through last Saturday, as the two teams put forth by SLUH in the MO CMP 3PAR State Championship placed second and third among a field of teams.

Math teacher Joe Stickley creates astounding crossword puzzles worthy of The NY Times
  • Features

People at SLUH can’t seem to get enough of crosswords. First came science teacher Paul Baudendistel’s impressive archive of Prep News puzzles. Then, a whole club dedicated to the craft, complete with their own merch. Now, math teacher Joseph Stickley, still in his first year at SLUH, is doing his part to contribute to the crossword frenzy with clever themes and even bigger dreams. 

Senior Grande Projects come to a close with peer presentations
  • News

Seniors presented their Grande Projects on Wednesday, signifying the end of senior project work and juniors in senior parking. Similar to last year, the Grande Project aims to give seniors the opportunity to advocate for a marginalized community through a variety of creative formats which includes podcasts, videos, artwork, and more.

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