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We're back! Students and faculty return to synchronous learning
Nathan Rich, Core Staff

For the first time in the history of St. Louis U. High, school started not with a bell but with a click, as students began the first day by slowly populating the 9 by 9 squares of a Zoom call. The common theme of the day seemed to be “different.” Different types of teaching styles, different schedules, different teachers, even a different dress code. Yet even through all the differences, SLUH students were enthusiastic.

90% of students polled feel safe returning to school
  • News
Jacob Sprock, News Editor

Two hundred fifty-five people responded to the our recent survey: 69 freshmen, 53 sophomores, 49 juniors, 52 seniors, and 32 faculty/staff. They shared their opinion on distance learning and returning to camps.

Direction Day sets precedent for major events
  • News
Jacob Sprock and Sam Tarter, News Editor, Feature Editor

With the nation engulfed in a deadly pandemic, Saint Louis U. High has had to rethink its annual traditions in order to keep the community safe. One of those traditions was Direction Days, an event that serves as an introduction to SLUH for incoming freshmen.

New SLUH Photo Gallery
  • News
Compiled by Mr. Giueseppe Vitellaro

See what the school is looking like these days as the COVID-19 pandemic necessitates change. 

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SLUHsers Comic Strip

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Sports fight to return amid pandemic
  • Sports

Remember when we could simply walk into the football stadium and see a packed crowd on a Friday night, or go buy a hot dog from the concession stand at intermission in a soccer game? Today, everywhere we go, we are temp-checked and asked about our contact with other people. 

Major HVAC upgrade delays physical classes; will ensure cleaner air
  • News

To ensure the safest possible learning environment when students return to a hybrid schedule on Sept. 10, St. Louis U. High decided to upgrade the current HVAC system with state of the art equipment to provide both students and faculty with the best air quality the school has ever seen. The installation timeline for these upgrades is the reason the start of the hybrid in-person learning schedule was delayed.

Gibbons reflects on his 25 year journey with Jesuits, his final vows
  • Features

As a boy, Saint Louis U. High principal Ian Gibbons, S.J. never thought that he would be a Jesuit priest. He definitely didn’t plan to be the principal and a social studies teacher at an all boys’ high school less than an hour away from his home town of Edwardsville, Ill. Yet, Gibbons has now been a part of the Jesuit order for 25 years, and in a one-of-a-kind beginning to the school year, he received his final vows at the first all-school Mass of 2020, officially completing his Jesuit formation process.

A stamp of approval! SLUH closes out the accreditation process at Mass of the Holy Spirit
  • News

The Jesuit Central-Southern provincial, Fr. Tom Greene, S.J., along with SLUH President Alan Carruthers and SLUH Principal Ian Gibbons, S.J. signed the Jesuit sponsorship agreement at the Mass of the Holy Spirit on Aug. 18. The signing formally ended a year-long process that involved a thorough examination of SLUH to review its focus on the Jesuit tradition and mission.

New Faculty: Vitellaro
  • News

As the school year gets underway, St. Louis U. High welcomes back Giuseppe Vitellaro, ’15 as a part of the Alumni Service Corps (ASC) who will be joining the newly expanded communications department. Vitellaro hopes to use this year to immerse himself in campus ministry, help the Prep News, and potentially help moderate the SLUH Media Group, all while he discerns his next steps in life. 

New Faculty: Devoti
  • News

Although perhaps originally motivated by them, it is far more than familial ties that brings new Advancement Project Assistant Julie Devoti to St. Louis U. High.

New Faculty: Glass
  • News

Like many Americans, Sam Glass had to adjust his career plans during the COVID-19 pandemic. He made his way to St. Louis U. High through the Alumni Service Corps and will be helping the Athletics Department this year.

New Faculty: Doyle
  • News

Saint Louis U. High welcomes Ryan Doyle to the community as he works as the Digital Media Specialist, a new position that was created  to further with SLUH’s goal of having a stronger media presence.

Download a PDF file of Volume 85 Issue 01 here

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