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We're Back! Pt 2. Return to in-person learning goes smoothly, sets the stage for weeks to come
Jacob Sprock, News Editor

 A beeping alarm. A hypnotizing drive on the highway. A cram session right before a big quiz or test. School’s back to normal again … sort of.

For the first time in 181 days, the hallways and classrooms of Saint Louis U. High were populated by students and teachers as in-person classes finally began last Thursday, Sept. 10, but things were a bit different. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the school to adopt numerous safety protocols in order to host classes in person while keeping the students and teachers safe. 

Race at SLUH / SLUH reflects on its racial past
  • News
Carter J. Fortman and Jack Figge, Editor in Chief, Core Staff

Whether it be the Dred Scott case in the 1840s and 1850s, the Civil War in the 1860s, redlining, or the civil rights movement, St. Louis U. High has existed through the most turbulent times in the nation’s racial history. In the past century, the school has made strides that the founders would have thought inconceivable. However, turbulence came over the summer following the consecutive deaths of three unarmed African Americans.  Students, members of the faculty Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and PACES decided that the moment was right to unite and find ways to end racism within the bounds of SLUH. 

Traditions kept alive: Baccalaureate Mass, Graduation, Junior Ring are celebrated
  • News
Noah Apprill-Sokol and Luke Duffy, News Editor, Staff

The final quarter of the academic year was not the only SLUH event that had a strange twist due to COVID-19. Three Saint Louis U. High traditions—the Baccalaureate Mass and the graduation ceremony along with the Junior Ring ceremony—had to be revised in order to minimize the potential spread of the virus.

“We have a state Caliber team”, SLUH soccer hopeful they will soon be able to show their skills on the pitch
  • Sports
Louis Cornett, Staff

In the past two weeks, the SLUH soccer program has adapted to COVID-19, trying to make a return to practices as normal as possible: players now have to line up on chalk lines, six feet apart, and wait to be temperature checked and complete a health survey. After completion of the survey, students receive hand sanitizer and enter into the soccer stadium, sitting socially distanced in the stands. 

Currently, SLUH soccer is practicing four to five times a week following the guidelines set by the City of St. Louis. 

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IT adding critical technology for hybrid return
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Upon entering the building of St. Louis U. High, instead of being greeted by cheerful receptionist Mimi Hartung, students are now welcomed by an imposing thermal camera, just one of the many technology additions to SLUH that have made being in person possible. 

Over the summer, SLUH’s IT department has been hard at work making sure that SLUH is ready to begin the school year despite the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

New year, New pool: Covid-19 forces swim team to find new practice location
  • Sports

The SLUH Swim & Dive program began its quest for a third straight state title this week. The team got the green light to enter Phase 3 of the reopening plan for high school sports last Friday. As a low-risk  sport, they can now begin competitions against other schools in the area, beginning this week with a meet on Tuesday vs. CBC, and later in the week vs. De Smet.

The return to fall sports can always be challenging, but especially in a year where COVID-19 has disrupted nearly every aspect of life.

Hoping for Redemption, cross country team is back at it hoping to bring home the state title
  • Sports

Cross country is back in full swing with meets on the horizon! Having received permission from the City Health Department, the Saint Louis U. High cross country team is now permitted to compete against other XC teams in the Saint Louis region.

Last week, the City Health Department announced new health protocols and guidelines related to sports. These regulations allow for low risk sports to hold interscholastic competition with other high schools in the region. Cross country, falling into the low risk category, has begun to start preparing to race against other competition.

Around the Hallways-- 85.02
  • News

enior and Junior Class Mass

On Monday and Tuesday, the Seniors gathered in their separate cohorts to celebrate the first class Masses of the year during eighth period. Both Masses were celebrated by newly-ordained priest the Rev. Matt Stewart, S.J.,  who graduated from SLUH in 1998. Next week, the junior class cohorts will celebrate their class Masses on Monday and Tuesday. 

Download a PDF file of Volume 85 Issue 02 here


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