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Covid can’t deter our spirit! Spirit Week a smashing success
Jacob Sprock and John Posey, News Editor, reporter

Monday, Sept. 28 marked the kickoff of the 2020-21 Spirit Week at Saint Louis U. High, and the Student Council did their best to assure it started strong. They started planning the layout of the week in July and attended extra meetings a few weeks beforehand to work out any kinks and do some additional brainstorming. They eventually decided that the theme for the week would be “retro” and that it would consist of three main events: a tailgate on Monday and Tuesday, an open mic night on Wednesday, and a drive-in movie on Friday.

 Artistic seniors form group with fellow regional artists
  • Features
Carter J. Fortman and James Saadi, Editor in Chief, reporter

Senior Philip Hiblovic found he had a lot of time on his hands last April. An avid poet, he took the opportunity to perfect his craft. However, he soon realized that his passion lacked the comradery he desired. He wanted a space for artists. From this desire came 21Artistry, a collective of artists dedicated to expanding the artistic culture of St. Louis. 

School working to encourage freshman involvement and interaction amid COVID-19 difficulties
  • News
Jack Figge and Nathan Rich, Core Staff

Direction Days: shortened. Freshman Fun Day: Cancelled. Running of the Bills: Canceled. Activities fair: virtualized. All of these events, critical to helping freshmen adjust to the life of St. Louis U. High, have been modified in some form, making it difficult for freshmen to meet new people and make SLUH their second home. 

Not just voters: 3 seniors take extra step in preparing for election
  • News
Noah Apprill-Sokol and Alex Van Ness, News Editor, reporter

There are 25 days until election night. Campaigns are in full swing, pollsters are collecting data, and one does not have to look far to see political ads or signs. For some St. Louis U. High students, this political season has offered them an opportunity to engage in political work, such as working in campaigns and analyzing polling data.

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Where're the fathers? Prep News investigates disappearance of 3 SLUH priests
  • News

As students roam the one-way hallways of St. Louis U. High, they have most likely noticed the numerous changes and additions to the school building, the new technology in each of the classrooms, the plexiglass in the commons, and the many masked faces of new faculty. But three faces they won’t see around the building for the time being are the smiling faces of three of SLUH’s beloved Jesuit priests.

Football to face St. Mary's in season opener
  • Sports

With weeks of uncertainty and speculation on the possibility of a season for the St. Louis U. High football team, the rumors have been cleared and a game with St. Marys has been scheduled for 7:00 p.m. this Friday.

SLUH swims away with another huge victory
  • Sports

In their first meet against multiple teams, the St. Louis U. High swim and dive team shattered multiple school records and added six new state qualifying times en route to a promising first place finish against Kirkwood, MICDS, and CBC. 
The meet began on the diving end, with junior Sebastian Lawrence—who qualified for state two weeks ago—and junior Tom Nguyen adding 31 points to SLUH’s score. 

Soccer recieves green light to start games
  • Sports

The St. Louis U. High soccer team secured its first win of the season this past Saturday. Normally, a first win coming in early October would hardly seem cause for celebration. However, in a unique season defined by delays and setbacks, the team was excited to just be on the field.

Cross Country shows depth in recent meets
  • Sports

The SLUH cross country team demonstrated its incredible depth this past week, splitting the team in half between two races—Parkway West Invitational and the Chaminade Quad meet—and still managing to have dominant performances on all levels at each meet.

Students reflect on interconnectedness between God and Art
  • News

For five years, St. Louis U. High has held its annual Art Retreat at the start of the fall season to give artistic members of the student body an opportunity to further their spirituality and connection with God through the arts. This year, despite the COVID-19 pandemic shortening their schedule, the Art Retreat was held once again with wide praise and mass creative inspiration.

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“What was your favorite part of Spirit Week”

Editor In Chief
Carter “SLUH patriotism” Fortman

News Editors
Jacob “the fanny pack” Sprock
Noah “What was different?” April-Sokol

Sports Editor
Luke “wiffle ball” Altier

Features Editor
Sam “Bueller...Bueller...Bueller” Tartar

Core Staff
Jack “the tailgate food” Figge
Nathan “making money” Rich
Jack “penny wars” Ryback

Louis “the STUCO hype video” Cornett
Luke “taking photos” Duffy

Jack “nothing” Feise
George “dressing down” Henken
Louis “being the impostor” Miller
Ryan “completing all of my tasks” Pineda
John “being the catcher in Wiffle ball” Posey

Micahel "drive-in movie" Robinson
Roarke “rocking out during passing periods” Unrau 
Alex “playing Spikeball” VanNess

Contributing Photographer
Kathleen “teaching my students the periodic table” Chott

Mr.Giuseppe “helping with layout” Vitellaro
Mr. Steve “virtual scavenger hunt” Missey

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