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SLUH community brings in over 1300 items for local homeless population as winter approaches
Jack Figge and Michael Robinson, Core Staff, reporter

With winter rapidly approaching and the thermometer steadily dropping, the St. Louis U. High campus ministry team once again sponsored the annual Drive for the Homeless, which collects basic necessities for the homeless within the St. Louis region. Starting Wednesday, Oct. 21 and continuing through Friday, Oct. 30, folding tables in Campus Ministry were piled high with coats, blankets, scarves, hats, socks, and other goods to help support the ever important drive.

Commentary: After the election be kind
  • Opinion
Carter J. Fortman, Editor in Chief

I hate politics, but I also love them. They can be a great avenue for change, while also being detrimental to our national unity. Yesterday was the culmination of the 2020 Election Season. Many seniors and teachers alike took advantage of their democratic rights in what has been called by both sides “the most important election in US history.” Even though it may be days, even weeks, before the results are finalized, I call on everyone in the St. Louis U. High community, no matter what the result is, to transcend partisan politics and continue to build the Kingdom of God as a united front. 

Cohorts unite! Total return to campus set for November 30
  • News
Carter J. Fortman and Roarke Unrau, Editor in Chief, reporter

For the first time since March, students from both cohorts will be back on campus together. 

The goal, even as far back as March, was to get back to full capacity during the 2020-21 school year safely, but promptly. Starting Nov. 1, that goal will become a reality. 

From Barcelona to St. Louis: freshmen connect with "The Other Side" author
  • News
Sam Tarter, Features Editor

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, cancellations and reconsiderations have become the norm for SLUH students and faculty, who have been forced to take their goals and adapt them into something less than what was originally planned. But out of the ashes of altered plans and virtual learning, a once lost SLUH tradition has been revived: the all-school summer reading book, which was resurrected this summer with The Other Side: Stories of Central American Teen Refugees Who Dream of Crossing the Border by Juan Pablo Villalobos.

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Freshman Fun Day massive success despite delay, class unites for first time
  • News

The freshman class spent last Wednesday at SLUH for Freshman Formation Day. An adapted version of Freshman Fun Day, this event featured prayer, outdoor activities, and a discussion on the summer book The Other Side by Juan Pablo Villalobos

While this unusual school year has presented many difficulties, one that stands out is the lack of opportunities for freshmen to mingle outside of class. Freshman Formation Day was the first time the entire freshman class was together on campus. 

Football to play Lindbergh after forfeit from Kirkwood
  • Sports

The St. Louis U. High football team had high hopes for the Kirkwood game with the return of injured junior stars Isaac Thompson (COVID-19, stomach bug) and Derrick Baker (ankle). Sadly, the game was forfeited due to COVID related reasons on Kirkwood’s side. The Jr. Bills are scheduled to play against Lindbergh this Friday. 

2020 Spotlight: Normington reflects upon life after SLUH
  • Features

Members of the St. Louis U. High Class of 2020 are currently in their first year of college all over the country, learning new schedules, and feeling like freshmen again. Because of the global pandemic, the SLUH Class of 2020 is having to adapt even more to national and even global safety guidelines.

Chaminade's last second goal stuns Jr. Bills, eliminates SLUH from districts
  • Sports

The final 12 seconds brought heartbreak for the St. Louis U. High varsity soccer team on Saturday. Playing against Chaminade for the District Semifinal, the Jr. Bills maintained possession and kept a steady back line, only to be knocked out by an outstanding header by a Chaminade player with time expiring.  

Racquetball to return to action on Nov. 13
  • Sports

The St. Louis U. High racquetball team draws nearer to beginning its winter campaign. On Friday, Nov. 13,  SLUH will take on Lindbergh. With the regular season coming fast and the final two days of ladder play coming this week, competition is heated between seniors Danny Juerguns and Oliver Allen for the number one spot.

FOOD REVIEW: Sonic's Queso burger is "iconic"
  • Entertainment

Hey, it has been a while. I have been cleared by Dr. Anthony Fauci and more importantly, Mr. Gilbert, to return to life as normal. That being said, I am hungry and I know you are too, so let’s talk queso. No, let’s talk about the Queso Burger.

SLUH welcomes new Jesuit novice to campus
  • News

St. Louis U. High welcomes Manuel Luna Vega, a Jesuit Novice who will be at SLUH through early December to help with theology, Spanish, campus ministry, cross country, and Chess Club. 

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