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Students, teachers, and faculty speak out about COVID safety and full return on Nov. 30
Carter J. Fortman and Jacob Sprock, Editor in Chief, News Editor

The Prep News sent out our second survey of the 2020-21 school year last Thursday, Nov. 5 asking students about their confidence in St. Louis U. High’s safety programs as the school prepares to return to full in person schooling on Nov. 30 and their satisfaction with hyflex learning. 

The first survey, taken Sept. 5, analyzed satisfaction with full distance learning and confidence in the current hyflex model, where half of students in either the Ignatius (last names A-L) and Xavier (last names M-Z) were on campus for four days while the other half remained online. Results showed a high level of confidence in the polled group about the safety measures being taken in the hyflex model.

Board of Trustees welcomes two new members, Coleman and Huete
  • News
Nathan Rich, Core Staff

St. Louis U. High welcomed Fr. William Huete S.J. and Kwofe Coleman, ’01 to the Board of Trustees this past summer, and although the two men could not be more different, they are now both united by their devotion to the U. High.

Even though most students couldn’t name a single Board member, SLUH’s Board of Trustees is essential to their education. From overseeing economic and fundraising decisions to organizing student equality initiatives, the SLUH Board affects each and every student. As a result, the SLUH Board requires a multitude of diverse perspectives. 

SLUH loses District Semifinal to Lindbergh on final drive of game
  • Sports
Jack Rybak, Core Staff

The St. Louis U. High Football team played a tough 4-1 Lindbergh team last Friday and lost in a close 28-21 battle that came down to a final drive scenario for the Jr. Bills. After being unable to establish the ground game, the Jr. Bills relied primarily on their passing offense. Along with the tough task of dealing with a one-sided offense, they also had to figure out a way to stop Lindbergh’s star running back Logan Kopp, a top seven rusher in the state.

“Lindbergh sees one of the best running backs in the state ( Kopp) every day. Their team is built around running the ball and stopping the run,” said head coach Mike Jones. “We knew it would be a challenge.”

Cross Country snags second place finish as historic season comes to an end
  • Sports
Noah Apprill-Sokol and Peter James, News Editor, Reporter

It has been a rollercoaster ride for the Saint Louis U. High cross country program this fall, but at last, the 2020 cross country season has come to a close with a surprising second place finish at the 71st annual Missouri State Meet.

Last Saturday, the SLUH racers ran in Columbia, Mo. at the Gans Creek course, the second time that the State Meet has been hosted there. The race conditions were perfect, and personal records were sure to be broken. Unlike the course in Sullivan last week, this course was fast. It hardly narrowed down, keeping the race from bottlenecking, and the wide turns gave the runners ample opportunity to accelerate throughout.

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Michalski reflects on COVID, safety at WashU
  • Features

After graduating in the spring of 2020, college freshman Peter Michalski is enjoying life at Washington University. Not knowing what to expect on his way to college, he knew one thing for sure: he was not expecting this.

Satire: Admin announces inclusion of hamster balls into safety protocols following Thanksgiving
  • Entertainment

SLUH admin announces inclusion of hamster balls into safety protocols following Thanksgiving

Following that Nov. 1 announcement detailing the school’s future plans for in-person classes, the SLUH administration decided to implement the wearing of giant, see-through hamster balls by students to prevent the spread of the coronavirus following the return from Thanksgiving break. 

Racquetball starts season Friday; varsity seeds named
  • Sports

The Saint Louis U. High varsity racquetball team will open its season against Lindbergh on Friday. After many challenge matches and weeks of ladder play, the teams were finally confirmed and emails were sent to players on Monday. 

SLUH Soccer looks at ups and downs of shortened season
  • Sports

In a season like no other in the 202 years of SLUH’s existence, the varsity soccer team finished its 2020 season with a record of 5-6. Starting their season over a month delayed, the Jr. Bills overcame the adversity of the pandemic to string together a handful of resilient performances. After a 4-0 start, SLUH came into October looking like a powerful state contender. But four of the team’s six losses were just a Jr. Bill goal away from being sent into OT, including their heartbreaking loss to Chaminade on Halloween which knocked them out of the State Tournament. 

Perspective: SLUH English department inspires senior to pursue passion for writing
  • Opinion

Before I even enrolled at St. Louis U. High, I knew I wanted to be a writer. Since grade school I had been telling stories, writing poetry, and reading books every spare minute between classes and every free weekend. The texts in my English classes looked like coloring books from all the annotations, underlines, highlighting, and side-space notes I applied when I read each chapter for homework. 

COVID forces major changes to annual Retreat Week
  • News

Students eagerly await the beloved November Retreat Week every year, anticipating the chance to step back from the craziness of our world and spend a few days with God. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, has forced Campus Ministry to adapt its programming. 

Lyons '04 talks about being on front lines of COVID-19
  • News

As the fight against COVID continues, many doctors are called into action. All over the world doctors are doing everything they can to help people. In St. Louis, doctors are giving out tests daily. One doctor, Dr. Patrick Lyons, Class of 2004, is now doing everything he can to help his patients. 

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