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Junior Billiken Immersion gives 8th graders glimpse of SLUH experience
Peter James, reporter

COVID-19 has forced all areas of SLUH to adapt, and the admissions office is no exception. In order to maintain proper health regulations while also living out their role in the school, the Admissions office has transformed SLUH’s traditional methods of outreach to prospective students. 

When the pandemic started last spring, SLUH had to make a sudden transition to online classes and a transition for how the school connected with potential and future students. The Admissions department had to develop plans to address and remedy that latter problem. 

Instead of the typical SLUH Night, Open House, and on-campus tour groups that were common for middle schoolers to get to know SLUH, there are now Inside SLUH Visit, Virtual Inside SLUH Visit, Virtual Shadow@SLUH, and the Jr. Billiken Immersion as substitutions. 

PN thankful for moderator Steve Missey's two decades of dedication and hard work
  • News
Carter J. Fortman, Editor in Chief

(Moderator’s Note: this piece was sprung upon me as a surprise during our production on Tuesday night. My embarrassment at having a page of the paper devoted to a story about me is outweighed only by the immense gratitude I feel for the people I have spent the last 20+ years on every Thursday night (or, this year, Tuesday night) of the school year.)

Editors have changed, paper sizes have changed, but one name has remained constant in the past two decades of SLUH Prep News: Steve Missey. We realized earlier this year that nothing had been done to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Missey being the moderator of this great club. We Editors here at PN 85 want to honor Missey’s legacy and, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, express our gratitude for his many years of service.

Community raises over $400,000 for annual SLUH day
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Nathan Rich, Core Staff

#Sluhday is trending! Well, maybe not nationwide, but at least throughout the halls of campus last week, as students, faculty, and alumni posted, tweeted, and tagged photos with the hashtag honoring the annual celebration of St. Louis U. High Day.

For the third year in a row since its inception in 2018, the city of St. Louis, and specifically the SLUH community, gathered to recognize the birthday of the oldest high school in the city. At 202 years old, SLU High has served thousands of students and the success of last week’s online giving commemorated that. From last Thursday to this past Monday, SLUH’s Advancement Office once again held its phone-a-thon aimed at raising money for the Jr. Bill fund, although the event looked much different this year in the midst of a pandemic.

SLUH full return delayed
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Noah Apprill-Sokol and Carter Fortman, News Editor, Editor in Chief

While many in the Saint Louis U. High communities were anticipating a full return following the Thanksgiving break, their anticipation will have to wait a little bit longer. All SLUH students will be completely online the week of Nov. 30, and will be notified Dec. 1 on whether SLUH will be transitioning fully in-person or will be maintaining the hyflex model of the first quarter.

The decision came in light of the spike in cases both in the St. Louis region and the school. As of Nov. 16, the school has had 12 students and faculty out with COVID-19 and over 50 in quarantine.

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Quinn wins "best secondary school educator" from Dante Society of America
  • News

The Dante Society of America announced the winners of three awards last weekend administered annually to people who show a great love of Dante and his Divine Comedy, be it through college papers or through the teaching of others on the works of Dante, and English teacher Terry Quinn was one of the three award recipients.

Despite Covid Setbacks, Expectations Remain High for Wrestling Season
  • Sports

The Saint Louis U. High wrestling team began practicing for the 2020-21 season two weeks ago, on Monday, Nov. 2. With a promising roster full of experienced upperclassmen, yet a season filled with new precautions and rule changes due to the coronavirus, it is going to be a unique, but no doubt, memorable year.

Hockey team skates into season with eyes on the Enterprise Center
  • Sports

Each year, St. Louis University High students anticipate the start of the hockey season. Hockey hoodies, standing shoulder to shoulder with friends, and cheering for the Jr. Bills on the ice provides an outlet from school in the weeks leading up to and following semester exams. However, SLUH hockey will look a lot different this year because of COVID-19. The Jr. Bills who take to the ice have adapted their training to make a season possible and have their sights set on the first game of the season against CBC on Friday, Nov. 27. 

A Shortage of Practices Doesn’t Stop SLUH; Racquetball advances to 1-0
  • Sports

The Saint Louis U. High School racquetball team picked up its first win last Friday against Lindbergh. Against what was supposed to be one of the most challenging teams for SLUH to face off against, the varsity won 6-1 due to forfeits because of the coronavirus and hard fought matches. 

See wins Loebe Prize from STL Science Center
  • News

Saint Louis U. High math teacher Dan See won the Loeb Award, an award given out by the Science Center to exceptional teachers of math and science in the St. Louis metropolitan area who help enhance their students' learning. See, who has been teaching at SLUH for 29 years, is currently the Computer Science Department chair and teachers computer science classes and one class of AP Statistics. See was recognized for the award at an Oct. 2 event at the Science Center.

SLUH community shares plans for COVID Thanksgiving
  • Features

The bickering of relatives over recent politics; the laughter of cousins as they scurry about the living room; the cheers of dads and uncles after a successful touchdown in a family football game. These are the sights and sounds that will unfortunately be absent from many household Thanksgiving celebrations as the nation continues to grapple with the coronavirus.

From Chile to St. Louis, Spanish teacher Maria-Paz Campos reflects on her immigration story
  • News

Editor’s Note: This is the first issue of a Prep News series called Immigrants of SLUH.  So far, news editor Noah Apprill-Sokol has interviewed over ten members of the SLUH community about their immigration experiences. These stories will be featured in the coming weeks.  This first one tells the story of Spanish teacher Maria Paz Campos, who moved to the US from Chile after falling in love with her husband.

Sisyphus magazine forced to adapt to COVID pandemic
  • News

While the unfortunate in-person closure last spring caused by the pandemic prevented St. Louis U. High’s literary magazine Sisyphus from creating a Spring edition for the 2019-2020 schooler, it has returned anew, with a variety of changes to help spread the love of the arts around the school while also maintaining safety protocols to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

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