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A time like no other; influential class of 1970 reflects on time at SLUH
Nathan Rich, Core Staff

SLUH’s Class of 1970 has something special. 

This year marks the fifth decade since they roamed the halls of St. Louis University High. It’s been years since they’ve been taught by a Jesuit, even longer since they first took their entrance exams. Fifty years is a very long time, but that hasn’t stopped them from remaining connected to the SLUH community. 

Take St. Louis U. High Day, for example, where the Class of ’70 topped all other classes in both dollars raised and number of donations. More important than money, though, the Class of 1970 has some of the most well-attended reunions and makes serious efforts outside of organized class events to see each other. They have something special that’s kept them together for half a century, and it originated from the very start of their time at SLUH.

Huang's journey to citizenship and his reflections on American life
  • Features
Noah Apprill-Sokol, News Editor

Editor’s Note: This is the second issue of a Prep News series called Immigrants of SLUH.  So far, news editor Noah Apprill-Sokol has interviewed over ten members of the SLUH community about their immigration experiences. These stories will be featured in the coming weeks.  This second one tells the story of Chinese teacher Yude Huang, who moved to the US from Taiwan.

Gadfly is back! New episodes following two-year hiatus
  • News
Luke Duffy, Staff

And … action! Gadfly, a club which films short sketches to share with the SLUH community, has returned this year after lying dormant for three years. They plan to entertain the school with monthly sketch compilations through the school year. 

Gadfly didn’t always produce short videos. It began as a magazine where students could publish music reviews, satires, comedy stories, and other informal writing pieces. As it entered the digital age, Gadfly adapted by becoming a TV show instead of a magazine. 

The Zoom Room: Becvar teaches online
  • News
Nick Campbell, reporter

While most students and teachers have returned to school with the hyflex schedule, social studies teacher Sarah Becvar has been teaching her classes from home since August. Because her preschooler is taking classes at home and because she is pregnant, Becvar decided that teaching from home for the time being was the safest option. Despite the challenges presented by teaching remotely, Becvar has found new ways to connect and keep the peace both at home and in the classroom. 

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 Fortman and Carr percussion duet brings Christmas spirit
  • News

The Christmas-y duo of seniors Brendan Carr and Carter Fortman, otherwise known as Santa’s elves, played and recorded a mallet duet of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”—another example of the tremendous work that the band program has done to overcome the challenges of the pandemic and make this Christmas season special.

Hockey wins both games of doubleheader against Oakville
  • Sports

The St. Louis U. High hockey beat Oakville twice this past week—4-1 on Thursday night at South County Recreation Center, and 3-0 Saturday at Webster Ice Arena. Bouncing back from their loss against CBC on Nov. 27, the Jr. Bills now have their first winning record of the year, even though Covid-19 has sidelined a few crucial players. Stepping up to the challenge, SLUH was led to victory by sophomore goalie Wyatt Gotschall, who is filling in for an unavailable Jake Buttice.

Rifle team awaits results from Blue Jay Classic Tournament
  • Sports

The St. Louis U. High rifle team pushed through the Covid restrictions and shot in Washington, Mo. for the first and possibly last match of the season. Due to the pandemic, the match has had to be extended and a few teams have yet to shoot. The rankings will not be finalized until this Friday, but the team sits well and expects to finish with a high ranking. The team still has some rust to knock off, but the shooters showed promise.

SLUH vs SLUH, V-1 comes out on top in racquetball matchup
  • Sports

The two varsity racquetball teams faced off against each other last Tuesday, Dec. 1. Once every year, as a part of the league schedule, the two SLUH teams all competed against each other. Thus far in the history of SLUH racquetball, no Varsity-2 team has ever beat a Varsity-1 team.

FOOD REVIEW: Kilcullen ranks popular chain chicken sandwiches; Popeyes No. 1
  • Entertainment

Spotify or Apple Music? Yanny or Laurel? Is the dress white and gold or is it blue and black? SLUH or SLUH West? (Well, that is not much of a debate.) All of these are highly debated by our generation, however, the holy grail of debates and the one of most relevance to the theme of my article is: Who has the best chicken sandwich? 

Satire: SLUH admin. faces backlash over new hallway safety legislation following reckless walking accidents
  • Entertainment

Following the return from Thanksgiving break the Saint Louis U. High administration instituted a new set of hallway safety laws to go along with the one-way signs already in place, inducing the introduction of traffic lights, speed bumps, and a carpool lane along with many other roadway standards. While the administration had hoped this would cut down on reckless behavior in the hallways, the school has seen an uptick in reckless walking behavior that has resulted in several accidents.

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