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Faculty reflect on cherished Christmas memories
Sam Tarter, Features Editor

As the Christmas holiday approaches, and as the 2020 year comes to a close, the Prep News wanted to share some positive and heartwarming stories about the teachers at SLUH, and their favorite Christmas memories.

John Kavanaugh

One Christmas, my dad Tom Kavanaugh (SLUH ’68) and uncle John Kavanaugh SJ (SLUH ’59) conspired to amaze me and my siblings (younger sister Jenny and younger brother Tommy) by making it appear that our dad literally pulled a 7-foot balsam spruce tree out of his pocket!

Admin rolls out with exam schedule
  • News
Luke Duffy and John Posey, Staff, reporter

After much suspense over what the end of the semester would bring, the exam schedule has been released and presents a few changes from previous years. Semester exams will take place in-person on Thursday, Dec. 17; Friday, Dec. 18; and Monday, Dec. 21. 

Despite pandemic, Adopt-A-Family drive is a success
  • News
Peter James, reporter

Despite the obstacles and changes brought about by Covid, SLUH’s Adopt-A-Family Drive continued its annual success. 

SLUH partnered with St. Francis Community Services Southside Adopt-A-Family Program to help families in need and to bring the spirit of Christmas. The Adopt-A-Family Drive allows students and their parents to “adopt” St. Francis families and families in the SLUH community...

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Letter to the Editors: student expresses concern over new exam schedule
  • Opinion

For as long as I can remember, exams at SLUH have been a critical part of the curriculum— administered every quarter with two to five days dedicated entirely to reviewing the material the exam would cover and shoring up subjects that proved to have been a struggle in the past several weeks. Exams are even more prevalent at SLUH—we are one of the only schools to give quarterly exams as opposed to strictly semester ones.

Band performs to virtual audience in two shows
  • News

As the COVID pandemic continues to make group gathering even more difficult to orchestrate,  director Jeff Pottinger and the rest of the SLUH band have found new ways to come together and make music during the Concert Band’s Christmas performance on Dec. 8, as well as the Jazz concert on Dec. 15.

25 pieces of advice for SLUH students this year
  • Entertainment

With the approaching holiday season, the Christmas veterans of the Prep News have decided to supply you with some of the best advice we have to help you fully embrace the festive spirit.

Spence promoted, becomes Web Editor
  • Features

The Prep News is excited to announce the newest person to their editorial staff: Carter Spence. Spence will be officially titled Web Editor and will manage the website and social media. The Prep News believes that he is qualified for the position and will be a great addition to the editorial staff.

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  • Features

Around the Holidays, most SLUH students are looking forward to finishing exams and getting into the Christmas spirit. But senior Albert Harrold will be changing things up this year by celebrating Kwanzaa as well as Christmas. Kwanzaa, invented in 1966 by Dr. Maulana Karenga, often doesn't get the spotlight during Christmas time. It was originally invented as a way to bring African Americans together during a time of hardship. 

Wrestling has first competition, looks forward to more mat time
  • Sports

With their first competition of the 2020-21 season complete, the Saint Louis U. High wrestling team is looking to learn from and build on the mistakes that typically accompany first matches while preparing for an upcoming quad meet with Washington, Union, and Rockwood Summit this Friday.

Rifle team places 44th at Junior Air Rifle National Championship
  • Sports

The St. Louis U. High Rifle team now has two matches under its belt, both of which went relatively well considering the recent changes due to COVID-19. The Blue Jay Classic match was finalized with SLUH taking second place and the Junior Air Rifle National Championship gave SLUH 44th place out of 76 teams.

Racquetball sees toughest week yet
  • Sports

Unfortunately for the St. Louis U. High School racquetball team, their match last Friday, Dec. 11 against Parkway was canceled due to team Covid-19 results not back yet. Players had their bi-weekly Covid-19 testing this past Monday and the past two trials have been a little overwhelming because it has taken several days to receive results.

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