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Start to semester seems promising; Covid cases kept to a minimum despite uptick in quarantines
Carter J. Fortman and Luke Missey, Editor in Chief, reporter

Three weeks removed from St. Louis U. High’s full return on Jan. 11, SLUH leaders continue to be confident in their measures taken to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 on campus. As of press time yesterday, the school had just five active cases and 62 quarantines. 

One concern regarding the return to full-time classes this semester was that it would cause a rise in cases and quarantine numbers within the SLUH community. However, there are currently only five active students in isolation because of positive tests (with most of them set to return by early February), and there have been only six positive cases in total since the return on Jan. 11—including some carrying over from the end of winter break. Positive tests have been coming in at a very low rate despite having full in-person attendance, and the cases are a far cry from the spike that SLUH saw back in November. 

“Our numbers are very good right now, but we did, and have seen some pops in quarantines because of the three feet,” said Carruthers, referring from the change from six to three feet of distance between students in classes. “We go from a very small number of quarantines associated with each positive case to, you know, 15 to 45 with each particular case which, very rapidly, could be problematic for keeping everyone in teachers and students alike.”

Advancement team reassesses Go Forth strategy in pandemic
Jack Figge and Elliot Moore, Core Staff, reporter

When the coronavirus pandemic threw the world into utter chaos last March, forcing all businesses to revisit their financial plans, members of the St. Louis U. High advancement team had to readdress their plans for the Go Forth Campaign and how to fund major Go Forth renovation projects such as the Dill Center for Academic Success. 

Snow days go asynchronous in age of virtual learning
  • News
Nick Campbell, Staff

Rumors of snow days and questions about schedule changes were spreading across the Backer Memorial this past Tuesday and Wednesday. With the possibility of a snow day looming, and with SLUH teachers and students becoming more proficient in learning remotely, principal Ian Gibbons S.J. and his staff decided the time was ripe for updating the school’s snow day policy.

Fourth quarter surge, Kramer’s 28 points push Jr. Bills past Eureka for third win in last four games
  • Sports
Carter Spence, Web Editor

Behind a late fourth quarter push, the St. Louis U. High basketball defeated Eureka 49-36 in a non-conference matchup on Saturday, Jan. 23. With the win, SLUH improved to 5-4 and handed Eureka just its third loss of the season. Eureka had no answer for junior Nick Kramer, who tied his career high with a 28-point performance, shooting 11 for 15 from the field.

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Corley’s exhibit blurs the line between art and math
  • News

An exhibit of works done by math teacher Frank Corley during his sabbatical will open after school today in Saint Louis U. High’s art gallery. The exhibit, called Art Imitating Math, is meant to show students the intersection of math and art. 

Two students share passion for music with songs on Spotify
  • Features

Senior Robbie Brooks and junior Jude Fucetola are wasting no time pursuing their passions. Over the past few months, they have taken their soundwaves from homemade studios to Spotify, a platform with over 170 million users, and made a significant splash on the St. Louis high school community in the process.

Wrestling grapples with non-contact practices following Covid testing
  • Sports

One of the most significant changes the Saint Louis U. High wrestling team has grappled with during the ’20-’21 season has been adapting to the non-contact practices that follow their biweekly Covid-19 tests. As a precautionary matter established to combat team-wide quarantines after a negative test, the team has practices that involve no contact in the two to three days following a test.

Wrestling drops two narrow matches to Ladue and Oakville, looks ahead to district tournament in mid-February
  • Sports

With the regular season coming to an end, the Saint Louis U. High wrestling team is focused on concluding its final dual meets of the season on a high note.  Facing Westminster Christian Academy this past Wednesday, hosting a tri meet with Ladue and Oakville Thursday, and preparing themselves for the MCC tournament at CBC on Friday, it's a great chance for the wrestlers to build momentum before the postseason.

Wins against Kirkwood, Lafayette position SLUH at top of standings
  • Sports

This past weekend the Saint Louis U. High School racquetball team competed in the first ever bragging rights doubles tournament. They competed against Kirkwood High School on Saturday and defeated them 18-1. All of the Junior Varsity teams competed with the varsity teams and each person played the same seed as them but just on the opposite team.

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