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Black History Month assembly allows students and teachers to reflect on race in America
Nathan Rich and Michael Robinson, Core Staff, reporter

 After the incredibly turbulent events of 2020, the SLUH community gathered for their annual celebration of Black History Month this past Monday, with the hope of reflecting on the progress and setbacks that have happened since last summer. 

This year, the event looked very different from prior years, which often featured large, all-school assemblies, discussion panels, and speakers. Last Monday, Black History Month event took on a much simpler form, as students reflected on two Voices of SLUH interviews with the members of their homeroom. As with all things this year, planning the event was a challenge, but the ACES Moderators felt lucky to have the work of seniors Albert Harrold and Carter Fortman, who recorded a discussion that was used during the Black History Month presentation.

Poll: students respond to full in-person return
  • News
Carter J. Fortman and Jacob Sprock, Editor in Chief, News Editor

The Prep News sent our third survey of the 2020-21 school year this past Monday, Feb. 1, asking students and faculty members about their confidence in St. Louis U. High’s safety programs after completing the fourth week of full capacity in person schooling. The focal point of this poll, of course, is safety—current feelings of safety, safety in comparison to the previous schedule, how SLUH could be safer.

Archbishop Rozanski visits SLUH, celebrates Mass with junior class
  • News
Jack Figge, Core Staff

Filing into the chapel, adorned in formal attire, the junior class gathered together on Monday morning to celebrate Mass with and welcome the new Archbishop of St. Louis, Mitchell Rozanski, to the halls of St. Louis U. High. Installed as the 10th Archbishop of the archdiocese of St. Louis last August, Rozanski had previously served in his hometown of Baltimore, Md. as a diocesan priest and auxiliary bishop in the diocese for 30 years.

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Grande Project Spotlight: Murati and Gannon create podcast on immigration
  • News

Some students wrote letters to public officials or filmed persuasive videos for their Grande Projects. Others students drew sketches or created art pieces to teach their truths in a more abstract way. For seniors Erald Murati and Patrick Gannon, they created a podcast, recording a conversation they had about the issue of immigration.

Students, faculty react to GameStop stock drama
  • Features

One company was on the minds of retail investors throughout St. Louis U. High these past two weeks: GameStop. The story begins with a Reddit community called WallStreetBets—a name known to many SLUH students. WallStreetBets is an online community of non-professional, retail investors who discuss investments, make predictions, and share screenshots of their profits or losses.

Confucius classroom celebrates 10 year anniversary over zoom
  • News

Confucius was a Chinese philosopher who died over two thousand years ago, but even today, his philosophies and rules of life are being kept alive in those who study his works. Over the weekend, SLUH’s Confucius Classroom celebrated their tenth anniversary on zoom with the Chinese community and students from local schools alike.

Wrestlers wrap up regular season, prepare for districts
  • Sports

With the regular season officially finished as of last Friday’s MCC Tournament, the Saint Louis U. High wrestling team is now shifting its sole focus towards making final preparations for the postseason, which begins with the district tournament on Feb. 13.

Rifle team places second at state championship
  • Sports

The St. Louis U. High Rifle team spent its weekend at the Missouri Military Academy shooting for the MO CMP 3PAR State Championship. The Jr. Bills are on the road to returning to their high scores after a dip this past week. 

Hack Club takes second in first competition
  • News

While many seniors worked on their projects over the recent Grande Project work week, senior Daniel  Blittschau and other members of the St. Louis U. High Hack Club were busy typing away and solving puzzles in the Capture the Flag Coding Competition.

SLUH drops close game vs. Cardinal Ritter, mounts double-digit second half comeback to stun Miller Career Academy
  • Sports

The St. Louis U. High basketball team used what was initially scheduled to be a week-break to schedule games vs. Cardinal Ritter and Miller Career Academy. SLUH split the games, falling at Cardinal Ritter on Jan. 28 by seven points and defeating Miller Career Academy on Feb. 1, a game that was postponed in December due to COVID-19 testing. The Jr. Bills moved to 6-5 after the two games.

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“What company have you recently invested in?”


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