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Pie eating contest, talent show, and sports: senior class gathers for well-received programming day
Noah Apprill-Sokol, News Editor

Entertaining, spiritually enriching, and above all, brotherhood building are all adjectives to describe the senior programming day that occurred last Friday. The day was the second programming day—the first one being the sophomore programming two weeks ago—and was largely a successful event, garnering wide support among the senior class. Planning for the event began in early January, with the planning committee meeting once every week. During the month of February, the planning committee doubled down upon its efforts, meeting twice a week. While the planning committee in the beginning was made up entirely of faculty, it quickly transitioned to being led by seniors. The day began with Mass, celebrated by principal Ian Gibbons, S.J. and organized by the Senior Pastoral Team. The Mass emphasized the day’s theme: being open to one another and celebrating the gifts, talents, and the brotherhood of the class of 2021.

First case of Covid-19 transmitted on campus since reopening in August
  • News
Carter J. Fortman and Luke Duffy, Editor in Chief, Staff

St. Louis U. High finally recorded its first official case of the Covid-19 being transmitted on campus—11 months into the pandemic. According to school administration officials, one student tested positive the week of Feb. 8, and when the administration performed contact tracing, a second positive case was traced back to the first student.

Prep News, StuCo set to square off in Mission Week basketball game on Feb. 24
  • Sports
Carter Spence, Web Editor

Prep News and StuCo will renew a longstanding rivalry on the basketball court next Wednesday during eighth period. It will be the first time the clubs will face each other since May 2019, a game which Prep News won. Both teams feature an all-senior starting lineup. Jonny Grimes, Tilahun Murphy, Grant Sussman, Jack Rudder, and John Browdy will start for StuCo, while Carter Spence, Noah Apprill-Sokol, Luke Altier, Jacob Sprock, and Carter Fortman will take the court for Prep News.

Six student athletes sign collegiate letters of intent
  • Sports
Luke Altier, Sports Editor

Six seniors from SLUH’s class of 2021 earned athletic scholarships this year, and they made their commitments official on Friday, Feb. 12. With Covid-19 and the precautions it requires, the signing day event was different than athletes are regularly accustomed to. Signing day is an event that is usually held in the Si Commons, with the friends and supporters of SLUH’s student athletes watching and cheering as SLUH’s best athletes would sign their letters of commitment. This year, the event was held in the Robinson Library, and access to the event was limited to just the parents of the signees. 

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Hockey reflects on challenging season riddled with injuries, Covid issues
  • Sports

The St. Louis U. High hockey team finished its whirlwind of a season a little disappointed this year. After a heartbreaking shootout loss to Marquette in the quarterfinals of the Challenge Cup, the Jr. Bills 2020-2021 season came to an end. Impacted by quarantines as well as injuries, the Jr. Bills are left wondering what could have been in this unique season. The senior class leaving this year were the 2018 and 2019 State Champions and will leave a lasting legacy to the classes below them. 

Presidents Day with Mr. Tom McCarthy
  • Features

Presidents Day was originally established as a compromise meant to honor the men that most consider to be the greatest presidents in American history: Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. Initially, they both had holidays on their respective birth dates—Feb. 12 for Lincoln and Feb. 22 for Washington—but Congress combined their two holidays into one (to better fit into the workweek) that would celebrate not just them, but every Commander in Chief in United States history: Presidents Day.

World Religions hosts students from India virtually
  • News

A handful of SLUH students in the Senior World Religions class had the opportunity to speak with students from Calcutta, India about Hinduism and their contrasting cultures last Thursday, Feb. 11. Despite the time difference and technological buffer that occurred through Zoom, the students enjoyed their meeting and received valuable insight into Hinduism.  

Fourth quarter offensive struggles stop SLUH from handing Chaminade first MCC loss in return from quarantine
  • Sports

The St. Louis U. High basketball team was scheduled to play games vs. Chaminade, Soldan, and Hazelwood East in the span of six days, but due to the inclement weather, only the game against Chaminade on Feb. 12 was played. Returning from a brief quarantine, SLUH (6-7, 1-4 MCC) led Chaminade late into the third quarter after a strong first half performance, but failed to create and make shots in the fourth quarter. Chaminade (16-1, 7-0 MCC) won its eighth straight contest versus SLUH—a streak dating back to 2017—and 12th consecutive game this season.

StuCo plans pandemic version of Mission Week
  • News

St. Louis U. High’s annual Mission Week is quickly approaching, and StuCo has been diligently working to make this mission week like no other. Starting next week, it will feature many new activities (like yoga) in addition to some classic traditions, like the Eight Mile rap battle and the head-shaving fundraiser. All proceeds for the event will go towards the Little Bit Foundation, a local organization that helps under-privileged students achieve a quality education

 As Grande Projects wraps up, students and faculty reflect on their experiences
  • News

Over the past three months, seniors have spent early mornings, long evenings, and late nights interviewing, researching, recording, and writing for their Grande Projects. It’s been an experience of grudge-filled lows and surprising highs as seniors have struggled and persevered, their high school experience coming to a close. But to tell the whole story, we must first start at the project’s inception.

Ongoing Conversations: students reflect on LGBTQ+ issues at SLUH
  • Opinion

Editor’s Note: This article is part of a series of articles addressing the difficulties of life at SLUH for members of the LGBTQ+ community in an attempt to raise awareness of their daily struggles and start a conversation on ways that we as individuals and as a school can change our habits to be more inclusive of LGBTQ+ individuals. The writer interviewed over a dozen alumni and is pulling from those interviews for each of the articles. This article focuses on the lack of LGBTQ+ representation in classrooms.

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