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Successful Mission Week raises thousands for charity through fun activities
Nathan Rich and Luke Missey, Core Staff, reporter

The St. Louis U. High community celebrated the annual StuCo-led Mission Week this week, which aims to inspire the generosity of students and faculty each winter. This year’s beneficiary, The Little Bit Foundation—an organization that aims to promote education in under-privelaged communities—has received immense support from the SLUH community through a variety of different activities. Thanks to the pandemic and the block schedule, StuCo faced significant challenges involving times and locations for their events. With sports like basketball taking up the Field House after school and no activity period this year, StuCo had to be creative to plan events. However, the events of the week still continued as a testament to SLUH’s strong, generous spirit, and StuCo Co-Moderator Megan Menne was grateful for the continued student support.

Love is in the air: three SLUH teachers announce engagements
  • News
Carter J. Fortman, Editor in Chief

The number of eligible bachelor and bachelorette faculty members has taken a dive the past few months as seemingly endless amounts of teachers get engaged . Among those who will be tying the knot in the near future are Theology Teacher Mike Lally, Science Teacher Bradley Mueller, and Campus Minister Julie Anderson.

Administration releases schedule for fourth quarter, major spring events
  • News
Carter J. Fortman and Noah Apprill-Sokol, Editor in Chief, News Editor

“Time and tide wait for no man,”  wrote English poet Geoffrey Chaucer.  No matter how much one can hope that the insurmountable foe of time will halt in its tracks, time will always continue ticking.  As pandemic life continues, time seems to hold even greater significance, as opportunities like grains of sand slip through one’s fingertips—there one day and then gone the next.

21 in '21: Racquetball edges Lindbergh, Parkway West for 21st state title
  • Sports
Jared Thornberry, reporter

The Saint Louis U. High racquetball team won its 21st state title in the program's history this past Saturday. After winning a total of four out of the seven brackets, SLUH clinched the win with a total score of 545 points, topping both Lindbergh and Parkway West, who got second and third place respectively. “I think the team did very well,” exclaimed Coach Hoffman “we won most of our divisions and went to tiebreakers in many matches but luckily we were able to come out on top.”

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A refugee’s spirit: today marks 31 years of living in US for teacher Nhan Pham
  • Features

Few know the immigration story of Biology teacher Nhan Pham. It is a story that often goes unspoken in the halls of Saint Louis U. High. Only his students and close faculty members are even aware that he hails from Vietnam, and even fewer know that he and his family fled Vietnam as refugees due to political persecution. Hidden under his quiet and shy demeanour is the story of hardship and tragedy but also resilience and hope.

PN Investigation: The Mad Duckster plagues SLUH whiteboards
  • Features

Mass hysteria has overcome St. Louis U. High as “The Mad Duckster” runs loose. Throughout the school year, an anonymous graffiti artist has defaced whiteboards with nearly identical duck drawings. The Prep News has uncovered the secrets of The Mad Duckster and his motives in drawing these creatures.

Mock Trial makes it to State after successful preliminary trial
  • News

History has been made in the courtroom for St. Louis U. High. The SLUH Mock Trial team will be heading to the state competition in April to compete at the second highest level after garnering much success during their second preliminary trial two weeks ago. While it is a huge honor to qualify for the state trial, the success is especially punctuated by the rarity of the occasion.  

Shrimp fanatic reviews shrimp at SLUH fish fry
  • Entertainment

I. Love. Shrimp. My favorite movie quote: Bubba’s shrimp monologue from Forrest Gump; my favorite seafood or pasta meal: Shrimp Scampi; my favorite characters from Happy Feet Two: Will and Bill the Krill (voiced by Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, respectively). When I was a toddler, there were two things my mother would feed me when I couldn’t eat anything else: blue cheese ... and shrimp (separately, of course … I hope). 

 SLUH students give immigrants warm welcome to STL community
  • News

Originally started at Priory, the St. Louis Teens Aid Refugees Today organization has come to SLUH. START Inc is a non-profit charity organization founded by two teens at St. Louis Priory School—Adam Saleh and Luke Braby—to assist refugees living in the St. Louis area. The parent organization is Welcome Neighbor STL, which mainly assists refugee families with financial aid, moving in, and other hurdles that come with living in a new country. 

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