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Senior leadership, pitching depth set to highlight Ramspott’s first year as head coach
Coby Spratte and Carter Spence, reporter, Web Editor

The 101st season of St. Louis U. High baseball: take two.

After a dedicated offseason of training and working out as a team in preparation for the 2020 season, the baseball program’s operations, along with the rest of SLUH’s spring sports, were halted due to Covid-19. The Jr. Bills were anticipating an exciting season, led by then-seniors Tony Lindwedel, now a catcher for Notre Dame, and Cade Hohl, now a shortstop for Purdue. Last season was also set to be the beginning of coach Ron Ramspott’s tenure as the head coach of the varsity team. Ramspott comes in more than qualified for this position, with a collegiate baseball career and a long coaching tenure, most recently at Parkway West, under his belt. He entered his new head coaching role eager to get going after a promising offseason of hard work from November to February, but the pandemic had other plans. 

Golf gears up for season with eyes set on first state title in nearly 60 years
  • Sports
Louis Cornett, Core Staff

The St. Louis U. High golf season came to an abrupt end just after tryouts last March when Covid-19 hit. However, a little under a year later, the Jr. Bills are sweeping the dust off the old sticks and heading back to the links for the 2021 golf season. Tryouts began on March 1 with a range day at noon and then later a nine hole round in which the Class of 2021 faced off against the Class of 2022.

Covid-19 forces spring break trips to be canceled, students left with no replacement
  • News
Roarke Unrau, Staff

With spring break approaching, most students are looking forward to a much-needed and much-anticipated week off. But a handful of students were planning on going on one of Campus Ministry’s spring break immersion trips. This year though, all the trips have been cancelled due to health and safety concerns, leaving some students with more time on their hands than they previously planned. 

Rugby relies on veteran experience heading into tough schedule
  • Sports
Jack Rybak, Core Staff

The St. Louis U. High rugby team has started practice for its season and the roster shows promise with a challenging schedule this year. Due to the shortened season last year, the games were numbered for the varsity and JV teams with a total of five games between them. However, with spring season regulations the Jr. Bills are looking forward to their season. 

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Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with authentic Irish recipes and local favorite restaurants
  • Features

With the Covid-19 pandemic preventing large social gatherings and adjusting every in-door area, the annual celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in St. Louis will be far from normal: no parades for the Irish community to gather and share in their culture, no bars open for adults to partake in a hefty pint of Guinness, and no safe way to have large Irish family dinners or other annual celebrations for the holiday. While many will see Wednesday, March 17 as yet another typical day due to the combination of spring break and quarantine, there is still one communal and accessible way to celebrate and share in Irish culture and pride: food.

Quarter exam week scrapped, teachers given choice for assessments
  • News

Quarter exams have been a unique part of the academic rigor at St. Louis U. High for years. Most other high schools just have semester exams, but SLUH has quarter exams as well so that students are better prepared for college and beyond. However, the challenges of Covid-19 have forced the administration to address the necessity of these quarter exam weeks. The decision was to remove the formal week of exams, but allow teachers to choose how to assess their students at the end of the quarter.

Yahtzee! Mother-Son trivia offers entertainment, fun, board games
  • News

The Mother’s Club at St. Louis U. High hosts a Mother-Son Trivia Night every year, giving an opportunity for students to take a break from their hectic school lives and spend some time with their families. This event is typically held in the Si Commons and draws a relatively large crowd, but, due to the pandemic, an in-person trivia night similar to those in years past would simply be unfeasible. 

STEM Club returns with busy schedule after months of inactivity
  • News

After several months of relative silence, the Innovation Lab has finally been humming, cranking, and whirring again this semester as SLUH’s STEM Club worked to put the finishing touches on projects for a busy competition season. Over the last two weeks, a flurry of important competitions ensured the space was in constant use. 

A family united: final freshman steps foot on campus
  • News

Over six months ago Most members of the class of 2025 entered the hallways of St. Louis U. High for the first time  as students over six months ago, partaking in live classes, meeting new friends, and immersing themselves in the vibrant community. But for freshman Nate Broyles, Monday, March 8 was his first day at school. 

Water Polo begins season, quest for sixth straight state title
  • Sports

Returning to defend a five year State Championship winning streak after only a three-week season last year, the St. Louis U. High water polo team is back in the pool. Though the State Championship is important, the players are more focused on making the most out of the time they have. 

Tennis rebuilds after lots of roster turnover from last year’s state-hopeful team
  • Sports

After a disappointingly short season last year, the St. Louis U. High tennis team is finally back on the courts at Dwight Davis and its ambition has not wavered. One year ago, SLUH tennis had it all: a deep, experienced roster, a clear shot at a state title, and even two nationally-ranked standouts. Then, Covid-19 exploded through the country and struck down the team’s high hopes.

Lacrosse returns to action with match vs. Webster tonight
  • Sports

After last year’s lacrosse season was cut short, the lacrosse team returns this year looking to continue what was to be a great season last spring. With the graduation of former stars Brendan Hannah and Nick McLaughlin, the team worked tirelessly in the offseason to ready up for a chance to resume play.

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