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Students, faculty reflect a year after the pandemic began
Carter Fortman and Noah Apprill-Sokol, Editor in Chief, News Editor

The last 12 months can be best described as a rollercoaster, full of surprising twists, the dizzying loopty-loops, and the stomach-wrenching dips. Starting with the arrival of Covid-19 to the St. Louis area last spring, this year has surely been a ride characterized by hardship and loss, adaptability and change, and hope and joy. As the one year anniversary of SLUH shutting its doors and the whole city plunging into over a month's lockdown passed, the Prep News met with students and faculty to learn what this year marked by this pandemic has meant to them.

With Loss Comes New Life

Death and loss have always been characteristic of any normal year. Every year there are people in our communities that die; every year there are missed opportunities and failures. But this year, in particular because of the pandemic, has been quite clearly scarred by the overwhelming numbers of death and loss and with it a wide-spread spirit of grief and despair.

Women’s History Month puts spotlight on inspiring women
  • Features
Jacob Sprock, News Editor

As we march forward into April, it seems like time is flying by faster and faster with the approach of Summer. It can be easy to get caught up in everything going on—spring break, Easter, retreats, college scholarships—and forget about what’s important. Here we at the Prep News hope to remind everyone of one of those important things: Women’s History Month.

Atlanta shooting reveals anti-Asian sentiments in the United States
  • Features
Sam Tarter, Features Editor

Editor’s Note: In light of the recent shooting in Atlanta, Georgia which took the lives of eight Asian-Americans, Features Editor Sam Tarter sat down with senior Peter Pham to discuss Asian racism in America and the topic of the anti-Asian sentiment, which Pham wrote his Grande Project over.

SLUH hosts vaccine clinic for faculty and staff
  • News
Jack Figge and John Bytnar, Core Staff, reporter

Many St. Louis U. High teachers have been on a strenuous and stressful quest, a quest for one of the most coveted items in the country: a Covid-19 vaccination. After weeks of searching and waiting, many faculty members have received their vaccine through SLUH.

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Around the Hallways
  • News

Holy Week Mass

A staggered Mass for Holy Week took place on Monday, March 29. Freshmen and sophomores gathered for Mass at 10 a.m. and juniors and seniors gathered for Mass at 11 a.m. The schedule was adjusted so that Mass took the place of 8th period, meaning that classes were dismissed at 3:15. The Mass was in the Danis Field House.

SLUH volleyball beats Lutheran St. Charles despite rocky performance
  • Sports

Despite a performance that was at times rough around the edges, the Saint Louis U. High varsity volleyball team racked up its first victory of the season against Lutheran St. Charles on Friday, March 27, finishing the game without dropping a set—a feature that was consistent with all three levels of the SLUH volleyball program that night.

Water polo finishes strong to overtake Chaminade
  • Sports

The St. Louis U High water polo team had its first game in over 600 days on March 27, beating Chaminade 10-7. No spectators were allowed, but the game was broadcast on Chaminade Student Entertainment Network (CSPN), complete with announcers and commercials.

Group of students venture downtown, visit Shrine of St. Joseph
  • News

Two weeks ago, on March 12, a small group of dedicated Jr. Bills walked roughly five miles on sidewalks throughout the city in an attempt to strengthen their faith lives this Lent. The group, all members of Campus Ministry’s Lenten Initiatives program, was taking part in a pilgrimage from SLUH to the Shrine of St. Joseph downtown, where, with sore feet, participants took the chance to pray and grow as a community.  

Difficult year for band pays off as three students qualify for state band
  • News

Three SLUH students qualified for State Band: Sophomore Joey Hanks, who earned an honorable mention for Concert Band trombone. Senior Michael Krausz, who is third in state for Concert Band trombone, and an honorable mention for Jazz Band trombone. And finally, senior Camilo Hernandez, who is the second alternate trumpet in the Jazz Band.

Sisyphus receives “Excellent” rating from NCTE
  • News

Sisyphus has graced the Saint Louis U. High community with elegant art and literature for 42 years and counting. To honor Sisyphus for its many years of production, the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) has recognized the magazine with a rating of Excellent.

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