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Cashbah exceeds expectations, raises over $1 million during virtual fundraiser
Jack Figge, Core Staff

The St. Louis U. High commons were commandeered for the annual Cashbah event last Saturday, April 10, but instead of being flooded with parents and friends of SLUH, it was adorned with tech equipment and cameras to host the virtual Cashbah event. For years, Cashbah has been the predominant fundraising event for SLUH’s financial aid program. The event has consisted of an in-person dinner and auction, and then an ask of the participants to donate to SLUH’s Fund-a-Bill event. “Cashbah funds financial aid at SLUH, so all money raised at Cashbah supports financial aid at SLUH. We budgeted $4.4 million in financial aid this school year,” said Director of Advancement Sean Agniel, `96. “By raising a million dollars at this one event, we secured nearly 25 percent of what's needed for financial aid this year.” 

Mock Trial goes to State, concludes a successful season
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Luke Duffy, Core Staff

The Mock Trial team at St. Louis U. High has made it impressively far in this year of turmoil. This past weekend, they competed in the State Tournament for the first time since 2013. The team began the tournament with two trials, one Friday night against Villa Duchesne and the other Saturday morning against Clayton. 

After tough loss to rival Chaminade, Golf team wins first trophy of 2021 in Bulldog Battle
  • Sports
Louis Cornett, Core Staff

The past few weeks have been mostly electric for the St. Louis U. High golf team. Through four matches, the Jr. Bills are 3-1, beating opponents by a combined 65 strokes. In addition to the matches, the Jr. Bills have played in two tournaments, finishing runner-up in the Bantle Tournament and taking home first place silverware this past Monday in the Bulldog Battle hosted at Winghaven Country Club. 

Fr. Gibbons releases plethora of end-of-year guidelines for major events
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Carter J. Fortman, Editor in Chief

This past Sunday, April 11, Principal Ian Gibbons S.J. sent out an update for activities in April and May. While the details of many events are still being considered, the email gave the community a better idea of which events will happen and which ones will not.

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Retreats help students find God
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At Saint Louis U. High, the school encourages its students to cultivate a spiritual life and to live out that very famous command of St. Ignatius, “find God in all things.” From reflecting during morning prayers to praying during confessions in the chapel to attending theology classes, students have had many opportunities to deepen their faith lives throughout their four-year tenure at SLUH. 

SLUH hosts first ever Jesuit Global Activism Summit
  • News

Global Education Director Robert Chura and Assistant Global Education Director Maria-Paz Campos have continued to provide students with cultural opportunities to collaborate with students across the globe, wrapping up the three-day Jesuit Global Activism Leadership Summit on March 27. 

Lacrosse drops hard-fought contest vs. Chaminade
  • Sports

The varsity lacrosse squad faced off with its first conference opponent in the form of Chaminade College Prep on Wednesday, March 31. Playing on home turf, a SLUH team hoping to add another tally to the win column of their 3-0 record quickly found CCP to be a difficult opponent. 

Rob Hill, Dave Linhares fill in during Becvar's maternity leave
  • News

During the 2020-21 school year, change has been a constant factor, whether that be block schedules, multiple days off school, or hybrid learning. But as the school year comes to a close, members of the freshman and senior classes are in for a good change, as their Human Geography and AP Comparative Government classes will be taken over by two excellent substitute teachers: Dave Linhares for Human Geo, and Rob Hill, For AP Comp Gov.

Ongoing Conversations: How to make SLUH more inclusive to the LGBTQ+ community
  • Opinion

In my admittedly limited time alive so far, I’ve noticed two things when it comes to activism: 1) there will always be something that needs to be improved upon (basically a general fact of life) and 2) it’s much easier to complain about issues than it is to do anything about them. So far in these articles, I’ve been talking about the LGBTQ+ community and the difficulties they face at SLUH without offering much help as to fixing those issues, so in this penultimate article of what I’m calling the “Ongoing Conversations Series,” I’d like to address some of the things I and people I’ve talked to have concluded could be helpful on the path to greater acceptance.

Group of amateur beekeepers at SLUH prepare for spring season
  • News

For many, the coming of spring means the beginning of warm weather and a goodbye to the coldness of winter. It means the blossoming of pink and white buds on lilac trees and the blooming of bright tulip and perennial bulbs. Yet math teacher Frank Corley, senior Maurice Safar, and sophomore Michael Lumetta have come to cherish this season for something other than warm weather and beautiful flowers. They, as beekeepers, have come to value one of the smallest arrivals of spring, the light touch and the soft buzz of a bee.

Track and Field competes strongly in past three tournaments
  • Sports

The Saint Louis U. High track and field team recently had three meets: the SLUH Invitational on April 1, the Eureka Wildcat Classic on April 8, and the SLUH JV/C #2 on April 14. The SLUH won the SLUH Invitational with 123 points, followed by Lafayette with 74 points.

Water Polo defeats Parkway Central, De Smet to start year
  • Sports

Over the past three weeks, the St. Louis U. High water polo team defeated the next two teams on its schedule with a 12-9 victory over Parkway Central and a 13-7 win over De Smet. Though fans were not permitted at the Parkway Central game, spectators were allowed at the De Smet game, meaning that each player could have two supporters in the stands.

Volleyball improves to 6-0 with dominant run
  • Sports

The St. Louis U. High varsity volleyball team was hard at work over the Easter break, picking away teams as it scrapes forward on the path to a state title. The Jr. Bills have played five games since the last article, and dominated just about every one; the closest set—against Marquette—ended with SLUH ahead by six points. 

Tennis struggles amid roster inconsistency
  • Sports

St. Louis U. High tennis is finally back on the courts — although not in the dominant fashion they had hoped. Following the win at CBC last night, the team’s record currently sits at 2-3. Missing players have plagued the varsity squad in its opening games this season, leaving less than ideal results for matches against tough opponents. 

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