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Lacrosse brings Marco Cup back to SLUH, takes down De Smet 9-8
Nick Campbell and Bernie Kilcullen, Staff, reporter

The St. Louis U. High lacrosse team raised up and brought the Fr. Marco Cup back from De Smet this past Saturday after three action-filled games. The coveted Fr. Marco Cup is a series of three games (freshman, junior varsity, and varsity) played by SLUH and De Smet all on the same day. The cup is named after Fr. Michael “Marco” Marchlewski, a legendary faculty member and supporter of lacrosse at both schools. The games are some of the most important of the year for both teams, with each looking for the chance to beat out their biggest rivals. 

During the previous Fr. Marco Cup in 2019, the Jr. Bills faced a difficult 15-point loss to the Spartans, losing the trophy they had won a year prior. However, this year the Jr. Bills refused to accept the same fate. 

The freshman team, called JV Blue, fought its way through a difficult first game, where questionable calls seemed to be just as hampering as a strong De Smet team. 

Sisyphus to release first print edition in over a year
  • News
Carter J. Fortman, Editor in Chief

The Spring ’21 edition of Sisyphus will be on sale this Wednesday, April 28. It marks the first time the magazine—which features a multitude of student and faculty-made poems, short stories, plays, photography, and artwork—will have a physical copy since the Winter ’20 edition. Perseverance has marked Sisyphus’s past year. When they were gearing up for their second edition last year the pandemic hit, leaving them with no other choice but to cancel it.

Admin decides to keep block schedule for 2021-2022 school year
  • News
Luke Duffy, Core Staff

The administration announced its decision earlier this week to keep the block schedule for the 2021-2022 academic year instead of reverting back to the pre-pandemic seven-period schedule. The announcement has evoked mixed responses from students and faculty, who have expressed a wide range of opinions regarding the schedules. According to Principal Ian Gibbons, S.J., the decision was made to keep the block schedule for mainly Covid safety reasons. A Pandemic Response Team that the administration put together last March will remain active through next school year to monitor the remaining Covid risks at SLUH. 

 “This ain’t no hobby, fellas”; beating 21 teams in the past week, Golf team snags second consecutive tourney
  • Sports
Louis Cornett, Core Staff

In the words of professional golfer Kevin Kisner, “Team golf ain’t no hobby.” For the boys of St. Louis U. High golf, these words of wisdom are a reality. Following last Monday’s tournament win at Winghaven Country Club, the golf team continued their run of dominance this past week, beating 21 teams. Last Thursday, the Jr. Bills took care of business against Jesuit rival De Smet before preparing for the Webster Cup on Monday and Westminster on Wednesday. With green grass in their veins and trophies on their mind, the Jr. Bills won the Webster Cup by 8 strokes and beat Westminster by 22 on Wednesday.

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Drumming up interest: four years of jazz
  • Features

With it being just two weeks from my last day as an active Jr. Bill, reflection on the past four years has become rampant. However, one peculiar thing keeps popping up in my mind: music. Music was an undiscovered passion of mine and it would take the skillful guidance of the SLUH Band program (under the direction of Mr. Pottinger) to help me realize that passion.

Taco Bell's Quesalupa is worthy of its $3 price
  • Entertainment

If you know me and my relationship with food, you will know three things: 1) I love cheese, 2) I love crunchy fried things, and 3) I love Taco Bell. It’s a running gag between my siblings and me how many fast food apps I have on my phone, most notably Taco Bell. I won’t get into the many reasons why I have them (coupons, deals, etc), but now I can validate at least one of those apps for one key reason: they told me about the Quesalupa.

Tom Becvar to retire, search for Assistant Principal of Academics underway
  • News

The halls of St. Louis U. High will certainly look a lot different next year—new renovations, a new incoming class, new teachers, and, as announced two weeks ago, a new Assistant Principal of Academics.  Assistant Principal of Academics Tom Becvar announced at the Cashbah evening dinner that he will not be returning to SLUH next year after working here for 48 years. While the news has saddened many, it will also mark a new era for the SLUH administration, which is conducting an internal search for his replacement.

WorldQuest team finishes tenth in national competition
  • News

St. Louis U. High’s Academic WorldQuest team was hard at work in room M114 this past weekend, taking part in a national competition for the first time in SLUH’s history. Academic WorldQuest is an annual competition in which different high schools compete against others in a series of trivia-style multiple choice questions. The multiple choice questions are divided into ten categories focused on current events around the world, with 100 total questions. The topics for this year consisted of global protests, the Arab Spring, Uzbekistan, the post-pandemic economy, foreign service, International Labor Organizations, current events, great decisions, fraying alliances, and peace in a world of conflict. 

Provincial pays annual visit to SLUH
  • News

The Provincial of the Central-Southern Province, Fr. Tom Greene, S.J. visited St. Louis U. High last Thursday to meet with the administrators and talk to the Jesuits who live in the residence on campus.

The conversation doesn't end here: keep fighting for LGBTQ+ acceptance
  • Opinion

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It’s hard to put into words the mixed bag of feelings I carry with me now as I write what will be the concluding article in the Ongoing Conversations Series. What a journey it’s been. To recap, following a brief introduction to the series in December, we covered harmful language, representation in curriculum, mental health, and solutions to these problems, focusing the scope on their effects on the LGBTQ+ community at SLUH.

Two students selected for NSLI-Y program
  • News

Two students were accepted into the NSLI-Y Intensive Language Program where they will be able to study a foreign language abroad for a year. The program is organized by the US State Department and has been given students the opportunity to further their proficiency in a foreign language since 2006. Senior Luke Wagner will be going to Turkey to study language and culture, while senior Leo Wagner was accepted to the year-long immersion experience in Morocco but has decided to go to Naval Academy instead. 

Volleyball still undefeated, prepares for first tournament at Parkway Central

We all know the taste of defeat—the cloudy state of mind, the slight pit in the stomach, the sudden weight of your body. It can be one of the hardest things to push through. Fortunately for the Saint Louis U. High varsity volleyball team, it’s an experience that they have not yet had to face (knock on wood). 

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