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Beloved receptionist Mimi Hartung to retire after this school year
Noah Apprill-Sokol, News Editor

Almost every Saint Louis U. High student has walked by the desk of receptionist Mimi Hartung in the theater lobby and heard her warm good-morning as they trudge into the school each morning. Almost every parent has spoken with Hartung over the phone or has dropped off a son’s lunchbox or an envelope to her at the switchboard—belovedly nicknamed ‘Mimi’s desk.’ And almost every SLUH faculty member has seen Hartung guide a freshman to their classroom. While Hartung moves on from the SLUH community to help care for her aging parents, the hospitality and unconditional love that she has shown these past years stays behind in the memories of the students, parents, and faculty members that she has touched.

Admin deems risk too great to host school dances
  • News
Nathan Rich and Michael Robinson, Core Staff, reporter

There’s nothing quite like St. Louis University High in the springtime: the warm weather, the exams and, of course, the awkward text invites, corsage putting-on difficulties, and deliberately thought out Instagram captions inspired by class dances. This year, however, neither the seemingly invincible energy of a SLUH dance nor the cultural significance of prom could survive Covid-19 protocols. 

Thompson elected Student Body President; Karim Vice President
  • News
Roarke Unrau, Core Staff

The current junior class elected rising seniors AJ Thompson as Student Body President and Ismael Karim as Student Body Vice President last Friday. Because of the current situation involving Covid-19, the elections were held in the Field House during 8th period where students could sit socially distanced and listen to the speeches.

Still unbeaten: volleyball moves to 15-0 with four wins at Parkway Central Tournament
  • Sports
Jacob Sprock and George Henken, News Editor, reporter

The end of the school year is approaching and things are slowly winding down, but the St. Louis U. High volleyball team is just heating up. The Jr. Bills took the court at the Parkway Central Tournament this past weekend, improving their record to 15-0 and continuing their set streak to a staggering 40-0. On Friday night, they swiftly advanced past Parkway North (25-8, 25-10) and Marquette (25-20, 25-13). On Saturday, however, they faced challenges from Lafayette and Kirkwood, but ended with a victory in both matches to win the gold for the weekend. 

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SLUH theater returns for a table read of "Master Harold... and the Boys"
  • News

For years at St. Louis U. High, one of the staples of sophomore English classes has been the reading of “Master Harold”... and the Boys, a play that addresses the issue of racism in apartheid-era South Africa. This year, in addition to already having read “Master Harold” in the first semester, sophomores and the rest of the SLUH community will have a chance to attend a dramatic reading of the play.

Commentary: School dances can and should be done in a safe and enjoyable format
  • Opinion

Over the past couple of weeks, I keep hearing a common complaint from my own classmates, from seniors, freshmen, and sophomores. It is not that Junior Ring and graduation are outside, it is not that masks still have to be worn, it is not about exams or the stress of fourth quarter school, it is that we can’t have dances this year even though I and many others believe they can be held within a safe environment.  

Strategic Summit group looks ahead to post-pandemic SLUH
  • News

In a year where many of us have been simply holding on for dear life as a pandemic ravages daily life, the Strategic Summit Team looks to SLUH’s future plans with hope and vision. Fourteen faculty members spent the weekend of April 17-18 at the Mercy Center to look at what’s been done right and what can be done to make SLUH a better place in the future. 

Taste test with Mr. Deves: Coca-Cola Coffee
  • Entertainment

I love Coca-Cola. For some reason, when it comes to my choice of cola or brown fizzy beverages, I will always choose your basic Coke. It has a subtle sweetness to it with a more mature flavor then the sugar infused Pepsi. Whether it be at a McDonald’s drive-thru or a backyard barbecue, Coca-Cola is almost always my first choice (behind Dr. Pepper).

Neumann, Perry, Conroy newest updates in college athletics committments
  • Sports

The spring signing window for St. Louis U. High’s senior athletes closed on the week of April 19, and three seniors announced they would be continuing their athletic careers at the collegiate level. Wrestlers Logan Neumann and Cameron Perry announced their commitments, with Neumann going to Drury University and Perry heading to Central Methodist University. Lacrosse player Bobby Conroy committed to play at Bates College.

Prep News and SLUH Student Media create documentary on 1970 Football Championship
  • News

Old meets new. Traditional media meets the digital age.  Year after year, decade after decade, the editors and staff of the Prep News have been dedicated to delivering a physical newspaper to the student body. However, in coordination with the newly formed SLUH Student Media, they will be providing the students with a new format, a documentary. 

Rising sophomores, rising juniors elect next StuCo representatives
  • News

The rising juniors elected Kam Bailey president and Campbell Cornett vice president during this week’s StuCo elections, and the rising sophomores elected Kodi Cade president and Archie Carruthers vice president. The students were elected following preliminary elections and speeches in the Field House; students voted by Google Form.

Tennis defeats Westminster to move past .500 for the first time this season
  • Sports

After a grueling, hours-long match against Westminster on Monday, the St. Louis U. High varsity tennis players were able to ride their momentum from the prior week and secure a strong win, bringing the team to a winning record on the season. At 4-3, the Jr. Bills are finally starting to see some success on the court.

Shearer's strong pitching leads baseball to rematch win vs. CBC
  • Sports

The St. Louis U. High baseball team bounced back from an ugly 7-5 loss against CBC in a rematch with the Cadets, winning narrowly 2-1. SLUH entrusted the game ball with its number one starter, sophomore Garret Shearer, and CBC opted to roll with Missouri State commit junior Tyler Charlton. 

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