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Finding love in a year of isolation
Carter J. Fortman and Noah Apprill-Sokol, Editor in Chief, News Editor

What does it mean to be loving?  This question has baffled philosophers and theologians, has been the topic of plays and musicals, and has been the inspiration for this simple prayer accredited to Superior General Pedro Arrupe S.J. It is a simple question but becomes a lot more complicated when looking at how a spirit of love can cause immense joy, crippling sorrow, and sometimes, even a deep sense of kinship.

When asking the St. Louis U. High community what it meant to be loving, the answers varied. Some said that it meant putting others over oneself. Others said that to be loving meant coming in each day with a spirit of good-will and kindness, and still others saw loving as being compassionate and empathetic. Yet, all believed that they saw this year as being a year shaped by a spirit of love expressed by the students, faculty, and administration.

As the seniors end their last school week at SLUH and this wild year full of change and pivots comes to a close, the Prep News has decided to look back at the 2020-21 school year—formally themed on the grad at grad principle of loving, in hopes to celebrate that spirit of love that so marks the halls of SLUH.

Fr. Hill has been model for living out Catholic faith
  • Features
Jack Figge, Core Staff

Clothed in his unmistakable black outfit and white Roman Collar, Fr. Joseph Hill S.J. has spent the past six years ministering to the students of St. Louis U. High, but after this school year, he will continue on in his priestly ministry, becoming the vocations director for the Central-Southern Province based in Tampa Bay, Fla. Hill was assigned to SLUH in 2016 to lead the Campus Ministry team, help in the Theology Department, and provide the sacraments to the students and staff of SLUH. Coming into SLUH, Hill knew that his mission was simple, to fulfill the Jesuit mission and the vows he took when he was ordained. 

Mohr to be deeply missed by SLUH community, leaves lasting impression on many
  • Features
Noah Apprill-Sokol and Carter J. Fortman, News Editor, Editor in Chief

Maybe you have seen him conducting the St. Louis U. High band or had him lead a retreat or traveled with him on a global service immersion trip? The involvement of this Louisiana-born Jesuit, Michael Mohr S.J., in the lives of SLUH students and faculty has seemed endless—but his time at SLUH is coming to an end.

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Around the Hallways: May 6
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Nick Perriman Visit

Nick Perriman ’15 spoke at a meeting of the Young Conservatives Club on Tuesday, May 4 during 8th period. Perriman is currently the outreach coordinator for Rep. Ann Wagner, but he previously served as Deputy State Director for both the Missouri and Wisconsin Republican Parties. In his talk with the club, Perriman discussed the current state of the Republican Party and shared some words of encouragement about how to get involved with the party. Students walked away enlightened with a greater sense of the politics around them.

Freshman volleyball undefeated, takes first in Round Robin Tournament
  • Sports

For its 2021 campaign, SLUH’s freshman volleyball team went 4-0 in its individual matches, and participated in four tournaments, with its most recent result being a first place trophy at the SLUH Volleyball Round Robin. The team won its most recent match against Lindbergh 2-1 to finish its season with a win. 

JV golf shows promise with winning record, improving team consistency
  • Sports

For the St. Louis U. High JV golf team, this season has been a roller coaster, as the team sits at a record of 4-2-1. This year has been a learning opportunity for the entire squad, with about half of the players having had no prior experience in matches, mostly due to Covid-19 last spring. They overcame the lack of experience to finish the season with a winning record; highlights included a second place finish in the Clayton Best Ball and MCC Tournament. 

JV lacrosse hovering above .500; underclassmen competing well
  • Sports

So far, the 2021 season for the JV lacrosse team has been one full of ups and downs. The team currently sits at a record of 7-6, having won big games against De Smet in the Father Marco Cup, but also having suffered close losses to rival teams like MICDS and Chaminade. Success for the team has been driven by selfless play and ground ball hustle.

Senior Capstone projects wrap up
  • News

Along with a capstone class of any kind comes symbolism. Named in reference to the final stone put on a building under construction—like a garnish on a labor-intensive meal, perhaps—a capstone project is meant to represent the accumulation of everything learned in a course. It’s reflection. It’s realization. It’s moving on and taking the course with you. That was the goal the English Department had in mind when they created the Senior Capstone English course, which premiered last year with the class of 2020, and it continued to be their goal coming into the new school year. Reaching that goal, though, has proved perilous in large part due to the lack of ‘normalcy’ that has accompanied this year and last.

Ultimate frisbee beats De Smet 15-9 with ease; JV wins two by forfeit
  • Sports

There’s nothing like a baseball game at Busch Stadium: the comfortable seats, rustic architecture, beautiful scenery, the sound of an enthusiastic crowd, and the food, glorious taste and even better smells included. There’s nothing like a bacon-wrapped hotdog, german-style bratwurst, or the incredible nacho tots which blow every other Busch Stadium food item out of the park. This year especially, I’m missing the salty and savory processed meats, the fresh and spicy peppers, and the somehow amazing queso that doesn’t taste fake.

Volleyball victorious over De Smet, continues to solidify spot at the top
  • Sports

Although AP tests have moved to the forefront of many students’ minds in the past few weeks, the volleyball team has stayed focused on the season at hand. The regular season is coming to an end, and the team is working hard to prepare for the State run. A match against De Smet and the Lafayette Tournament were perfect opportunities for preparation, the Jr. Bills using the games to add finishing touches to their game plans. Throughout the entire season, but notably this past week, SLUH has proved that they are the team to beat for the gold.

Water polo wins three of last five matches, heads to state tournament at no. 3 seed
  • Sports

Over the last three weeks the St. Louis U. High water polo team has had a tough five games, having experienced their first losses of the season, accompanied by three close wins. The squad’s two losses were against Parkway West and Kirkwood, with the victories having been against Lindbergh (11-10), Parkway Central (10-8), and Ladue (13-12).

Lacrosse loses in hard fought game against rival CBC
  • Sports

The St. Louis U. High varsity lacrosse team faced off against another MCC rival, CBC, on its home turf this past Friday. The team looked to add another W to the books and gain some momentum after an exciting two-goal win against Priory. The team used its practices leading up to the game to polish up its offensive shooting and looked to minimize errors on ground balls, which have plagued the Jr. Bills for the majority of the season.

Rugby continues hot stretch with blowout win vs. Lindbergh
  • Sports

The St. Louis U. High rugby team is continuing its win streak with a 55-12 blowout against Lindbergh last Thursday. SLUH’s rugby team played hard and kept the momentum from the previous game to keep their undefeated streak alive. 

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