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SLUH staple Tom Becvar retires after 48 years of service
Nathan Rich, Core Staff

Forty-eight years ago, when Assistant Principal for Academics Tom Becvar first stepped foot on Oakland Avenue, Richard Nixon was being investigated for his involvement in the Watergate scandal, the last American troops were leaving Vietnam, and the term ‘internet’ had not even been conceived. After a career that long, Becvar has served nearly 10,000 students and held a multitude of important titles at SLUH. Decades after the start of his career, though, Becvar announced this year that he will be retiring, leaving behind a SLUH community that is much better off because of his work.

Becvar has served as the Assistant Principal for Academics for the past 16 years, and before that he served as the Math Department Chair for 23 years. His arrival at SLUH in 1973, though, was not marked by much pomp or circumstance. Becvar himself describes it as a fairly straightforward affair.

“I had heard there was an opening here when I was teaching in the St. Louis Public Schools and I thought ‘this is something I really want to do,’” said Becvar. “I came over, applied, and the rest is history.” 

What followed, though, was indeed history, as reported by the teachers and students who have known him. Myriad of teachers have come and gone in his tenure, including the vast array of Jesuits that used to occupy the majority of teaching positions at the school.

After 30 years at SLUH, math teacher Tom Flanagan announces retirement
  • Features
Noah Apprill-Sokol, News Editor

Called by many names throughout the school—Flan-man, Captain Flanagan, Billiken man—math teacher and former cross country coach Tom Flanagan will be putting away the calculator and protractor for the foreseeable future as he retires from full-time teaching after 43 years of teaching and 30 years at St. Louis U. High. Flanagan began teaching at St. Raphael’s school in South City until he moved to DuBourg a year later, where he would teach for a full 13 years before arriving at SLUH.

Kevin Foy tapped to become new Asst. Principal for Academics
  • News
Carter J. Fortman and Luke Duffy, Editor in Chief, Core Staff

After a 21-year teaching career, Social Studies Department chair Kevin Foy will make the full-time transition to administration, succeeding Tom Becvar as Assistant Principal for Academics this summer. It was officially announced at Cashbah that Becvar would be retiring after 48 years at SLUH. Gibbons made the decision that the replacement would be someone within the school. The job posting was sent out right after Spring Break.

Seizure of faculty lot and tailgate highlight seniors' final day of classes
  • News
Carter Spence, Web Editor

Last Thursday, May 6 marked the Class of 2021’s final day of classes at St. Louis U. High. To cap off their last four years at SLUH, the seniors parked in the faculty parking lot, moved around some of SLUH’s furniture, and hosted a tailgate in the turnaround beginning at 5:30 a.m., which featured burgers, donuts, and drinks, a slip ‘n slide, games of wiffleball and Spikeball, fireworks, and music. Plans for the senior prank and tailgate had been in the works for several weeks.

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Cars and Coffee proves successful, expected to become regular event moving forward
  • News

Members of the SLUH Car Club gathered on campus on Saturday, May 1 for the club’s first Cars and Coffee event, giving students a chance to expand their knowledge and interests of cars. Car Club is one of the newest extracurriculars at St. Louis U. High, having come into existence just three years ago. Though there had previously been a Car Club at SLUH, it fizzled out when its then-moderator, current Director of Theater Operations Tim Moore, left for another work opportunity.

Class fun day provides juniors with relaxing day filled with brotherhood
  • News

A slip n’ slide, Chick-Fil-A, ice cream and some healthy competition sounds like every teenage boy's dream day, and that day was made a reality for the junior class when they participated in their class funday last Friday. The day began with juniors hiking up the turnaround where they were enthusiastically greeted by their classmates hyping them up for their class’s fun day. The event was put on by junior class moderator Tracy Lyons, members of the class of 2022, and other faculty members.

Willie Evans to leave SLUH at end of 2020-2021 academic year
  • Features

After spending a bit over one year at SLUH, lacrosse coach and geometry teacher Willie Evans will be leaving to work at Honeywell Aerospace to design plane engines. Evans was hired last spring to replace Dan Schuler, who departed for Cleveland. “It was not normal, but it wasn’t anything that wasn’t able to be a smooth transition. Everybody was very welcoming, and everybody was easy to work with,” said Evans.  

Art show featuring student artwork opens up in the J-Wing
  • News

The annual St. Louis U. High student art exhibit officially opened yesterday on the second floor art gallery of the Jesuit Wing, allowing students to showcase their art from the school year. In typical years, the Fine Arts Department features art from every student in an art show, which is open for students and faculty to enjoy as the year winds down. This year, as a consequence of the pandemic, art was hard to keep track of, giving art teacher Sarah Rebholz a smaller amount of art than normal.

Letter to the Editors: Do something to make students feel not alone: my journey with pornography at SLUH
  • Opinion

I recently came across Jack Figge’s opinion piece published on Dec 1, 2020: “Pornography is a teenage male epidemic; let’s do something about it.” I would like to commend Jack for writing a much-needed piece. In my three years with the Prep News, I had always hoped to write a piece like Jack’s. I sometimes tell myself I was too busy or the issue wasn’t that important to me. In reality I was ashamed because I was a habitual pornography user. I would like to supplement Jack’s piece with my own journey with pornography and giving encouragement and advice to current St. Louis U. High students, faculty, administrators, and parents. It is my assumption, and I believe a valid assumption, that many, if not most, SLUH community members have an experience similar to mine.  

Poor  pitching leads to a SLUH loss against Vianney
  • Sports

The St. Louis U. High varsity baseball team has dropped its past three games, two against MCC rival Vianney and one against Troy Buchanan, and has subsequently extended its losing streak to six games and dropped to a 7-14 record in a year that is shaping up to be the Jr. Bills’ first losing season of the 21st century.

SLUH wins unexpected game against Vianney; keeps them under 10
  • Sports

The seniors might have finished up their final weeks of school, but the volleyball team still has a few more to put its final touches on their play. After victories over Chaminade and Vianney, the team now has an unblemished record of 24-0 and has a set record of 62-0. 

Track wins 9th consecutive MCC Championship
  • Sports

The St. Louis U. High track and field team won the MCC championships at the varsity and JV levels on Wednesday, May fifth. SLUH’s varsity win was its 14th title in its last 15 seasons and was the ninth consecutive win at MCC championships. For the JV, SLUH won its fifth straight title. 

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