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The boys are back in town! Updated Covid-19 guidelines allow for expanded capacity at sporting events
Luke Altier, Sports Editor

A crowd at a sports game can sway the momentum of a game. When a team suits up on its home turf, the main advantage is the support of fans to cheer and help motivate its players to put on an entertaining show. 

“Having a student section can make a huge difference in a game,” said senior lacrosse player Luke Baumer. “It gives us much-needed energy and confidence.” 

The return of crowds to lacrosse, baseball, and volleyball playoff games this week was a decision that came from a group of SLUH administrators featuring Athletic Director Chris Muskopf, Principal Ian Gibbons, S.J., Director of Security Dan Schulte, Assistant Principal Brock Kesterson, school nurse Scott Gilbert, and newly named Assistant Principal for Academics Kevin Foy.

“We convened a meeting Friday afternoon, some on campus and some by zoom. We talked about what the CDC guidelines looked like for masks, numbers, indoor sports versus outdoor sports. We discussed which events we would be hosting,” said Muskopf. “Then, I went to look at volleyball, baseball, and lacrosse, and typed up a proposal which we (the committee that met on Friday) edited and finalized.”

Top Stories of 2020-2021
  • News
Prep News Staff

A collection of the top stories of the 2020-2021 school year.

Sports fight to return amid pandemic – 85.1

Fall sports were introduced to the adjusted processes they would have to implement into their programs because of Covid. High-frequency sports like football and soccer faced longer returns to full capacity with more precautions, while low-frequency sports like swim and dive and cross country had fewer hurdles to leap before they were back in full. 

Admin working on plans for 2021-22 school year following CDC update
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Jacob Sprock and Nathan Rich, News Editor, Core Staff

One week ago today, the CDC made perhaps one of the most significant announcements of the pandemic: in many cases, fully vaccinated people do not need to wear masks, including indoors. The announcement, which for many was a surprise, quickly sent ripples throughout the nation. At SLUH, the news was well-received, as many students and faculty saw it as a sign of the pandemic’s nearing end. The announcement also created many questions, though, as members of the community considered its implications on the 2021-2022 school year.

Freshmen participate in class fun day
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Jackson Cooper, Staff

Members of the freshman class gathered on campus last Friday to celebrate their class fun day, the last class at St. Louis U. High to do so. Though the date for freshman fun day was set at the beginning of the second semester, planning really only began in late April, about three weeks out from the event. The planning committee was headed by math teacher and freshman class moderator Stephen Deves, who was joined in planning by a volunteer group of teachers, including English teacher Michael Mohr, science teachers Megan Menne and Robyn Wellen, math teacher Julie Moeser, art teacher Sean Powers, and Admissions Coordinator Jennifer Thomas. The members of the committee were responsible for coordinating the itinerary for the day, as well as any logistics involved with setting up activities.

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Missouri governor honors alum with state holiday
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The formation of every St. Louis U. High graduate is based upon the principles outlined in the Grad at Grad profile. It is expected that every alumnus who lives out the five categories—being Open to Growth, Intellectually Competent, Religious, Loving, and Committed to Doing Justice—will find, in the long run, vast consolation, a vibrant relationship with God, and the “man for others” ideal that is instilled in every student. It is worth reflecting, especially 10 days before graduation and nine days after the anniversary of his death, on one of the most notable examples of a grad at grad: Michal Blassie ’66. Last Tuesday, Missouri Governor Mike Parson created Lt. Michael Blassie Day in the State of Missouri, to be observed every May 11. 

Chemistry ASC Matthew Fink moving on to pursue Ph.D
  • Features

ASC volunteer Matthew Fink is leaving St. Louis U. High this year to pursue his Ph.D in Biology at the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana. During his time at SLUH, Fink taught two sections of sophomore chemistry and helped with freshman service. Fink was excited to return to SLUH—his alma mater—even amidst a tumultuous pandemic, as he saw the challenges of Covid as ways to excel in his teaching and knowledge of science.

Track & Field dominates districts
  • Sports

The Saint Louis U. High track and field team won its District meet last Saturday, qualifying for Sectionals in 16 of the 19 events. The District Champions won with 198.5 points while the second place team—Ladue—scored just 120 points. SLUH also competed at the SLUH JV No. 3 meet last Tuesday.

JV lacrosse takes down MCC rival Chaminade
  • Sports

Due to an unexpected change in schedule, the JV lacrosse team got a chance at redemption against Chaminade last Wednesday. The Jr. Bills, who had lost to the Red Devils 6-3 in April, claimed a resounding 11-7 victory. 

Teachers of SLUH inspire teacher of the future
  • Opinion

Editor’s Note: Features Editor Sam Tarter hopes to be a teacher one day, so as a “Thank You” to all the inspiration the teachers of SLUH have given him, he wrote this reflection piece to share with the SLUH faculty.

SLUH is amazing, but at its core, it's the teachers that make it so special for me.

Editor in Chief Carter J. Fortman offers final thoughts on PN 85
  • Opinion

Four years ago, the Editor in Chief of Prep News 81, Samuel J. Chechik ’17, wrote a final reflection on his time with the newspaper. I have felt a connection to Chechik for some time. He too was someone who had a fierce love for the tradition of this great institution and the history it represents. It is the same love that every editor feels. It’s what keeps one going during the late Thursday nights, in the midst of AP exams or, in the unique case of this year, a global pandemic. Even though the pandemic stole four papers that we otherwise would have made, forced two papers to be produced virtually, and caused us to be distanced for the entirety of the year, in a twisted way, it has made the Prep News even stronger. 

After year of work around the athletic department, ASC Sam Glass moving on
  • Features

From his compassion on the PE floor as a teacher to his genuine attitude when he checks athletes in before they go to practice, Alum Service Corps volunteer Sam Glass has instilled a value of cura personalis in his interactions with students and faculty throughout the year. As his ASC year comes to a close, Glass will be remembered for the care that he lives out on a daily basis despite the challenges and stress of the pandemic.

Vitellaro finds meaning in year working for Campus Ministry, Media Team
  • News

After a year of service to the St. Louis U. High community, Alum Service Corps volunteer Giuseppe Vitellaro will be putting away the camera and media devices as his time at SLUH comes to a close. From helping out with videography or live-streaming Mass to proctoring the Commons after school to leading Sophomore Pastoral Team, despite Vitellaro’s time at SLUH being short, his impact on the SLUH community has been widespread, and the SLUH community will be sad to see him go.

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