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Spirit week ignites school spirit within the walls of SLUH
Roarke Unrau and Michael Baudendistel, News Editor, reporter

Monday marked the beginning of the most beloved week of the school year: Spirit Week. With different themes and events everyday, the student body readily jumped at the opportunity to show school spirit. 

Presidential Scholarships offer awards for academic, co-curricular excellence
  • News
Jackson Cooper and Micah Doherty, Core Staff, reporter

This school year at St. Louis U. High is the first to feature a revamped approach to the school’s Presidential Scholarship program, which now aims to reward students in need of financial aid for their excellent showings in both academics and extracurricular involvement.

OAC experiences Rocky Mountain highs (and lows) on bike trip
  • News
Louis Cornett and Mark Wappler, Core Staff, reporter

Ten adventurous men of the St. Louis U. High Outdoor Adventure Club piled into vans in early July and embarked on a mountain biking adventure. They biked on the San Juan Hut System from Telluride, Colo. to Moab, Utah, covering 30 to 35 miles a day. In total, the group biked around 220 miles over the course of the seven days they were on the trail. Tired, yet filled with great memories and even better photos, the mountain bikers spent two days in Moab before returning home to St. Louis on July 19.

Campus Ministry announces switch from Senior Service to Grande Project
  • News
Jack Figge and Nathan Rich, Editor in Chief, Sports Editor

Senior Project has been a senior tradition at St. Louis U. High for the past 50 years. Every year, seniors look forward to going out into their communities and serving the most vulnerable. However, due to complications of the Covid-19 pandemic, seniors had to switch last year to an advocacy project called the Grande Project. This year, due to the remaining risk of the pandemic, the Grande Project will once again replace traditional senior projects.

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Varsity XC still confident despite slight falter at FPXC, V2 set for Sioux Passage
  • Sports

Anticipation soared as the SLUH cross country team prepared to face off against fierce competition from across four states including the best teams in Missouri at the Forest Park Cross Country Festival (FPXC) last Saturday. The team put up impressive performances across the board, including the first Forest Park JV victory and first individual winner in several years.

Swim team shines at all levels in wins against Ladue, CBC
  • Sports

Claiming victory at their first battle royale, the St. Louis U. High swim team absolutely eviscerated their enemies in Ladue’s water-filled coliseum. The tenth place team got 2 points, the second place team earned 337 points, and the Jr.Bills felt a tad chilly sitting on their throne so high up with 713 points.

Wins keep rolling SLUH soccer, focus turns to CBC tournament
  • Sports

In their past six games, SLUH soccer has scored 25 goals. Their opponents have scored just three. In summary: this year’s Varsity team is good, and they're off to a dangerously hot start. Four additional wins over the past week have the team at 6-0-1 on the season and poised to turn heads at the CBC tournament.

Tettamble's Shooting the Stuff Podcast launches
  • Features

Local senior sensation Gus Tettamble has recently begun a podcast titled Shooting the Stuff with Gus showcasing his charisma, humor, and coolness while talking to some of SLUH’s heavy hitters, such as Assistant Principal for Student Life Brock Kesterson, and math teacher Tracy Lyons. 

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  • Features

If you ever find yourself stuck at St. Louis U. High and are in need of some herbal tea, senior Sam Zychinski is your man. Since this past June, Zychinski has owned and operated his very own tea-themed business. Called Gateway Tea, his brand is all about starting the tea revolution.

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