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Board of trustees releases new diversity, equity, and inclusion vision statement
  • News
Jack Figge and Michael Baudendistel, Editor in Chief, reporter

Thirty years ago, St. Louis U. High’s Board of Trustees released a Minority Action Plan. Since then, many notable events have happened in regards to race. In 2018, SLUH revisited that original plan, scratching it and drafted a new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Vision Statement which was released last week. 

Jr. Bills scramble for dates as school dances return for this year
  • News
Luke Duffy, Drew Hawley, Web Editor, reporter

Dashing suits. Elegant dresses. Corsages and boutonnières. These have been among the missing features of high school dances that have been missing from St. Louis U. High since the winter of 2019. In a few weeks, the wait will be over. SLUH will be hosting its first dance, the Fall Ball, since the beginning of the pandemic, on Oct. 16.

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Soccer still perfect after Kentucky trip, ranked 10th in the nation
  • Sports

 The news of SLUH soccer is quickly spreading outside the city. After weeks of dominating both public and private high schools around St. Louis, the Jr. Bills took their talents on the road last weekend, sweeping through the River Region Rumble in Paducah, Ky. Now, as the wins keep adding up, a recent poll from United Soccer Coaches even has SLUH Soccer ranked at No. 10 in the nation. With national recognition now under their belts, the Jr. Bills are preparing to carry their momentum on through the final half of the season.

Swimming snags second at statewide Mizzou meet
  • Sports

Engulfed in foreign seas and surrounded by a jungle of black and yellow, the St. Louis U. High swim team fought tooth and fin to emerge with new hardware. Last Saturday, the swimmers traveled to Columbia, Mo. to compete in Mizzou’s massive swimming facility. The Jr. Bills tied the Rockhurst Hawks, last year’s State Champions, for second place, an unexpectedly fantastic outcome.

Early lead into disappointing loss against CBC
  • Sports

In a battle against CBC, the heavyweight of the MCC, SLUH found themselves in a surprisingly close game in the first half. Down only 21-24 against the Cadets heading into the locker room, hopes seemed high. They couldn't hold on, though. CBC controlled almost every remaining drive of the game and ran away with the score, winning 59-27. 

Fantasy Football Week 3 Rundown
  • Features

After arguably the most exciting week of the NFL Season so far, it's time to break down the fantasy implications of such a tumultuous week.

Faculty and students react to Cardinals' 17-game win streak
  • Features

The St. Louis Cardinals organization was founded in 1882. In those 139 years of Cardinals baseball, no Cardinals fanbase has ever witnessed a winning streak such as the 17 game streak from Sept. 11 through Sept. 28 we just witnessed. In early August, the Redbirds’ chances to make the playoffs sat at a slim 1.3 percent. Yet this magical run has clinched the Cardinals a playoff spot as the second wild card, and has rejuvenated the entire city of St. Louis. 

J Anthony 21
  • News

Senior Jude Fucetola dropped his first single, “I Don’t Want to be Your Lover Anymore,” in January, 2021. After thousands of Spotify streams, another single, and multiple live performances, Fucetola is dropping his third single this Sunday, Oct. 3.

New studium period allows for college information sessions
  • News

Thanks to the continuation of the block schedule this year, the College Counseling Department has been able to incorporate a new line of classes aimed at helping the class of 2023 in their college journey. These classes are not new, but the college counselors decided to take advantage of the extra time with this year’s schedule to educate the junior class on the complex world of college applications.

Admissions events return with virtual high school nights and "SLUH on the Road"
  • News

Even through a global pandemic, the St. Louis U. High admissions team has continued to engage with grade school students from across the Saint Louis metropolitan area, and a new slew of plans has arisen for this year that includes a series of “SLUH on the Road” and Zoom-based presentations for prospective parents and students.

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