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The STEM studs of SLUH present on recent projects
Alex Preusser and Austin Wald, Staff, reporter

The Jr. Bill (Nye)’s are back at it again! On Monday night, the best and brightest of the St. Louis U. High’s science community convened to put on this fall’s STEM Night, showcasing the achievements and endeavors of several Jr. Billikens. Ranging from one student’s cancer research to the activist funding of another, the event provided a fuller view of the Science Department’s objectives.

Strategic summit’s five charters to impact 2022-23 school year from top to bottom
  • News
Jack Figge and Elliot Moore, Editor in Chief, reporter

The students of St. Louis U. High are all too familiar with the importance of revisions, examining and reviewing to point out flaws and make changes, whether it be examining their own life in the daily examen, revising English essays, or reviewing class notes. However, what students may not realize is that the school that teaches these skills is undergoing its own review process in what has been deemed the Strategic Summit. 

Students frustrated at lack of recognition for Hispanic Heritage Month
  • News
Luke Duffy and Drew Hawley, Web Editor, reporter

Taking place from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 each year, National Hispanic Heritage Month has long been a time to celebrate Hispanic and Latino culture. In years past, St. Louis U. High has acknowledged Hispanic Heritage Month with a week of morning prayers for the Hispanic community. Although many Hispanic and Latino students hoped to see more celebration this year, SLUH was unable to do any more than the week of morning prayers and a bulletin board.

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MC Hammer helps propel swimmers in practice-full week
  • Sports

After many battles, the St. Louis U High swim team had an uninterrupted week to hammer away at their raw skills and forge themselves into new weapons as sharp as shark’s teeth. Last week, the swim team had the rare opportunity of having a week with no meets, but that certainly did not make it a rest period.

XC showcases unparalleled depth in strong showing at Parkway West
  • Sports

The SLUH cross country team was able to show off its incredible depth for the second week in a row by sweeping all but one division at the Parkway West Dale Shepard Invitational this past Saturday and taking home an abundance of medals. While the varsity squad had some mishaps, the rest of the team was able to clearly separate themselves from the rest of the field.

SLUH Takes Home Big Win In the Jr. Billiken Classic, But Falls Victim to the Red Tide
  • Sports

Chaminade has tormented SLUH soccer for years. Last year, it was the Red Devils who knocked the Jr. Bills out of the District Tournament with a 1-0 win. That same season, Chaminade took the regular season match against SLUH by the same score. Two years ago, it was a 5-1 loss. In fact, it’s been years since SLUH has topped Chaminade in soccer. This year, even the star-studded roster of the Jr. Bills fell victim to the Chaminade curse in a close 1-0 loss. Now, with a single loss eating away at their record, the Jr. Bills (11-1-1) are trying to stay positive with their sights set on late October.

SLUH Drops the Weight on Lift for Life
  • News

Coming off last week’s tough loss against CBC, the Jr. Bills rebounded significantly against the Lift for Life Academy Hawks while also celebrating the contributions of the many seniors on the football team. SLUH controlled the flow of the game in a dominant fashion, winning 48-20 on their final home game of the season.

Admin weighing possible Quarter 2 Covid plans
  • News

With the first quarter of the 2021-22 school year coming to a close, the administration of St. Louis U. High has been hard at work deciding on its Covid plans for the second quarter, which are set to be announced in the Oct. 17 ParentConnect email.

Click here to view the COLORIZED pdf of 86.7!

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