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Wait no more! Dauphin Players debut Wait Until Dark
Luke Duffy, Mark Wappler, and Ben Croat, Core Staff, Staff, reporter

SLUH’s long-awaited fall theatre production returned with last night's premiere of Wait Until Dark. This is the Dauphin Players’ first in-person production of the year and it will take place in a Studio Show format.

Tours, presentations, and… a camel? Open House returns to showcase SLUH to prospective families
  • News
Jack Figge and Thomas Juergens, Editor in Chief, reporter

Prospective students at St. Louis U. High’s Open House event last Sunday were greeted not by a looming Mr. Schulte as they walked up the turnaround, but by a six and a half foot camel. The camel, along with the more traditional SLUH tour features helped give prospective students and parents a great impression of SLUH

The sophomores enjoy their day of fun with various different activities
  • News
Drew Figge and Vincent Weinbauer, reporters

What’s better than a day filled with snakes, burgers and running over classmates in giant bubbles? To the sophomores, this was the perfect concoction for their class fun day, which gave the sophomore class a relaxing day filled with bonding opportunities and rich memories. 

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SLUHsers Comic Strip

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Swim gears up for state with sights set on claiming third team title in four years
  • Sports

The time has come. Today, the Jr. Bills will be immersed in a great war of the waters; a bout that decides the fate of the state. After asserting their district dominance last week they now seek to snag a state title. Today the swimmers are competing in the prelims portion of the meet, in which they fight to qualify for tomorrow’s finals, which will take place at 3:00 p.m. in the St. Peters Rec-Plex. Understandably, hopes are high going into the meet.

XC races to fourth at state with three All-State runners, trophy streak now sits at four years
  • Sports

The SLUH Jr. Billikens went up against the toughest teams in the state last Friday at the Gans Creek State course in Columbia, and the fastest times that the course has ever seen to bring home a fourth-place trophy, adding to their four-year podium streak. Finishing just five points behind third-place Liberty North, the Bills finished the season with a strong closing race to cap off a great year. By putting three racers in the top 25, each earning All-State designations, SLUH tied its record for most All-State runners at a State meet, proving the immense competition Missouri running has produced this year.

Week 9 Fantasy Football Recap
  • Entertainment

Another wacky week of football fell upon us in Week 9. With lots of upsets such as the Jaguars over the Bills, or the Broncos over the Cowboys, this week was far from ordinary. The same can be said on the fantasy side of football as there were very few fantasy fireworks from the core fantasy players. In one of my personal 12-man leagues, the league-high was 127 points and the second-highest scorer was 116. Despite this low-scoring week of football,  let’s take a look at the fantasy players that lit up the scoreboard.

Satire: Camel chaos causes confusion on campus
  • Entertainment

St. Louis U. High’s Open House Sunday ended in frenzied terror after a camel burst free from its restraints. The camel forced a mad dash down the turnaround as students attempted to escape the imminent dromedarian threat. 

Students find joy in playing popular video game Retro Bowl
  • Features

The last four years have seen the rise of many fads, such as Ugg boots, Flappy Golf, and the emergence of TikTok. Most recently, there has been a new game going around the hallways of St. Louis U. High that everyone is playing (outside of school hours of course). Currently the sixth most popular free game on the AppStore, everyone is playing RetroBowl, and for good reason.

Farmyard to Schoolyard: How two teachers grew up in rural America
  • Features

When students at St. Louis U. High think of their teachers’ upbringings, they may tend to imagine reading, studying, and working, not milking cows, chopping wood, and canning vegetables. Two faculty members at SLUH today were not always connoisseurs of the academic subjects; instead, they grew up on rural family farms.

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86.11 Credits

What did you do over the four-day weekend?


Editor in Chief

Jack “stressed about Lou’s article” Figge



Nathan “prayed for Lou’s article” Rich


News Editor

Roarke “looked forward to Lou’s article” Unrau


Visual Editor

Charlie “cancelled the art for Lou’s article” Bieg


Web Editor

Luke “lost sleep over Lou’s article” Duffy


Core Staff

Jackson “rode Mr. Chura’s camel” Cooper

Louis “not finishing my article” Cornett

George “prepared for Grande project meeting” Henken

Alex “crashed my car into a feeble old woman” Preusser

Jack “Quarantined” Rybak

Coby “beat Marquette” Spratte 



Michael “tried my dad’s crosswords” Baudendistel 

Mark “Watch Apocalypse now” Wappler



Ben “practiced for YAG” Croat

Micah “Netflixed and Chilled” Doherty

Drew “rejected a girl” Figge

Lucas “Fortnite tournaments” Hayden

Thomas “brushing up on my racquetball skills” Juergens

Sean “” Kellogg

Jack “falsely advertised things” Kuhlman

Joe “led a tour” LaBarge

Vincent “watched Drew reject a girl” Weinbauer

Alex “became a fish” Wentz



Will “planned to stay for a PN night” Blaisdell

Jude “learned Vietnamese” Reed

Colin “falconry” Schuler



Mrs. Kathy “celebrated Dmitri Mendeleev” Chott

Michael “did a triathlon” Urbanski

Miles “swam in the Mississippi” Schulte



Steve “What four day break?” Missey

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