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Objection? Overruled!: SLUH has landmark weekend at MOYAG Convention
Alex Preusser and Mark Wappler, staff

A group of 33 SLUH students put on their best suits and masks last Thursday and boarded a bus to Jefferson City. The students were part of the St. Louis University High School delegation, representing the school at Missouri YMCA’s 73rd annual Missouri Youth and Government (MOYAG) Convention held at the state capitol. 

Admin considering reinstatement of snow days for upcoming winter
  • News
Michael Baudendistel and Austin Wald, Staff, reporter

According to NOAA, there is a 20 percent chance that St. Louis will have a White Christmas this year. Even though the odds are not great that we end up with a snowy winter, Assistant Principal for Academics Kevin Foy and the rest of the administration have been working on plans for possible snow days in the coming months.

SLUH Day raises over $570,000 with help from students, faculty, and alumni
  • News
Luke Duffy and Jack Evans, Web Editor, reporter

Last week brought #SLUHday back to social media feeds when the student body was once again encouraged to promote the fundraiser on all social media platforms. After a week of alumni donations, St. Louis U. High Day has raised a whopping $576,418 with 996 donors.

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SLUHsers Comic Strip

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Red (Taylor's Version) reviewed by Prep News Staff
  • Entertainment

For over 15 years, essentially the entire living memory of any current St. Louis U. High student, the voice of Taylor Swift has graced the airwaves as possibly the biggest cross-genre star of all time. Her music catalog is incredibly diverse, ranging from country albums like 2008’s Fearless or 2010’s Speak Now, to recent indie-pop releases folklore and evermore, to arguably the greatest pop album of the new millenium, 1989

XC overcomes brutal weather in Indiana showcase
  • Sports

Following a great performance at State, some of the top runners on the SLUH cross country programs decided to take their skills up to Terre Haute Indiana to compete at Nike Cross Regionals at the Lavern Gibson Cross Country Course. Despite having just come off of a hard week competing at state, the team still ran some phenomenal races and managed to come away with the meet with some hardware.

Hockey scores 12 in first two games, falls to rival CBC
  • Sports

SLUH Hockey is back on the ice in a big way. In their first three games of the season, they dealt crushing blows to Francis Howell and Marquette and just narrowly lost to perennial powerhouse CBC. With a 2-1 record and 12 goals already, this year’s team, packed with seniors, is ready to turn heads and make a deep run at state.

Behind the Scenes: A closer look at the most remarkable moments in Wait Until Dark
  • Features

As anyone who viewed the production of Wait Until Dark last weekend can attest, the show employed many special effects to keep the audience on edge. Between starting fires, turning out the lights, and having a blind character, the cast and crew had to stay on their feet to be able to produce such realistic and seemingly impossible scenes in front of the audience.

Turkey for me, turkey for you. Happy Thanksgiving, to all at SLUH.
  • Features

Food, football, and family have developed into the defining trademarks of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Yet, over the past two years, it has become difficult at times to recognize the blessings in one’s life amidst all of the horrors and struggles that everyone has undergone. As we emerge from this pandemic, students and faculty have begun to reflect and give thanks for areas of their lives that they often overlooked before the pandemic. 

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