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300 Admitted into Class of 2026: Incoming freshmen excited to embark on their SLUH  journey and leave their impression
Michael Baudendistel and Ben Croat, Core Staff, Staff

As is the long-standing tradition for St. Louis Catholic high schools, the SLUH Admissions Committee sent out high school acceptance letters to over 300 area middle school students last Friday. The prospective students’ long journey to becoming Jr. Bills, filled with Shadow@SLUH visits, family interviews, placement tests, and more, finally culminated with them receiving two official acceptance letters—one physical copy in the mail and one that could be accessed online—and the coveted yard signs which spanned 64 zip codes in the greater St. Louis area.

Let it Snow: After initial hesitation, Admin gives school classic snow day
  • News
Jack Figge and Jack Evans, Editor in Chief, reporter

The halls of St. Louis U. High were abuzz with discussion on Monday and Tuesday over whether the administration would call a snow day on Wednesday due to the forecast of inclement weather. The debate was settled on Tuesday afternoon when Assistant Principal for Student Life Brock Kesterson announced that campus would be closed Wednesday and Thursday, and students would not be required to attend online classes.

Administration makes changes to class selection process
  • News
Alex Preusser and Micah Doherty, Core Staff, Staff

The choice between Irish Lit and Shakespeare is a difficult one, and now it’s time to make that decision as  students begin to pick their courses for next year. As class scheduling options for current sophomores and juniors start to open up, a slightly different approach will be taken to ensure that the process goes smoothly and easily. New Assistant Principal for Academics Kevin Foy is moving the signups to an online form to increase efficiency and accuracy.

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Commit's Corner: Yemm to join reigning champions at Carthage
  • Sports

Senior Michael Yemm will be continuing his volleyball career next year at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wis. He announced the commitment last August after exploring his options. Carthage, a small liberal arts school, has a lot of upsides for Yemm, including its impressive location on the water and team culture.

Racquetball refuses to drop a single game against Lafayette, Lindbergh
  • Sports

After a fun and exciting doubles tournament, racquetball wasted no time getting back to work with a busy schedule last week. On Jan. 28, they played Lafayette for the first time this year and three days later, they had a rematch against Lindbergh. SLUH did not lose a single match in the two contests, going 12-0 in match play last week.

Students enjoy snowy conditions on days off
  • Opinion

There are three things in life that are certain: death, taxes, and students loving snow days. Students from everywhere have their differences, but they bond together over their mutual love for these days off. On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, students had their wish come true and got to experience their first real snow days in a long time.

Satire: Snow day shenanigans still there as classes shift to zoom
  • Entertainment

After the brief two-day snow break, it was time to get back down to business, but on Zoom. While some students embraced the idea of a little extra sleep and not having to make the morning commute, the day brought some flashbacks of Zoom classes in the height of the pandemic.

Around the Hallways 86.18
  • News

Around the Hallways includes snippets that were not quite newsworthy but important to get across to our readers.

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Editor in Chief

Jack “cursed inDesign” Figge



Nathan “mourned Ellen” Rich


News Editor

Roarke “started a rival Prep News” Unrau


Visual Editor

Charlie “did not sleep” Bieg


Web Editor

Luke “counterprotested Jack” Duffy


Core Staff

Jackson “3 am facetimes” Cooper

Louis “didn’t write any articles” Cornett

Jack “riflery” Rybak

Alex “also 3 am facetimes” Preusser

Coby “hit dingers” Spratte

George “watched Elastigirl compilations” Henken

Michael “crossword lessons from dad” Bau-




Ben “watched Devin Booker highlight reels”


Micah “had a sick middle name” Doherty

Thomas “acted like a total Tybalt” Juergens

Mark “watched Braveheart” Wappler


Staff Artists

Will “volleyball practice” Blaisdell

Leo “hung out with my cousin” Smith



Theo “watched Olympic curling ” Agniel

Bill “finished my article on time” Albus

Patrick “100% of my schoolwork” Busch

Jack “ran for public office” Evans

Drew “transferred” Figge

Andrew “frolicked” Hunt

Joe “sub-4 mile” LaBarge

Alex “wrestled” Nance

Will “snow angels” Riggan

Charlie “made maple syrup” Vonderheid

Austin “round of golf ” Wald

Vincent “learned Swahili” Weinbauer

Nick “drained some threes” Witcher


Alex “congratulated my sister on Nerinx

admission” Deiters

Jude “embarked on adventures” Reed


Mrs. Kathy “looked at my periodic table” Chott


Steve “enjoyed the Hamlet-esque weather” Missey

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