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Black History Month celebrated with all school presentation featuring history, alums
Luke Duffy, Will Riggan, Web Editor, reporter

Black men and women have played a major role in St. Louis U. High’s rich history since the school was founded in 1818. In order to share their stories and celebrate Black History Month, ACES hosted an assembly on Thursday, Feb. 10 where students gathered in their homerooms to discuss and learn about Black History at SLUH.

Admin continues to wait for OK from city to go mask-optional
  • News
Jack Figge, Lucas Hayden, Editor in Chief, reporter

Throughout the past two years, there have been many controversies surrounding the handling of the pandemic. As the pandemic has continued to evolve, one topic has taken center stage: masks. As other schools in the St. Louis area—such as Vianney, Chaminade, and Lafayette, among others—adjust their policy to mask-optional, the debate is once again heating up, with students and faculty contemplating when SLUH should adjust to a mask-optional policy. 

School hosts booster clinic for students
  • News
Mark Wappler, Theo Agniel, Staff, reporter

SLUH hosted a clinic yesterday afternoon for students and faculty members to receive the vaccine against COVID-19. The event was originally scheduled Thursday, Feb. 3, but the snow postponed the event. The booster clinic was held in the Danis Lobby from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. and more than 50 people received the vaccine. 

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86.19 Around The Hallways
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This week St. Louis U. High hosted the Class of 2026 Welcome Event, Senior Class Mass, and Mothers Club Cookies Sales!

PN Investigates: The mystery of the Jr. Bill's secret new valentine
  • Entertainment

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, love is on the minds of many students here at St. Louis U. High. Students across all four classes have been rushing to find heart-shaped chocolate boxes and bouquets of red roses for their girlfriends and unsuspecting crushes. However, there is one individual in our school community that no one really expected to find that special someone: the Jr. Bill himself.

Commits Corner: Dougherty hopes to add to young St. Francis program
  • Sports

Senior Tanner Dougherty will continue his volleyball career next year at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, New York. Playing volleyball in college has been Dougherty’s dream for a long time due to his love of the sport and the immense impact that the game has had on his life.

Brooks flips from Yale to Wisconsin
  • Sports

Senior wide receiver Chris Brooks made an announcement last week on social media that surprised many SLUH sports fans. After having publicly announced his commitment last summer to play football at Yale University and participating in a photo shoot in Bulldog blue and white, Brooks decided to adopt a new color: Wisconsin Red. “Proud to announce I’m officially a Badger,” the tweet read.

SLUH Wrestling struggles against St. Mary's
  • Sports

The SLUH wrestling team was hoping for just a bit less snow last week. Enough to call off school, but not enough to cancel the Senior Night scheduled for last Friday. Sadly, one of those conditions was met and one wasn’t, so the event ended up being canceled, which was unfortunate for the small but dedicated group of seniors who have led this year’s squad through the highs and lows of a wrestling season.

STARS square in on new novel for racial justice discussion
  • News

For many of us, the biggest problems in our lives are that AP Physics test coming up or that 20 dollar parking ticket you have that you say you definitely didn’t deserve. For some, though, there are bigger worries in life. The Students and Teachers Association for Racial Studies, or STARS, has recently focused on Dear Martin by Nic Stone, a novel that explores the bigger issues of racial discrimination and police brutality. 

Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith set to give students exercise outlet
  • News

Theology teacher Jonathan Ott has started an auxiliary faith-based exercise program around the SLUH building. What has been an international program for the past ten years is now becoming a school-wide opportunity to not only strengthen your biceps, but your faith and fellowship as well. 

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