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Mask-Recommended: Students’ smiles are revealed as SLUH moves to Condition II
Jack Figge, Editor in Chief

Today—Thursday, February 17, 2022, almost two years since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic—students will not be greeted by the stark appearance of masks covering their fellow classmates’ faces, but the joyous, unmasked smiles of students reveling in the administration's decision to move to Condition II.

New schedule headlines changes announced at Strategic Summit meeting
  • News
Jackson Cooper and Micah Doherty, Core Staff, Staff

Faculty members gathered on campus on Monday morning for an update on progress made by the five Strategic Summit subcommittees.  The Graduation Requirements, Grade Level Guides, and Schedule and Calendar committees all presented their proposed changes, while the Grading Communication and Faculty Formation committees gave brief updates on their progress.

Admin increases tuition costs and financial aid in response to rising inflation
  • News
Alex Preusser and Thomas Juergens, Core Staff, Staff

Increases in tuition are no new occurrence, announced annually in order to respond to fluctuations in our nation’s economy. Following increases in the previous two years of 2.86 percent and 3.89 percent, the tuition for next academic year will be increased by 5.61 percent, or $1050, which will put the tuition at $19,750. In addition, financial aid will also be increased.

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Before there was Bashball: SLUH alumni reflect on Wall Ball, the biggest sport of SLUH’s past
  • Features

The rec room used to be a lot different from what it is now. Alongside the pool and ping pong tables there used to be metal hoops that lined the walls, utilized for a sport from days long ago: wall ball. Wall ball, which used to be the biggest thing at SLUH, was a game that everyone played when they had a few minutes of free time. But eventually the popular pastime had to go when one student almost lost his finger playing.

86.20 Around the Hallways
  • News

Trucks on fire and failed senior skip days. Take a dive into the the hallway discussions of St. Louis U. High.

Hockey crushes Francis-Howell in challenge cup tournament
  • Sports

After over two weeks of waiting, St. Louis U. High’s varsity hockey team took to the ice for a two-game series this past weekend against the Francis Howell Vikings in the quarterfinal round of the Challenge Cup.  The second-seeded Jr. Bills wasted no time dispatching the Vikings, who were utterly dominated in both games as SLUH clinched a semifinal berth for the first time since winning the Cup in 2019.

SLUH wrestlers battle in ruthless District tournament
  • Sports

When the SLUH Wrestling team stepped up to the mats at Northwest High School for the District Tournament last weekend, they had no idea of the brutal adversity they would face. For two straight days, the Jr. Bills fought relentlessly against tough competition, sustaining several injuries and ultimately ending their season in heartbreaking fashion.

Commentary: Addressing the Super Bowl Monday Issue
  • Opinion

It’s a tale as old as time. Each year, SLUH students gather together to watch the big game, just like millions of other Americans. The play calls are scrutinized, the commercials are ranked, and the halftime show is either thoroughly enjoyed or berated for not living up to the hype. Overall, the night is fun, except for one thing: the looming threat of a Monday morning at school. Jr. Bills dread few things more than school. 

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