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STUCO supports Covenant House in annual Mission Week, raises $6500
Alex Preusser and Matthew Musial, Core Staff, reporter

Did you go watch Prep News beat StuCo in an epic basketball game or enjoy Bridge Bread in the turnaround? Or perhaps you decided to partake in both activities. These two events were just a couple of the components of Mission Week, an annual week-long campaign to raise money and awareness for a particular cause, this year: youth homelessness. 

Dauphin Players ready for Addams Family
  • News
Jack Figge, Luke Duffy, and Andrew Hunt, Editor in Chief, Web Editor, reporter

Ghouls, ghosts and ghastly love: all of these elements contribute to the St. Louis University High’s Dauphin’s Players production of the Addams Family. 

Snow-Ball provides upperclassmen with fun evening
  • News
Jack Figge and Will Riggan, Editor in Chief, reporter

Sweat dripping from the ceiling, energetic teenagers bouncing up and down, students visibly grinning from ear to ear: it may sound like a snapshot from a different era. But after two years, students relished a night of moshing and dancing the night away at the annual Sno-Ball. 

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SLUHsers Comic Strip

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Satire: Food review-Bean Boozled
  • Entertainment

Satire: Greetings, ladies and gentlemen! Hesitantly, I admit that I have become a little bit carried away with the Bean Boozled challenge for Mardi Gras. After consuming the entirety of the dish of gourmet jellies, I have acquired quite a few opinions of the flavors, both scrumptious and repulsive. As we pivot into this blessed Lenten season, I would like to share with you my humble reactions to the contrasting flavors of the Bean Boozled Game. 

- Fr. Ian Gibbons

"It's just all too real": Marina and Rob Chura talk about the Ukraine Crisis
  • Features

Last Wednesday, Feb. 23, Russia launched a seemingly unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. As the week has progressed, stories have been emerging about life in these warring countries. Prep News Web Editor Luke Duffy sat down with SLUH teachers Marina Chura, a native of Russia, and her husband Rob to better understand the complexity of the war in Ukraine and its impact on various populations. 

Admin announces transition to Condition I of safety plan
  • News

The St. Louis U. High administration announced two weeks ago that the school would be transitioning to Condition II, most notably signifying that masks were no longer mandated but recommended. On Tuesday, the administration determined that the school could transition to Condition I of its safety plan, marking the first time since the beginning of the pandemic that SLUH has gone below Condition II.

Jr. Bills have gone Washington: Students explore politics and law on D.C. trip
  • News

Presidents’ Day weekend is a time to remember and celebrate George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, two of the greatest presidents in U.S. History. It was also a time for ten Jr. Bills to travel to the nation’s capital to learn about careers in politics, law, and journalism and consider how they can shape the future of the United States.

New schedule waves goodbye to beloved homeroom
  • News

Following the release of next year’s schedule two weeks ago, students had a lot of questions, most of them about the removal of the homeroom period and the switching up of the lunch periods.

Pow=Shredded: Ski Bills get gnarly on the slopes on annual OAC trip
  • News

During the extended President’s Day weekend, a group of 15 Jr. Bills from SLUH’s Outdoor Adventure Club embarked on their annual voyage to the Rocky Mountains. Being able to go gliding down the slopes of Vail, Keystone, and Breckinridge in a full “Tour de Colorado,'' the boys had an eventful, and exhausting, three and a half days at altitudes that sometimes reached 10,000 feet high. Navigating icy slopes and plane difficulties, this motley crew of skiers and snowboarders was led by history teacher Bob O’Connell, ASC volunteer Chris Stahl, and PE teacher Patrick Zarrick, the faculty leader of SLUH OAC. 

Prep News defeats STUCO by 18 points in second annual Mission Week game
  • News

40-22, it wasn’t even close. STUCO never stood a chance. A demolition, an expedition, whatever you’re gonna call it, Prep News easily won against STUCO at this year's annual Prep News vs STUCO basketball game. Held on Feb. 22 in the Danis Field House, the stands were packed with students and teachers excited to see the biggest rivalry in St. Louis. 

STEM Class, led by Anderson, launches 12th weather balloon
  • News

If you’ve taken Sophomore English, you know every hero in literature follows a common template known as the hero’s journey. The same is true for the biannual journey of the SLUH weather balloon—it feels a call to venture into the unknown, but always makes it home. Last week, chemistry and Environmental STEM teacher Bill Anderson and his Environmental STEM class launched the balloon, which collects data that the class can then analyze.

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