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On top once again: Jr. Bills defeat De Smet to claim third title in 5 years
Louis Cornett and Jackson Cooper, Core Staff

“Great day to be a Jr. Bill,” read the Snapchat story of senior Sean Wiegers last Friday night, and, by that point in the night, few could have made the case otherwise. After all, St. Louis U. High’s varsity hockey team had just defeated their archrival, the De Smet Spartans, in a nail-biting Challenge Cup Final to claim their fourth state title, and first since 2019.

Global Ed reconsiders Taiwan and Russia trips citing Covid and safety issues
  • News
Alex Preusser and Matthew Musial, Core Staff, reporter

After two consecutive years of canceled immersion trips, the school community largely believed that 2022 would mark their triumphant return. And while many trips, like those to Colombia and France and the Ignatian Pilgrimage to Spain are moving forward as normal, others have once again been called off as global problems persist. Among the cancelled trips are the trip to Taiwan, which was made impossible due to Covid protocols, and the Russian immersion trip, which was called off after that country’s recent invasion of Ukraine. 

Cartoons, questions, and competition: mothers and sons come together at annual trivia night
  • News
Jack Figge and Micah Doherty, Editor in Chief, Staff

Surrounded by Mystery Inc look-alikes and Despicable Me decor, SLUH mothers and sons gathered in the Commons for the 12th annual Mother-Son Trivia Night, full of lively games, intense raffles, and witty questions. Hosted by the Mothers Club, the trivia night was a hoot for all of the teams that were involved and definitely got everybody's train of thought moving. 

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SLUH rifle tops IPRL event
  • Sports

This season, SLUH’s rifle team took the entire podium in the Illinois Precision Rifle League team event. 

Water Polo returns to FoPo, eager to capitalize on talented team
  • Sports

Once a group of fledgling rookies adrift far from home, the U. High water polo team has at last returned as a squadron of battle hardened warriors ready to reclaim the throne back in their native land. The simultaneous changes of reacquiring Forest Park Community College as a home pool, a regular game schedule this season, and going from a team with no prior varsity experience to having just three newcomers reveals that this year’s outcome should be entirely different from the last.

Jr. Bills face significant opposition in season opener
  • Sports

SLUH’s rugby team rolled out for their first game of the season against top-ranked Germantown, a club team from the Memphis area. Expectations were high following the Jr. Bills’ National Tournament appearance last year as they faced off against a nationally-ranked opponent at Lindenwood University. Germantown had a significant height and weight advantage over the Jr. Bills which posed a significant challenge.

Biliteracy test now offered for seniors proficient in two languages
  • News

SLUH has always taken steps to try new things, especially when it comes to languages. This year, SLUH is taking the initiative further, with the introduction of the Seal of Biliteracy to the school. The Missouri Seal of Biliteracy, introduced in 2017, is an award given to high school seniors to recognize those who achieve complete proficiency in English and another language. Now, in 2022, it will be offered for the first time to SLUH seniors. 

Students and teachers travel to Baltimore for Arrupe Leaders Summit
  • News

Named after the great Jesuit Fr. Pedro Arrupe, S.J.,  the Arrupe Leaders Summit (East Coast edition) recently took place with St. Louis U. High students and faculty attending for the tenth time in Baltimore, Md.  Six people from each Jesuit school attended the conference, which focused on improved social justice reforms and advocating for better school environments. 

Chess team loses heartbreaking match to Parkway West in semifinals
  • News

The SLUH chess team faced off against Parkway West in the semifinals last week. As with previous matches this season, the match took place online due to Covid-19 concerns. The team had spent the four-day weekend preparing for the match and had done preparation (using certain moves in order to cause their opponent to get an unpleasant position from the opening) for their opponents. However, as the games started, everyone found themselves in full-on combat. 

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