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Cashbah raises $1.4 Million: First hybrid auction combines in-person and online donations to fund financial aid
Luke Duffy and Bill Albus, Web Editor, reporter

The St. Louis U. High Si Commons were transformed into an extravagant dining room this past weekend. Seniors wore elegant tuxedos as they greeted guests, juniors and sophomores sported Billiken blue bow ties and carried platters of food, and freshmen lined the surrounding halls collecting dirty dishes. At the 53rd annual Cashbah, St. Louis U. High raised more than $1.4 million, marking tremendous success for the first in-person auction in three years.

Chura travels to Poland, offers a helping hand to Ukrainian refugees
  • News
Austin Wald and Charlie Dougherty, Staff, reporter

St. Louis U. High Russian Teacher and Director of Global Education Rob Chura traveled to Poland over spring break as part of a personal service project to aid refugees displaced in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. 

Voices of SLUH provides insight into life during the pandemic
  • News
Jackson Cooper and Patrick Busch, Core Staff, reporter

Many people, from students and parents to administrators and teachers, were affected mentally and socially by the pandemic. Hoping to ease the St. Louis U. High community out of the pandemic, Voices of SLUH hosted an assembly on March 29 to give students a chance to hear from a diverse range of perspectives.

IPCC releases climate report with grim outlook, SLUH sustainablilty leaders contemplate where school should head
  • Features
Jack Figge, Editor in Chief

“Soon, we will miss a brief and rapidly closing window of opportunity to secure a liveable and sustainable future for all.” This bleak sentence appeared in the second part of a three-part report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on the current state of climate change around the globe.The report painted a grim picture for what the future could hold for the inhabitants of earth if measures are not taken soon to address these pressing climate change issues.

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Track kicks of season with second place at Festus, win at Lindbergh
  • Sports

Just like that, the track season is off and running. In the past two weeks, the track team has already competed in three different meets with another one just around the corner. The SLUH JV/C 1 meet kicked off the season on March 23 followed by the annual McCullough-Douglass meet on the 26th, and just this past Saturday, the Jr. Bills took home the team trophy at the Lindbergh Invitational.

Dance hall days return for SLUH Mom Prom providing memorable night
  • News

SLUH Seniors waltzed into the Si Commons with their mothers for SLUH’s annual Mom Prom on Sunday, March 27. The epitome of the mother-son activities hosted by the SLUH Mothers Club, this dance brought together a wonderful group of seniors and their moms under the beat of the same drum from musical guest Dr. Zhivegas. Though filled with a fair share of embarrassing moments of moms dancing in front of their sons, and beignets, the group nevertheless danced the night away together for one last time. 

Sophomores bond on return-to-normal retreat
  • News

While the rest of the school was enjoying the first day of their four day weekend, the sophomores were able to experience two days of activities and fun. From watching How to Train your Dragon to writing out journal passages, the sophomores worked on growing individually and as a group during their sophomore retreat last Thursday.

Click here for a pdf of 86.24.

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