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"An example of Jesuit ideals": Hylla honored and remembered for 30+ years of service in FSC
Roarke Unrau and Jackson Cooper, News Editor, Core Staff

After 32 years of service to St. Louis U. High, beloved Director of Food Services Kathy Hylla made her long-awaited return to the school community at yesterday’s Mass of Praise and Gratitude. Unable to work in recent months due to health issues, it was Hylla’s first on-campus appearance in front of the student body since the end of the first semester.  

To the heights: Three alumni sign free agent contracts with NFL teams
  • Sports
Nathan Rich, Sports Editor

Following last weekend’s NFL Draft, three former Jr. Billikens signed free agent deals with professional NFL teams across the country, where they will continue their football careers at the highest level. Tony Adams Jr. ’17, Daniel Isom ’16 and Michael Niese ’16 all secured contracts after the draft ended on Saturday: Adams (safety) signed with the New York Jets, Niese (offensive lineman) signed with the Denver Broncos, and Isom (defensive back) signed with the reigning Super Bowl Champion Los Angeles Rams. 

What does it mean to be a Junior Billiken?
  • Features
Jack Figge and A.J. Thompson, Editor in Chief, Student Body President

Doused in blue and sprinting full speed into the football stadium during the home opener. For many St. Louis U. High students, this experience, Running of the Bills, is the first time they feel like a Jr. Bill. But being a Jr. Bill consists of so much more than blue paint and brotherhood. 

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Track and Field dominates MCC championship as postseason approaches
  • Sports

With the districts drawing nearer, the Track and Field team has been refining their times and preparing for the postseason. The team has competed in four meets since Tuesday, April 26 and have shown off their skills in every single one of them, coming away with new personal bests while simultaneously dominating the competition.

86.27 Commit's Corner
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Next year, senior point guard Jaden McClain, who has been a staple of the Jr. Billikens basketball team for four years, will be taking the court for the Big Blue at Millikin University in Decatur, Ill. The Millikin  program, lead by head coach Kramer Soderberg, is experiencing a rebirth of late and McClain was quick to notice it when he visited last fall.

Nothing gold can stay: After losing record set streak to De Smet, Volleyball rallies back to stay undefeated; takes first in Lafayette Tournament
  • Sports

The halls of SLUH and the talk of many in the St. Louis volleyball community have been filled with news of the St. Louis U. High’s unprecedented set streak. Since 2019, the varsity team has not dropped a single set, playing 136 perfectly. This accomplishment is uncommon in volleyball, let alone amid the strong competition of St. Louis high school volleyball. Given the grand stat, the question just had to be asked: When will the SLUH team fall back to earth? 

Water Polo scores #1 seed for state tournament after statement wins
  • Sports

After months of continuous bouts and trials, the St. Louis U. High water polo team has at last emerged at the top, securing the number one seed going into the postseason tournament. The Jr. Bills have now toppled two state champions, vanquishing the number one ranked team in Illinois earlier this year, then defeating Missouri’s former victors Parkway West last week. In the culminating game of the Lindbergh tournament, after putting down the likes of CBC, Ladue, and De Smet, the Jr. Bills dominated the P. West Longhorns 15-6 to win the game and tournament with a perfect 4-0 record. After a hard fought weekend, the boys in blue closed up the regular season with a Senior Night victory against MICDS, and then a close loss in a Parkway West rematch.

First page of the PDF file: Patron-Saints-Of-Prepnew
  • News

The Saint Louis U. High summer ’22 reading book has been decided: Patron Saints of Nothing by Randy Ribay. 

The book tells the story of a young Filipino-American teen who encounters many obstacles, some obvious and others full of mystery, that make his journey to discover the murder of his cousin challenging and most of all, entertaining.

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