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22 in ’22: Water Polo beats Parkway West for 22nd State title
  • Sports
Alex Wentz, reporter

Despite losing their pool and adopting a cramped and inconsistent practice schedule mid-season, the St. Louis U. High water polo team enacted revenge on the Parkway West Longhorns last Saturday to emerge as Missouri State Champions for the 22nd time in program history. The boys in blue went into their first state finals match in three years. Their hunger for victory was akin to a starving great white, but the foe was no pushover, with the P. West Longhorns being the only Missouri team SLUH had lost to this year.

Students contemplate first school year with fewer Covid complications and new schedule
  • Features
Luke Duffy and Andrew Hunt, Web Editor, Staff

The past two years have been full of change, and next school year will be no different: a new schedule is being implemented, more all-school assemblies are being planned, and Covid protocols are likely to be relaxed. Will next year be a fresh start to finally rebuild the pre-pandemic St. Louis U. High community and recreate the brotherhood that has been lost over the past two years? Or will the inconsistency of life prevent the “New Normal” that SLUH has been waiting for?

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Clicking at all events, Track and Field wins District meet, first step on path to State
  • Sports

The postseason is underway with the track team having a strong showing at the district meet this past Saturday in Poplar Bluff, qualifying individuals in 16 of 19 events. SLUH completed this dominant day winning the Class 5 District 1 meet with ease and taking down some other top programs in the state like Jackson and Poplar Bluff with an almost 40 point difference between SLUH and the second place team.

Swiecicki heads to Rockhurst Lacrosse team
  • Sports

Senior Cullen Swieciki will be taking his lacrosse talents to the next level at Rockhurst next year, where he will be going into the Pre-Med track, majoring in Biology.

Lacrosse overcomes slow start to dominate Lindbergh 18-6, Burroughs still looms large
  • Sports

Ten years. That’s how long it’s been since SLUH lacrosse has been able to call themselves state champions. But a lot has changed since then. New coaches, new players, and a new culture have ensued, but the goal remains the same: win a state championship. With the playoffs starting the Jr. Bills just need to win four straight games to earn their rings. Lindbergh was their first obstacle in their way. 

Bone to play for Stevens Institute Volleyball
  • Sports

Senior Phillip Bone has recently committed to play volleyball at Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey next year. After a dominant season leading the Jr. Bills’ nationally ranked volleyball team, Bone will head to Hoboken to compete for Stevens’ D3 program. Bone believes that Stevens will be a perfect destination to play the sport he loves while majoring in biomedical engineering.

New coaching staff leads freshman baseball team through season ups and downs
  • Sports

Although their final record was only 8-10-2, the team was able to develop and grow as a whole. One of their most impressive moments came against St. Dominic, when they managed to come back from a ten run deficit in the first inning. Despite an incredible comeback, they still lost in the seventh inning. 

Commentary: What does it mean to value the truth?
  • Opinion

“If nothing else, value the truth.” Every week, the Prep News masthead includes this small little phrase. It seems so insignificant, so unessential, yet those six simple words serve as the foundation for all that we have done and continue to do  at the Prep News. It’s a phrase that I have strived to live by for the past three years of high school. 

Seniors boogie, twirl, and sway along to groovy tunes with their dates at Prom
  • News

The class of 2022 found themselves clipping on bow ties, fastening on cummerbunds, and stretching into their suspenders last Friday as they prepared for their Senior Prom. A night filled with flashing lights from cameras, necessary mosh pits, and awkward moments of stepping on a girl’s dress, it was a rightful return to a tradition that has been absent for the past two years and the envy of the past two graduating classes. One thing is certain: every girl is crazy about a sharply dressed Jr. Bill. 

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