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Satire: Second Senior Service Project
By Alex Preusser, News Editor

This week's satirical article of the Prep News. The views reflected here do not necessarily reflect the views of St. Louis U. High.

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Compiled by Alex Preusser, News Editor

The shocking, intriguing, and major happenings in the SLUH hallways this week.

Athlete Conversation of the Week: Dean Lyon
By Vincent Weinbauer, Core Staff

Core Staff member Vincent Weinbauer sits down with junior Dean Lyon, leading varsity hockey with twelve goals, to discuss his recent rise to the varsity squad and sudden shoulder injury.

Satire: Faculty reminisce on exploits of Santos ’05 as he takes N.Y. congressional seat
Jackson Cooper and Alex Preusser, News Editors

Eleven Jr. Bills are traveling to Washington, D.C today, where they will meet with a plethora of St. Louis U. High alumni. Included in this group is Republican Congressman George Santos ’05, who was recently elected to represent New York’s third congressional district in the House of Representatives.