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Satire: Prep shoes now on sale!
Jackson Cooper and Micah Doherty, News Editor, Core Staff

After much deliberation, the editorial team of Prep News 87 has decided to release a line of shoes in order to help raise money for color editions. The Prep Shoes, as they have been dubbed, will be on sale through the end of the quarter.

The idea for a line of high school journalism-inspired footwear began just last week, when senior Daniel Okohson-Reb ingeniously placed a Prep News broadsheet into the soles of his Sperrys during French class. Initially intending to play his newly journalistic shoes off for a one-time gag, Okohson-Reb realized his idea had true potential, which he promptly brought to the attention of the Prep News.

Queen of England fakes her death, tapped to succeed Gibbons as Principal
Jackson Cooper, News Editor

Ever since her passing just after noon yesterday, communities around the world have been mourning the late Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain. However, as a Prep News investigation has revealed, the entire story of the Queen’s death was an elaborate hoax aimed at excusing her from her royal duty in order to assume the role of Principal at St. Louis U. High.