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Satire: Disaster avoided after toxic paint used in Running of the Bills
Micah Doherty

St. Louis U. High’s long held tradition of the Running of the Bills ended in catastrophe as the freshmen class was initiated into the brotherhood not with a celebratory lap around the building as of past years. Instead, the Class of ‘27 was smothered in a toxic blue paint that momentarily blinded the students during the football game.

Satire: Consequences of sharing AP exam answers are finally brought to light
Alex Preusser, News Editor

If you post to any form of social media during the exam or refer to unreleased exam content at any time after the exam, your score will be canceled, no retest will be permitted, and you may be banned from future testing.

This is a statement familiar to any student who has ever taken an AP exam, read aloud by the proctor before and after each test.

Satire: Second Senior Service Project
By Alex Preusser, News Editor

This week's satirical article of the Prep News. The views reflected here do not necessarily reflect the views of St. Louis U. High.

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Compiled by Alex Preusser, News Editor

The shocking, intriguing, and major happenings in the SLUH hallways this week.