New year, new me: time for resolutions
Roarke Unrau, News Editor

The clock strikes twelve, the ball drops, and people around the world celebrate another trip around the sun. Thus closing out the year 2021 and beginning 2022, a year full of possibility. For many, the new year is a time to reflect, and to try and improve, or make a resolution for the new year. A New Year's resolution can be anything from trying to go to the gym at least once a week to buying new socks. Whatever it may be, New Year’s resolutions are made, but often not followed through, by many. 

Senior advisors hang up their orange shirts as they say goodbye to their freshmen homerooms
Mark Wappler and Drew Hawley, Staff, reporter

From leading team bonding activities on the football field during Direction Days to conducting homeroom seminars on how to study for high school exams, the senior advisors of the Class of ’22 have spent countless hours serving their younger SLUH brethren in the freshman class for the past six months. However, as the fall leaves’ flamboyant orange colors fade, the senior advisors prepare to retire their classic orange shirts to their closets. After guiding the freshmen through the many ups and downs of the first semester, the senior advisors will depart their freshmen homerooms, leaving their freshmen to navigate the rest of their time here at SLUH not alone, but together, using their advisors as an example.

Peace, Joy, Love, and Hope: the SLUH community reflects on 2021
Jack Figge and Alex Preusser, Editor in Chief, Core Staff

While the world hurriedly rushes to hang stockings with care and prepare for Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick, Catholics embark on the journey of Advent, where the Church asks them to reflect on four virtues as they prepare their hearts for the coming of Christ.  As 2021 draws to a close, St. Louis U. High students and faculty have applied those tenets to reflecting on the past year.

What makes Christmas a special time of year at SLUH?
Roarke Unrau, News Editor

Ask anyone, any age, when Christmas is, and they will tell you Dec. 25. But ask them when the Christmas season starts, and that can be a little more tricky. Some people get in the Christmas mood before Thanksgiving, others wait until after, but by Dec. 1, everyone has got Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” on their playlist. That is what makes Christmas so special: everyone has their own way to celebrate it. Whether it's a favorite part of the holiday or a Christmas tradition they do every year, everyone has a different way to do Christmas right. 

Behind the Scenes: A closer look at the most remarkable moments in Wait Until Dark
Luke Duffy, Web Editor

As anyone who viewed the production of Wait Until Dark last weekend can attest, the show employed many special effects to keep the audience on edge. Between starting fires, turning out the lights, and having a blind character, the cast and crew had to stay on their feet to be able to produce such realistic and seemingly impossible scenes in front of the audience.

Turkey for me, turkey for you. Happy Thanksgiving, to all at SLUH.
Jack Figge, Editor in Chief

Food, football, and family have developed into the defining trademarks of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Yet, over the past two years, it has become difficult at times to recognize the blessings in one’s life amidst all of the horrors and struggles that everyone has undergone. As we emerge from this pandemic, students and faculty have begun to reflect and give thanks for areas of their lives that they often overlooked before the pandemic. 

Why in the world does the Band Room have an anvil?
Lucas Hayden and Andrew Hunt, reporters

SLUH has a spectacular band program. But one recent instrumental acquisition for the Jr. Bills’ symphonious stockpile has truly distinguished the program: an anvil. 

Students find joy in playing popular video game Retro Bowl
Roarke Unrau, News Editor

The last four years have seen the rise of many fads, such as Ugg boots, Flappy Golf, and the emergence of TikTok. Most recently, there has been a new game going around the hallways of St. Louis U. High that everyone is playing (outside of school hours of course). Currently the sixth most popular free game on the AppStore, everyone is playing RetroBowl, and for good reason.

Farmyard to Schoolyard: How two teachers grew up in rural America
Luke Duffy, Web Editor

When students at St. Louis U. High think of their teachers’ upbringings, they may tend to imagine reading, studying, and working, not milking cows, chopping wood, and canning vegetables. Two faculty members at SLUH today were not always connoisseurs of the academic subjects; instead, they grew up on rural family farms.

Students “Can’t Help It” but to Stream Keller Anderson’s new song
Charles Turnell, reporter

Junior Keller Anderson has been taking his talents to the recording room over the past couple of months to work on his new single, “Can’t Help It,” which is now streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes, and marks the first official platform wide release for Keller.

Students and faculty contemplate the stigma that mental health carries at SLUH
Jack Figge and Luke Duffy, Editor in Chief, Web Editor

There are just certain things that St. Louis U. High students tend to avoid in conversation: a low test grade, a break-up, family issues. The list goes on, but school administrators believe that there is an even more essential conversation that should be made regular within friend groups: mental health.

Hallloween memories spark joy in hearts of students and faculty
Luke Duffy and Alex Preusser, Web Editor, Core Staff

Whether it was watching the scariest movie that your parents would allow or trick-or-treating until your pillowcase was practically bursting with candy, Halloween is a time of rich memories for students and faculty alike. Since this school year’s theme is joy, the Prep News gathered stories from around Backer Memorial Campus to highlight the various joy-inspiring experiences of this beloved holiday.

John Peretz shooting award
Roarke Unrau, News Editor

On Oct. 8, senior John Peretz went down to Lynn Creek near Lake of the Ozarks for a trapshooting competition, with nothing more than the clothes on his back and his browning citori 725. He came back to St. Louis U. High with a medal in his back pocket.

Be Curious: Sudeikis’s Ted Lasso could change your life
Luke Duffy, Web Editor

Throughout the turbulence of the past two years, people have turned to various coping methods to ease their struggles. One witty, quotable, feel-good show that has made a noteworthy impact at St. Louis U. High and across America during the pandemic is Jason Sudeikis’s Ted Lasso.

Summer orientation, quarterly checkups highlight experience for first-year faculty
Roarke Unrau and Jack Evans, News Editor, reporter

The SLUH faculty is one of the most driven and knowledgeable bodies of educators in the state, but just like the student body they teach, they must complete a lengthy educational process during their own journey at the school. The program by which this orientation happens is known as the New Ignatian Educators (NIE). 

Fantasy Football Week 3 Rundown
Charlie Vonderheid, Columnist

After arguably the most exciting week of the NFL Season so far, it's time to break down the fantasy implications of such a tumultuous week.

Faculty and students react to Cardinals' 17-game win streak
Coby Spratte, Core Staff

The St. Louis Cardinals organization was founded in 1882. In those 139 years of Cardinals baseball, no Cardinals fanbase has ever witnessed a winning streak such as the 17 game streak from Sept. 11 through Sept. 28 we just witnessed. In early August, the Redbirds’ chances to make the playoffs sat at a slim 1.3 percent. Yet this magical run has clinched the Cardinals a playoff spot as the second wild card, and has rejuvenated the entire city of St. Louis. 

Tettamble's Shooting the Stuff Podcast launches
Roarke Unrau, News Editor

Local senior sensation Gus Tettamble has recently begun a podcast titled Shooting the Stuff with Gus showcasing his charisma, humor, and coolness while talking to some of SLUH’s heavy hitters, such as Assistant Principal for Student Life Brock Kesterson, and math teacher Tracy Lyons. 

First page of the PDF file: Untitled-Artwork
Nathan Rich, Editor

If you ever find yourself stuck at St. Louis U. High and are in need of some herbal tea, senior Sam Zychinski is your man. Since this past June, Zychinski has owned and operated his very own tea-themed business. Called Gateway Tea, his brand is all about starting the tea revolution.

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