Students and faculty members debate timeless Christmas music questions
Billy Albus and Charles Turnell Core Staff

St. Louis U. High students are gearing up for an eventful Christmas, full of exams and crunch time, but with these unruly implications comes cheerful tunes and Christmas spirit. Many SLUH students have strong opinions on when Christmas carols should be played as well as the best carol of them all. 

Freshman Jostlein makes St. Louis Youth Symphony for violin
Drew Figge and Nick Robert, Core Staff, reporter

Did anyone think that it was possible to make it into the St. Louis Youth Symphony as a freshman? St. Louis U. High’s very own freshman Klaus Jostlein made it not only this year, but also as an eighth grader.

Local sugar addict Preusser reviews Crumbl Cookies
Alex Preusser, News Editor

There are few things in life that bring me more joy than a 17.5-by-5-inch pale pink box full of four scrumptious cookies. Crumbl Cookies is a treat in which I indulge on a weekly basis, partly because they rotate their flavors of cookies every seven days, and partly because I have little self-control. 

Every Sunday, my heart leaps with joy when I receive the notification that Crumbl has posted on Instagram—the long-awaited list of the week’s lineup of cookies. With the inclusion of one of my all-time favorite cookies, the S’mores cookie, in this week’s lineup, I was inspired to review Crumbl’s long list of delicious desserts. Out of the nearly 40 different Crumbl flavors that I have enjoyed, here are my top five, accompanied by a brief description and review:

SLUH Community reflects on Cardinals icon Pujols’ legacy after he reaches 700 career home runs
Austin Wald, Sports Editor

The buzz around the St. Louis Cardinals fan base for the past few months has been fixated on one question: Will Albert Pujols hit his 700th home run before his end of season retirement? Cardinals fans closely monitored his gap to 700 after every home run he hit. One week ago, Pujols finally reached the milestone, hitting two absolute dingers to deep left field for his 699th and 700th home runs in the St. Louis Cardinals’ 11-0 victory against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Pastoral Leader Fahim shares process behind daily prayers
Luke Duffy, Editor in Chief

Many in the St. Louis U. High community may have noticed that afternoon prayers this year are longer and more immersive. The student behind these faith connecting exercises, senior Anthony Fahim, has a motive for his recent change to the historically brisk prayers.

Advisory period provides time for programming, quarterly religious events, and community building activities
Vincent Weinbauer, Core Staff

Students of St. Louis U. High have seen many changes over the past four years. There have been mask mandates, the dress code has been altered, and students could have backpacks throughout the school day at one point. The school day schedule has also been in constant flux. The seven-period schedule of pre-Covid was altered to a block schedule that has been evolving ever since. New periods have been added to the schedule such the short-lived Faber Days, Studium, and now Advisory. 

SLUH Center for Mindfulness continues into second year, aims to help students relax, be more present in their daily lives
Thomas Jeurgens and Joe Murphy, Core Staff, reporter

It’s always been stereotypical of St. Louis U. High to have hard-working, even stressed-out students and teachers. However, with the SLUH Center for Mindfulness heading strong into its second year, students and faculty alike are given a weekly opportunity to enjoy each others’ company and take a break from the pace of a busy week.

Prep News Investigates: What is the true role of a principal?
Luke Duffy and Vincent Weinbauer, Editor in Chief, Core Staff

The search for a new principal has begun at St. Louis U. High. In his five-year tenure as principal, Fr. Ian Gibbons, SJ has led the school through some of the biggest challenges in its history. The role of a principal sometimes can fall behind the scenes of what tends to go on in a normal school day. Weekly emails are sent out, occasional speeches are heard, but what does a principal really do to meet the everyday needs of a school?

Callon’s bike refurbishing mission benefits Haitians in need
Billy Albus, Core Staff

Continuing his ministry of walking with the excluded as in Men for Life and now his Haitian mission, Dr. David Callon embarked on a fundraising campaign in order to raise money for less fortunate Haitian students yearning for a sufficient education.

Rodney Yarnal, the best man at Callon’s wedding, accompanied by his wife, Christen Parker-Yarnal, began Moun Pou Moun (MPM) after being assigned to Haiti for his medical school residency. MPM is a non-profit organization that provides any amount of financial assistance (within reason) needed for financially challenged students looking to receive an education that will be able to break the poverty cycle in their family.

Five years after Stockley verdict, SLUH continues to focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion through Advisory and Voices of SLUH
Luke Duffy and Michael Robinson, Editor and Chief, reporter

Friday, Sept. 15, 2017 was not a typical school day at St. Louis U. High. It was announced mid-morning that St. Louis Police Officer Jason Stockley had been found not guilty of first degree murder. Stockley, a white police officer, was on trial for the shooting of Anthony Lamar Smith, a black man, in 2011. Since the verdict, SLUH has continued educating students on issues of racial equity and justice through the Association for Cultural Enrichment at SLUH (ACES), Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs, and the Voices of SLUH program.

Reed and Menne families compete in Transplant Games of America to raise awareness for organ donation
Austin Wald, Sports Editor

John Reed, father of senior Griffin Reed, had to have both of his kidneys replaced, one in 2000, and one in 2014. He spent the years in between on dialysis, a machine that filters the blood when the kidneys cannot. On his second transplant, John Reed was part of one of the largest kidney exchanges ever, consisting of 24 recipients and 24 donors from around the country.

Coffee Club offers early morning caffeine boost for tired Jr. Bills
Vincent Weinbauer, Core Staff

Students at St. Louis U. High tend to feel extra tired on Friday mornings at the end of a week of hard work. Most need an extra kick to get them going in the morning. Some work out, some wake up a little earlier, some drink energy drinks. But a few Jr. Bills prefer the age-old morning beverage, served freshly brewed and poured into their favorite mugs, so they decided to make it a ritual. The SLUH Coffee Club meets every Friday morning before school.

Students contemplate first school year with fewer Covid complications and new schedule
Luke Duffy and Andrew Hunt, Web Editor, Staff

The past two years have been full of change, and next school year will be no different: a new schedule is being implemented, more all-school assemblies are being planned, and Covid protocols are likely to be relaxed. Will next year be a fresh start to finally rebuild the pre-pandemic St. Louis U. High community and recreate the brotherhood that has been lost over the past two years? Or will the inconsistency of life prevent the “New Normal” that SLUH has been waiting for?

What does it mean to be a Junior Billiken?
Jack Figge and A.J. Thompson, Editor in Chief, Student Body President

Doused in blue and sprinting full speed into the football stadium during the home opener. For many St. Louis U. High students, this experience, Running of the Bills, is the first time they feel like a Jr. Bill. But being a Jr. Bill consists of so much more than blue paint and brotherhood. 

Mueller leaving SLUH to pursue aviation passion
Thomas Juergens, Staff

Students learned during yesterday’s farewell video that science teacher and STUCO moderator Bradley Mueller will be leaving SLUH at the end of this year to become a pilot. 

Walsh leaves assistant position, focuses on grand-parenting
Austin Wald and Micah Doherty, Staff

Assistant to the President Kim Walsh officially retired from St. Louis U. High this past March, with bittersweet goodbyes from students and staff alike as she takes on becoming a full-time devoted grandmother.

First page of the PDF file: SKM-C284e22042122460
Mark Wappler, Staff

Springtime brings much joy into the world when it rolls around each year. After a seemingly perpetual winter, the April showers stay true to their nature and bring May flowers. New life in the form of flora and fauna begins to spring up from every corner of the earth in this radiantly beautiful season. However, this new life gives birth to a new array of problems in the forms of allergies and disease. A particular group of students at the U High suffer from a chronic and contagious malady that seems to come around only this time of year. That group? Seniors. The condition? Senioritis. 

IPCC releases climate report with grim outlook, SLUH sustainablilty leaders contemplate where school should head
Jack Figge, Editor in Chief

“Soon, we will miss a brief and rapidly closing window of opportunity to secure a liveable and sustainable future for all.” This bleak sentence appeared in the second part of a three-part report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on the current state of climate change around the globe.The report painted a grim picture for what the future could hold for the inhabitants of earth if measures are not taken soon to address these pressing climate change issues.

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