Commits Corner: Parker Guthrie
By Daniel Tice, Core Staff

This fall, senior Parker Guthrie announced his commitment to play Division III baseball at Washington University in St. Louis. 

Women’s History Month: Toussaint competes in power lifting
Alex Preusser, News Editor

There is no shortage of  displays of strength at St. Louis U. High as hundreds of student athletes step on the court and field to start their spring sports. This month, however, we celebrate the success and strength of women in the SLUH community for Women’s History Month. Modern and Classical Languages Department chair Kate Toussaint, though she doesn’t flaunt it, is an incredible model of strength and determination through her involvement with competitive powerlifting.

Commits Corner: Danny Campbell
By Daniel Tice, Core Staff

Senior Danny Campbell's commitment to play Division 1 Lacrosse at Hobart College, and the years of hard work that brought him there.

Commits Corner: Brooklyn Hollander
By Austin Wald, Sports Editor

Prep News explores the illustrious volleyball career of senior Brooklyn Hollander, as he commits to play Division III at Wittenberg University this fall.

Students, faculty reflect on year of war in Ukraine
By Jackson Cooper, News Editor

Twelve months ago today, Russia invaded Ukraine, beginning what has since become one of Europe’s most brutal wars since World War II. Over the last year, St. Louis U. High has seen the impacts of the crisis firsthand, with the invasion dealing blows to Global Ed’s Russian program and allowing students to serve Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

More than a day off? SLUH history lovers discuss Presidents Day
By Luke Duffy and Chandler Brozovich, Editor in Chief, reporter

Mr. President, leader of the free world, Commander in Chief: these are just some of the many titles given to the President of the United States. From 32 days in office to over 12 years, the Presidents have cemented their legacies in history and are honored every year on Presidents Day. For most at St. Louis U. High, Feb. 20 is just another day off, but some in the building challenge us to look further.

A Fond Farewell: Past and present editors recall memories from old PN office
The PN 87 Editorial Board and PN Editor Emeritus Association

This week marks the first issue of the Prep News to be produced in the brand-new Claude Heithaus, SJ Media Center. With this move comes overwhelming sadness, as it means that J220—home to the paper’s office for over two decades—is rendered vacant. The PN moved to the J-wing some time in the late 1990s, and countless memories were forged in the space, which we hope to suggest below, as current and former editors reflect on some of their most notable moments in the PN room.

To many at St. Louis U. High, the Prep News room is one which is seldom visited, if ever at all. It sits on the second floor of the J Wing, an area typically reserved only for art students, lost freshmen, or recipients of an official SLUH tour. For the 20 or so staffers of the paper at any given time, though, it was an effective second home, serving equally important duties of home to production nights and go-to AP/free period hangout spot. It can be said with utmost certainty that the PN room was unlike any other on campus. Its walls were adorned with two decades’ worth of memes, inside jokes, funny posters, and a parade of Indiana University certificates, which were always certain to spark questioning from any first-time visitor. Complete with three couches, a conference table, and several slow-though-functioning Mac desktops, there was no better place to do (or more likely, procrastinate) homework.

Schroeder ventures to Zhongli, Taiwan to help cognitively impaired students at Hsiangyuan
Billy Albus, Core Staff

Senior Brendan Schroeder never saw Senior Project as a task he would simply phone in, instead seeking isolation from his peers and a sense of challenge when it came to choosing his project. Hence, he decided to embark on a journey to Zhongli, Taiwan to provide aid to the Hsiangyuan. Hsiangyuan is a day-care type of establishment that takes in cognitively impaired students and teaches them valuable life skills such as cooking and cleaning. 

Profiling a Principal: Stewart reflects on time at SLUH, how Grad at Grad has impacted his life as he looks forward to becoming principal
Luke Duffy, Editor in Chief

The Graduate at Graduation, a document that details the formation process at St. Louis U. High, includes five pillars of Christian life that Jr. Billikens are expected to exemplify by the time they graduate. These pillars— Open to Growth; Intellectually Competent; Religious; Loving; and Committed to Doing Justice—have driven many SLUH students toward success after graduating. For Fr. Matt Stewart, SJ ’98, who has been chosen as the next principal of SLUH, these virtues were instilled in him as a high school student and propelled him to where he is now.

Satire: SLUH Experience a World Cup Fever
Jackson Cooper and Drew Figge, News Editor and Core staff

St. Louis U. High has been hit by a “World Cup fever” of sorts in recent weeks as students and teachers alike have shown a sudden interest in the sport of soccer. Purely by coincidence, games have been played during the school day, allowing students the opportunity to follow along with games instead of class.

The man behind camera: Mario Thomallari ‘16 uses social media brand, Just Lobs, to highlight St. Louis hoopers
Austin Wald and Daniel Tice, Sports Editor and Core Staff

Just Lobs has become a brand well known to all St. Louis hoop fans, amassing over 82,000 followers across various social media platforms by posting highlight tapes of St. Louis basketball stars. He has filmed at North Carolina, Ohio State, Saint Louis University, and Mizzou and has worked alongside NBA superstars like Ja Morant and Jayson Tatum. Just Lobs’ high-quality content has been reposted by ESPN and Bleacher Report, which has received millions of likes, comments, and reposts. But behind the camera is a man who is living the dream that began in the hallways of St. Louis U. High. 

Around the Hallways
Leo Hahn and Kane Luchun, reporters

This weeks Around the Hallways features a One World Club meeting, new SLUH hockey hoodies, the Choir and Dance Christmas Concert, and an all-school mass.

Tim Bantle ’95 becomes CEO of Eddie Bauer, reflects on time at SLUH and impact it has had on his career in outdoor recreation
Luke Duffy and Grayson Stevenson, Editor in Chief and Staff

Tim Bantle ’95 was recently named the Chief Executive Officer of the clothing company Eddie Bauer. A lifelong outdoorsman, he points to his curiosity about the world around him as a marker for his success.

Bantle took an unconventional path to where he is today. He never attended business school, and his college degrees are in Philosophy and English Literature. 

Students and faculty members debate timeless Christmas music questions
Billy Albus and Charles Turnell Core Staff

St. Louis U. High students are gearing up for an eventful Christmas, full of exams and crunch time, but with these unruly implications comes cheerful tunes and Christmas spirit. Many SLUH students have strong opinions on when Christmas carols should be played as well as the best carol of them all. 

Freshman Jostlein makes St. Louis Youth Symphony for violin
Drew Figge and Nick Robert, Core Staff, reporter

Did anyone think that it was possible to make it into the St. Louis Youth Symphony as a freshman? St. Louis U. High’s very own freshman Klaus Jostlein made it not only this year, but also as an eighth grader.

Local sugar addict Preusser reviews Crumbl Cookies
Alex Preusser, News Editor

There are few things in life that bring me more joy than a 17.5-by-5-inch pale pink box full of four scrumptious cookies. Crumbl Cookies is a treat in which I indulge on a weekly basis, partly because they rotate their flavors of cookies every seven days, and partly because I have little self-control. 

Every Sunday, my heart leaps with joy when I receive the notification that Crumbl has posted on Instagram—the long-awaited list of the week’s lineup of cookies. With the inclusion of one of my all-time favorite cookies, the S’mores cookie, in this week’s lineup, I was inspired to review Crumbl’s long list of delicious desserts. Out of the nearly 40 different Crumbl flavors that I have enjoyed, here are my top five, accompanied by a brief description and review:

SLUH Community reflects on Cardinals icon Pujols’ legacy after he reaches 700 career home runs
Austin Wald, Sports Editor

The buzz around the St. Louis Cardinals fan base for the past few months has been fixated on one question: Will Albert Pujols hit his 700th home run before his end of season retirement? Cardinals fans closely monitored his gap to 700 after every home run he hit. One week ago, Pujols finally reached the milestone, hitting two absolute dingers to deep left field for his 699th and 700th home runs in the St. Louis Cardinals’ 11-0 victory against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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