Students contemplate first school year with fewer Covid complications and new schedule
Luke Duffy and Andrew Hunt, Web Editor, Staff

The past two years have been full of change, and next school year will be no different: a new schedule is being implemented, more all-school assemblies are being planned, and Covid protocols are likely to be relaxed. Will next year be a fresh start to finally rebuild the pre-pandemic St. Louis U. High community and recreate the brotherhood that has been lost over the past two years? Or will the inconsistency of life prevent the “New Normal” that SLUH has been waiting for?

What does it mean to be a Junior Billiken?
Jack Figge and A.J. Thompson, Editor in Chief, Student Body President

Doused in blue and sprinting full speed into the football stadium during the home opener. For many St. Louis U. High students, this experience, Running of the Bills, is the first time they feel like a Jr. Bill. But being a Jr. Bill consists of so much more than blue paint and brotherhood. 

Mueller leaving SLUH to pursue aviation passion
Thomas Juergens, Staff

Students learned during yesterday’s farewell video that science teacher and STUCO moderator Bradley Mueller will be leaving SLUH at the end of this year to become a pilot. 

Walsh leaves assistant position, focuses on grand-parenting
Austin Wald and Micah Doherty, Staff

Assistant to the President Kim Walsh officially retired from St. Louis U. High this past March, with bittersweet goodbyes from students and staff alike as she takes on becoming a full-time devoted grandmother.

First page of the PDF file: SKM-C284e22042122460
Mark Wappler, Staff

Springtime brings much joy into the world when it rolls around each year. After a seemingly perpetual winter, the April showers stay true to their nature and bring May flowers. New life in the form of flora and fauna begins to spring up from every corner of the earth in this radiantly beautiful season. However, this new life gives birth to a new array of problems in the forms of allergies and disease. A particular group of students at the U High suffer from a chronic and contagious malady that seems to come around only this time of year. That group? Seniors. The condition? Senioritis. 

IPCC releases climate report with grim outlook, SLUH sustainablilty leaders contemplate where school should head
Jack Figge, Editor in Chief

“Soon, we will miss a brief and rapidly closing window of opportunity to secure a liveable and sustainable future for all.” This bleak sentence appeared in the second part of a three-part report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on the current state of climate change around the globe.The report painted a grim picture for what the future could hold for the inhabitants of earth if measures are not taken soon to address these pressing climate change issues.

"It's just all too real": Marina and Rob Chura talk about the Ukraine Crisis
Luke Duffy, Web Editor

Last Wednesday, Feb. 23, Russia launched a seemingly unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. As the week has progressed, stories have been emerging about life in these warring countries. Prep News Web Editor Luke Duffy sat down with SLUH teachers Marina Chura, a native of Russia, and her husband Rob to better understand the complexity of the war in Ukraine and its impact on various populations. 

Before there was Bashball: SLUH alumni reflect on Wall Ball, the biggest sport of SLUH’s past
Roarke Unrau, News Editor

The rec room used to be a lot different from what it is now. Alongside the pool and ping pong tables there used to be metal hoops that lined the walls, utilized for a sport from days long ago: wall ball. Wall ball, which used to be the biggest thing at SLUH, was a game that everyone played when they had a few minutes of free time. But eventually the popular pastime had to go when one student almost lost his finger playing.

Nance creates twitter page for Asian-American students
Ben Croat and Bill Albus, Staff, reporter

When the senior project was announced, senior Alex Nance, knew exactly the group he would be advocating for: the underappreciated Pacific Islander/Asian American community at SLUH. Nance, after noticing a discreet, yet existing sense of underappreciation for the Asian American and Pacific Islander community, chose to take a stand by way of his Grande Project. 

Martirez writes letter to Ann Wagner pushing for restorative justice
Michael Baudendistel, Core Staff

One of the many SLUH seniors hard at work on his Grande Project earlier this month was Alec Martirez, who spent his month looking into the topic of restorative justice, and addressing it in a letter to Missouri Congresswoman Ann Wagner.

Math teacher Joe Stickley creates astounding crossword puzzles worthy of The NY Times
Nathan Rich and Micah Doherty, Editor, reporter

People at SLUH can’t seem to get enough of crosswords. First came science teacher Paul Baudendistel’s impressive archive of Prep News puzzles. Then, a whole club dedicated to the craft, complete with their own merch. Now, math teacher Joseph Stickley, still in his first year at SLUH, is doing his part to contribute to the crossword frenzy with clever themes and even bigger dreams. 

New year, new me: time for resolutions
Roarke Unrau, News Editor

The clock strikes twelve, the ball drops, and people around the world celebrate another trip around the sun. Thus closing out the year 2021 and beginning 2022, a year full of possibility. For many, the new year is a time to reflect, and to try and improve, or make a resolution for the new year. A New Year's resolution can be anything from trying to go to the gym at least once a week to buying new socks. Whatever it may be, New Year’s resolutions are made, but often not followed through, by many. 

Senior advisors hang up their orange shirts as they say goodbye to their freshmen homerooms
Mark Wappler and Drew Hawley, Staff, reporter

From leading team bonding activities on the football field during Direction Days to conducting homeroom seminars on how to study for high school exams, the senior advisors of the Class of ’22 have spent countless hours serving their younger SLUH brethren in the freshman class for the past six months. However, as the fall leaves’ flamboyant orange colors fade, the senior advisors prepare to retire their classic orange shirts to their closets. After guiding the freshmen through the many ups and downs of the first semester, the senior advisors will depart their freshmen homerooms, leaving their freshmen to navigate the rest of their time here at SLUH not alone, but together, using their advisors as an example.

Peace, Joy, Love, and Hope: the SLUH community reflects on 2021
Jack Figge and Alex Preusser, Editor in Chief, Core Staff

While the world hurriedly rushes to hang stockings with care and prepare for Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick, Catholics embark on the journey of Advent, where the Church asks them to reflect on four virtues as they prepare their hearts for the coming of Christ.  As 2021 draws to a close, St. Louis U. High students and faculty have applied those tenets to reflecting on the past year.

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