SLUH Drops the Weight on Lift for Life
Coby Spratte, Core Staff

Coming off last week’s tough loss against CBC, the Jr. Bills rebounded significantly against the Lift for Life Academy Hawks while also celebrating the contributions of the many seniors on the football team. SLUH controlled the flow of the game in a dominant fashion, winning 48-20 on their final home game of the season.

Week 4 Fantasy Football Rundown
Charlie Vonderheid, Columnist

After Week 4 of the NFL Season it’s time to look towards next and get you ready for your Week 5 matchup.

Admin weighing possible Quarter 2 Covid plans
Jackson Cooper and Lucas Hayden, Core Staff, reporter

With the first quarter of the 2021-22 school year coming to a close, the administration of St. Louis U. High has been hard at work deciding on its Covid plans for the second quarter, which are set to be announced in the Oct. 17 ParentConnect email.

Fun Days are back! More brotherhood to be built with continuing Class Fun Days
Michael Baudendistel and Ben Croat, reporters

Class fun days will make an appearance in the SLUH schedule for the second year in a row as an integral part of the class unity process. The class fun days emerged in the 2020-2021 school year, when bonding and forming class identity experiences became challenging due to Covid restrictions.

Addition of more late starts to accommodate adult meeting time
Charles Turnell and Daniel Tice, reporters

The students of St. Louis U. High are taking note of the frequent late starts that have happened during the first quarter. Late starts are scheduled twice a month on B days, and have more significance than just letting students get a needed extra hour of sleep. Assistant Principal for Academics Kevin Foy provided the Prep News with insight into what happens while students are sleeping in.

Strategic summit’s five charters to impact 2022-23 school year from top to bottom
Jack Figge and Elliot Moore, Editor in Chief, reporter

The students of St. Louis U. High are all too familiar with the importance of revisions, examining and reviewing to point out flaws and make changes, whether it be examining their own life in the daily examen, revising English essays, or reviewing class notes. However, what students may not realize is that the school that teaches these skills is undergoing its own review process in what has been deemed the Strategic Summit. 

The STEM studs of SLUH present on recent projects
Alex Preusser and Austin Wald, Staff, reporter

The Jr. Bill (Nye)’s are back at it again! On Monday night, the best and brightest of the St. Louis U. High’s science community convened to put on this fall’s STEM Night, showcasing the achievements and endeavors of several Jr. Billikens. Ranging from one student’s cancer research to the activist funding of another, the event provided a fuller view of the Science Department’s objectives.

Students frustrated at lack of recognition for Hispanic Heritage Month
Luke Duffy and Drew Hawley, Web Editor, reporter

Taking place from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15 each year, National Hispanic Heritage Month has long been a time to celebrate Hispanic and Latino culture. In years past, St. Louis U. High has acknowledged Hispanic Heritage Month with a week of morning prayers for the Hispanic community. Although many Hispanic and Latino students hoped to see more celebration this year, SLUH was unable to do any more than the week of morning prayers and a bulletin board.

J Anthony 21
Luke Duffy, Web Editor

Senior Jude Fucetola dropped his first single, “I Don’t Want to be Your Lover Anymore,” in January, 2021. After thousands of Spotify streams, another single, and multiple live performances, Fucetola is dropping his third single this Sunday, Oct. 3.

New studium period allows for college information sessions
Roarke Unrau and Ben Croat, News Editor, reporter

Thanks to the continuation of the block schedule this year, the College Counseling Department has been able to incorporate a new line of classes aimed at helping the class of 2023 in their college journey. These classes are not new, but the college counselors decided to take advantage of the extra time with this year’s schedule to educate the junior class on the complex world of college applications.

New Faculty: Sexton-Warner steps in as receptionist
Charles Turnell and Daniel Tice, reporters

St. Louis U. High welcomes Anglea Sexton-Warner, who joins the staff as the new switchboard receptionist and a friendly face to greet anybody who enters the building. 

Board of trustees releases new diversity, equity, and inclusion vision statement
Jack Figge and Michael Baudendistel, Editor in Chief, reporter

Thirty years ago, St. Louis U. High’s Board of Trustees released a Minority Action Plan. Since then, many notable events have happened in regards to race. In 2018, SLUH revisited that original plan, scratching it and drafted a new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Vision Statement which was released last week. 

Admissions events return with virtual high school nights and "SLUH on the Road"
Alex Preusser and Thomas Jeurgens, Staff, reporter

Even through a global pandemic, the St. Louis U. High admissions team has continued to engage with grade school students from across the Saint Louis metropolitan area, and a new slew of plans has arisen for this year that includes a series of “SLUH on the Road” and Zoom-based presentations for prospective parents and students.

Jr. Bills scramble for dates as school dances return for this year
Luke Duffy, Drew Hawley, Web Editor, reporter

Dashing suits. Elegant dresses. Corsages and boutonnières. These have been among the missing features of high school dances that have been missing from St. Louis U. High since the winter of 2019. In a few weeks, the wait will be over. SLUH will be hosting its first dance, the Fall Ball, since the beginning of the pandemic, on Oct. 16.

Students band together to raise money for Afghan refugees arriving in St. Louis
John Bytnar and Austin Wald, reporters

St. Louis U. High has once again stepped up to meet the needs of the greater St. Louis community. Senior Ismael Karim and Director of Security Dan Schulte organized dress down days for the week of Sept. 6 as an emergency response to the high influx of Afghan refugees coming to St. Louis. Students could pay $2 per day to dress down or pay $5 to dress down every day that week. 

Rea fills in for Lowry while on medical leave
Luke Duffy and Drew Hawley, Web Editor, reporter

Assistant to the Principal Kristin Rea brings an impressive background and a cheerful energy to SLUH this fall, where she is working in the Main Office while Renai Lowry is on medical leave.

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