“I’m too sexy”: teachers wow at annual Teacher Karaoke
Alex Preusser and Charles Turnell, Core Staff, reporter

Sometimes, in the midst of exam week preparations and stress, all you need is an opportunity to kick back, relax, throw out some dollar bills, and watch your favorite economics teacher’s cover of “I’m Too Sexy.”

Virtual week aimed to act as a buffer to prevent spike in cases
Jack Figge and Bill Albus, Editor in Chief, reporter

The St. Louis U. High community was greeted by an unexpected email from Principal Ian Gibbons, SJ on Friday, Dec. 31 announcing that SLUH would be going virtual for at least the week following Christmas break. This virtual switch resulted in students receiving the day off on Monday and Tuesday and attending class from the comfort of their own homes over Zoom Wednesday through Friday. 

A Grande start to the year: seniors begin their advocacy projects
Mark Wappler and Ben Croat, Staff

After a chaotic morning filled with the scent of hot coffee and the sounds of unwanted alarm clocks, the senior class congregated in the Si Commons last Monday morning to kick off their anticipated Grande Project. After many months of preparation and contemplation, the seniors officially began their three-week-long endeavor to complete their social justice action research project. Being guided and sent off with the wise words of Fr. Tom Greene, SJ, the seniors finished off their first week of the project through virtual and asynchronous assignments while hearing from a number of special guests along the way.

Welcome back! Inperson classes resume after virtual week
Jack Figge, Editor in Chief

As you know if you are reading this article somewhere on the Backer campus today, St. Louis U. High students will once again return to Oakland Avenue to resume in-person learning after a brief three-day stint of attending classes via Zoom last week.

1540 List to showcase alumni who are making impact after graduating
Luke Duffy, Thomas Juergens, and Micah Doherty, Web Editor, Staff

The values of Jesuit Education are central to life at St. Louis U. High: students are frequently reminded to be men for others, taught to work toward the Grad at Grad, and trained to be their best selves throughout high school and beyond. To recognize the impact of young SLUH alums trying to live out these ideals, the Advancement Office conceived of the 1540 List to recognize 15 alumni under the age of 40 who have made a difference in their communities. 

Poll: How does SLUH feel about Omicron , virtual week?
Luke Duffy, Web Editor

Just over one week ago, on Dec. 31, marked two years since the first case of Covid-19 was reported in Wuhan, China. In early 2020, many speculated about how long the pandemic would directly impact our lives. Some said it would all be over once there was a vaccine; others argued it wouldn’t end until herd immunity was reached. Whatever the expectations were, the emergence of the Omicron variant has had an unprecedented effect on the world and on the St. Louis U. High community.

Campus Ministry, Mothers’ Club aid hundreds of St. Louis residents through the Adopt-A-Family Drive
Charles Turnell and Austin Wald, reporters

Every year, the SLUH community calls to mind the virtue of charity around December when participating in the Adopt-A-Family Drive. Taking place this past week, the Adopt-A-Family drive is a Campus Ministry led annual event in which gift cards are collected for people in need to buy Christmas gifts or other essential needs for their family. These gift cards are given to St. Francis Community Services, an organization who aids vulnerable people in the St. Louis region.

NHS Teacher Karaoke set to return next week
Ben Croat and Bill Albus, reporters

As semester exams creep up on Oakland Avenue, students are likely to need an outlet to release stress and have some fun before a rigorous, three days of testing. This year, like years prior to the pandemic, Teacher Karaoke will seek to provide the entertainment every student needs while they prepare for a treacherous week of testing.

Strategic Summit: Faculty Formation Committee examines the qualities of an Ignatian educator
Luke Duffy and Michael Baudendistel, Web Editor, Staff

Following the Strategic Summit meetings last spring, five separate committees were tasked with examining a certain aspect of SLUH and making improvements to this area. One of the five charters that emerged was the Faculty Formation charter, co-chaired by Math Department chair Julie Moeser and theology teacher Brian Gilmore. 

Encore! Five separate SLUH bands perform at the winter band concert
Thomas Juergens and Micah Doherty, reporters

A melody of chords could be heard from the Si Commons last Thursday night as St. Louis U. High’s band played a multitude of jazz numbers at their concert. The concert featured many bands including fundamental band, lab band, combos, jazz band, and varsity jazz band.

Admin seek new options for mask study as Cole Co. decision impacts MO
Nathan Rich, Editor

As the recent surge in Covid cases due to the Delta variant continues to infect more people throughout the country, SLUH has been forced to put its Covid study with St. Louis University on hold for the time being. Principal Ian Gibbons, SJ, President Alan Carruthers, and other SLUH administrators met with Dr. Terri Rebmann, a professor at SLU and the Director of their Institute for Biosecurity, this past Wednesday via Zoom to discuss the next steps in the plan for their protocol study, which was covered by the Prep News three weeks ago. 

Schöne Grüße! SLUH welcomes Jesuits arriving from Germany with open arms
Austin Wald, reporter

St. Louis U. High has welcomed two Jesuit guests from the German province to live in the Jesuit residence while they complete pursuits in St. Louis. The two visitors are Fr. Godehard Bruentrup, SJ and Fr. Cristof Wolf, SJ. Bruentrup is an internationally acclaimed philosophy professor who has come to St. Louis to present projects to Saint Louis University and explore a possible teaching job at the university. 

Strategic Summit: Schedule and Calendar Committee weighing options for a permanent schedule
Alex Preusser and Peter James, Core Staff, reporter

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the administration instituted a block schedule for the 2020-2021 and 2021-2022 school years. This schedule change was made to promote safety and make the hyflex and quarantines run more smoothly. Now, two years into the pandemic, the school is looking to settle on a schedule for the longer term. The Schedule and Calendar committee’s job is to explore what that schedule might be.

Seniors make headway with their Grande Projects as their plans were finalized
Ben Croat and Declan Richards, reporters

As St. Louis U. High nears its Winter Break, the senior class continues its preparation for their personal Grande Projects. On Monday, there was a meeting for the seniors to discuss their projects, specifically relating to their topics and the point of view that they would have in their mediums.

With the season of Advent arriving, daily Confessions and the Adopt-A-Family Drive have begun
Michael Baudendistel and Theo Agniel, Staff, reporter

The four weeks leading up to Christmas are among the most stressful times for students. But within the Catholic Church, these four weeks, Advent, are intended to be a time of meditation and reflection. St. Louis U. High’s campus ministry team is working on helping students to embrace the time of Advent even amidst their stressful schedules. 

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