1.5 million dollar goal reached in annual Cashbah fundraiser
Theo Agniel and Madhavan Anbukumar, Core Staff, reporter

What features dogs, Taylor Swift tickets, and a dinner with Principal Fr. Matt Stewart, SJ? Nothing else besides St. Louis U. High’s annual auction Cashbah. Boasting a variety of items for people to bid on, both online and in-person, the event exceeded this year’s goal of raising 1.5 million dollars in a single night for the exclusive purpose of funding SLUH students.

Sophomores embark on two-day on-campus retreat; grow personally, spiritually as a class
Leo Hahn and Daniel Neuner, Core Staff, Staff

When thinking about the most important moments of faith formation at St. Louis U. High, many don’t immediately think of the Sophomore Retreat, but they would be wrong if they denied its often profound impact. Last Thursday and Friday, the Class of 2026 gathered for a day and a half of brotherhood, spirituality, and reflection.

Young Urban Planners attend walk through of Lambert Airport
By Patrick Byrne and Nick Robert, Core Staff, reporter

Flying into education! The Young Urban Planners Club took a tour of St. Louis Lambert International Airport on Wednesday, March 20 to learn more about recent developments taking place there.

Band takes talent to New York Heritage festival, explores city
By Theo Agniel, Core Staff

The St. Louis U. High band program traveled to New York for spring break, where students performed successfully in the New York Heritage Festival while also getting to explore acclaimed treasures within the nation’s biggest city.

Flying solo: Greg Rogers immerses himself in culture of Nanjing, China
By Andrew Hunt and Lincoln Shorley , Core Staff, reporter

Sophomore Greg Rogers spent his spring break on a language immersion trip to Nanjing, China over spring break which was set up by Director of Global Education Rob Chura and the global education department. There Rogers spent the week immersing himself in the language and culture of China.

Rhino rescue! Students care for rhinos on preserve in South Africa
By Thomas Juergens, Core Staff

Sophomores Ryan Geiser and Nathan Shaw, juniors Chase Hatch and Charlie Dougherty, and seniors Oliver Barczewski and Drew Wilke spent spring break working with rhinos in South Africa. They were accompanied on the trip by chemistry teacher Kathleen Dwyer. 

Alleluia! Chapel reopens after extensive remodeling
By Lucas Hayden, News Editor

The halls of St. Louis U. High are abuzz this week as the Chapel renovation project was completed on Monday and will open for use starting on Thursday. Its first service will be the sophomore retreat Mass.

ARC hosts Vivian Gibson to speak on history of Mill Creek
By Jake Fitzpatrick, reporter

Telling the stories that have not yet been told. This is the idea that members of the Anti-Racist Coalition (ARC) have been emphasizing for a long time, and this emphasis came to a head on March 20.  During Activity Period, a packed 215C welcomed Vivian Gibson and Fr. Jeffrey Harrison, S.J., to give a talk to students about the unseen and undiscovered history of St. Louis and the untold stories of Mill Creek Valley. 

Mock Trial Bills narrowly lose to Cor Jesu and Marquette
Grayson Stevenson, Flex Editor

From a new coach to an influx of junior leadership, the St. Louis U. High Mock Trial team’s season managed to push them towards the regional competition. Despite amazing performances throughout the previous months, the team lost to Marquette, a consistently high ranking team and Cor Jesu, the top ranked team in the competition on March 7.

Stevenson, Birkmeier help plan 314 Day teen summit
Lucas Hayden, News Editor

Months of planning paid off on Saturday as the Mayor’s Youth Cabinet, staffed in part by senior Grayson Stevenson, and junior Henry Birkmeier, launched their very first annual TE3N-1-4 Day Summit, or 314 Day,  a gathering of teenagers from around St. Louis that worked to connect the youth to St. Louis area professionals in various fields. The summit was held from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., and was followed by a dinner and party that ran until 9:00 p.m.

Top o’ the mornin! Students travel to Ireland ahead of St. Patrick’s Day
Thomas Juergens and Leo Hahn, Core Staff

Six students and two chaperones spent spring break in Ireland, conveniently returning on St. Patrick’s Day. Juniors Connor O’Callaghan, Marshall Prost, Thomas Schoenekase, Ben Shup, and Michael Sise and sophomore Andrew Vehige were accompanied by Assistant Director of Admissions Jennifer Thomas and Assistant to the President Nicole Vehige for the trip.

Seven Jr. Bills live with host families and help nutrition center in Yoro, Honduras
Andrew Hunt, Core Staff

If Yoro, a small town in Honduras, is known for one thing, it’s the “Lluvia de Peces”, or “fish rain” that occurs each July. Sadly, the seven Jr. Bills who visited Yoro over spring break did not get to witness this. But they did have an exhilarating experience supporting a local nutrition center and experiencing the culture through their stays with host families.

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