Seniors boogie, twirl, and sway along to groovy tunes with their dates at Prom
Roarke Unrau and Mark Wappler, News Editor, Core Staff

The class of 2022 found themselves clipping on bow ties, fastening on cummerbunds, and stretching into their suspenders last Friday as they prepared for their Senior Prom. A night filled with flashing lights from cameras, necessary mosh pits, and awkward moments of stepping on a girl’s dress, it was a rightful return to a tradition that has been absent for the past two years and the envy of the past two graduating classes. One thing is certain: every girl is crazy about a sharply dressed Jr. Bill. 

Esports Valorant team makes successful state run, to compete for third place
Austin Wald, Core Staff

The SLUH Valorant team prevailed through an unfortunate setting and tough matchups this past week to make a run at state and secure a chance at third place. The state tournament was hosted in Kansas City in a unique underground venue instead of the comfort of the Science Center where the team had competed all season. 

Strategic Summit drafts widespread recommended changes in grading at SLUH
Ben Croat and Andrew Hunt, Staff

As a part of the ongoing Strategic Summit, the members of the Grading Policy and Communication committee shared their recommendations for grades and grading at SLUH at a faculty meeting last Tuesday, May 10. The recommendations are intended to bring more consistency to grades and grading at SLUH. The committee recommended further work in some areas for the 2022-23 academic year, followed by policy implementations for the 2023-24 school year.

Juniors participate in second annual SLUHlympics event during fun day
Alex Preusser and Jack Evans, Core Staff, reporter

The second annual SLUHlympics commenced just a week after the Class of 2023’s Junior Ring ceremony, acting as a celebration of the class’s camaraderie and brotherhood as they move into their senior year. Juniors took the day to release some of the tensions of completed AP exams and approaching finals by participating in some fun activities and games planned by their classmates.

Theology teacher Garavaglia headed for sabbatical
Bill Albus and Matthew Musial, reporters

Theology teacher Rob Garavaglia has always wanted to complete the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, but has never found the time. Next semester, however, Garavglia will have the time, as he will be away on sabbatical. 

Virtual Global Ed culminates with Modern Language Summit, carries into second Jesuit Global Activism Leadership Summit this summer
Andrew Hunt, Staff

SLUH’s Global Education program offers many opportunities for international travel exchange to learn about other cultures and languages. Even though the experience of traveling abroad can’t quite be matched, the pandemic given Director of Global Education Robert Chura and Spanish teacher María-Paz Erker the chance to foster many virtual exchanges, including the Modern Languages Summit, to make linguistic and cultural exchange more accessible for all students but still equally effective.

World Religions offers virtual and live discussions featuring people from other faiths
Luke Duffy and Lucas Hayden, Web Editor, reporter

World Religions, a second semester senior theology elective, has helped expose students to the diverse religions of the world for over 25 years. Last year, the introduction of Zoom learning allowed World Religions teacher Rob Garavaglia to organize Zoom meetings with speakers around the world and offer students a firsthand perspective on the religions they learn about in class. After two years, the Zoom program has proved to be a successful way to foster learning beyond the classroom.

Rising seniors called to lead at Junior Ring Mass
Alex Preusser and Micah Doherty, Core Staff, Staff

“With great power comes great responsibility.” This is a quote with which many are familiar from countless appearances in the Marvel movie franchise, but junior class president Kam Bailey used these words in his rousing speech at the Jr. Ring ceremony to describe the duties that the Class of 2023 is set to undertake.

Got Milk? Class of '22 celebrates final day by rocking away in the bathroom
Roarke Unrau and Mark Wappler, News Editor, Core Staff

Lactose-free? No siree! On their last day at the U. High, the Class of 2022 woke up very early Friday morning and partied from the break of dawn. Their drink of choice to fuel their energy on the last day? Milk. And lots of it. Despite a rainy start to their morning and other obstacles during the rest of their day, the seniors made the best of every moment together and made memories that they, along with the rest of the school, will remember forever.

First page of the PDF file: Patron-Saints-Of-Prepnew
Michael Baudendistel and Bill Albus, Core Staff, reporter

The Saint Louis U. High summer ’22 reading book has been decided: Patron Saints of Nothing by Randy Ribay. 

The book tells the story of a young Filipino-American teen who encounters many obstacles, some obvious and others full of mystery, that make his journey to discover the murder of his cousin challenging and most of all, entertaining.

Student Art Exhibit on display in gallery through end of school year
Andrew Hunt, Staff

The Student Art Exhibit has opened on the second floor of the J-Wing to display student-made art for the St. Louis U. High community to admire. From still lifes and self-portraits to abstract sketches and pottery, this exhibit is showing off the creativity and ingenuity within the visual arts department.

The goose has been cooked: Senior Follies provides a cheerful event to conclude high school for the Class of 2022
Mark Wappler, Staff

Laughter echoed through the walls of the Joseph Schulte Theater this weekend as members of the class of 2022 performed in the annual Senior Follies. The first in-person show in two years, the seniors showcased their best imitations of their beloved SLUH faculty before an audience of family, friends, classmates, and faculty. Through their witty humor and respectful mockery, the SLUH seniors put on a show that successfully revived a treasured SLUH tradition. 

Floyd departs from SLUH after six years of service to take time for herself
Thomas Juergens, Staff

College counselor Elaine Floyd will be leaving St. Louis U. High this year after six years on the college counseling team. She plans to work part-time as a school psychological examiner. Floyd has been a beloved member of the SLUH community during her time here and will be missed by both her colleagues and students.

SLUH enters an era of the "New Normal", reasseses structures
Alex Preusser and Drew Figge, Core Staff, reporter

Like many institutions across the world, St. Louis U. High is beginning the transition from pandemic-era policies to a post-pandemic environment, or the “New Normal.” As the SLUH community, as a whole, navigates this new atmosphere, the Instructional Council is working to provide the school with a framework which it can use to settle into normalcy.

"An example of Jesuit ideals": Hylla honored and remembered for 30+ years of service in FSC
Roarke Unrau and Jackson Cooper, News Editor, Core Staff

After 32 years of service to St. Louis U. High, beloved Director of Food Services Kathy Hylla made her long-awaited return to the school community at yesterday’s Mass of Praise and Gratitude. Unable to work in recent months due to health issues, it was Hylla’s first on-campus appearance in front of the student body since the end of the first semester.  

Madonna Della Strada showcased to teachers during faculty retreat
Bill Albus and Lucas Hayden, reporters

Members of the St. Louis U. High faculty spent last Friday at SLUH’s s new retreat house, Madonna Della Strada, for the second faculty retreat of the year. This retreat was especially different, mainly because most faculty retreats last the entire day. The retreat on Friday was a half day and was used to show faculty the new retreat center.

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