Initated at last! Sophomores finally experience Running of the Bills at football opener (86.02)

A new era at the U High, the class of 2024 participates in the running of the bills sluh tradition at Varsity football’s home opener against MICDS. A year of waiting meant that SLUH held the first ever sophomore running of the bills. 


After last minute Covid cancellation, Freshman Running of the Bills moves to soccer game (86.02)

A last second cancellation of a football game against Roosevelt due to a Covid outbreak left SLUH scrambling to find suitable replacements for freshman running of the bills. Luckily a SLUH soccer game against Glendale that night proved perfect.


Students punished for participation in devious licks TikTok trend (86.05)

SLUH unable to escape the grasp of the negative TiKTok trend where students steal objects ranging from hand sanitizer to bathroom stall doors from their school. 


Strategic summit’s five charters to impact 2022-23 school year from top to bottom (86.07)


Masked no more! SLUH moves to mask recommended after low positivity rate and high vaccination (86.08)


One-sided KMOV strory sparks tension within student body (86.08)


Has it already been two years? SLUH hosts return of fall ball (86.08)


Admin and city enter partnership, move back to Condition III (86.09)

A week after moving to condition II, SLUH goes back to condition III. This decision was met with mixed reviews within the student body, after a KMOV story about SLUH was made.


Admin hosts forum for students to ask about mask policy switches (86.10)


Another first! All Saints Day Mass is first all-school worship in 18 months (86.10)


Movement not moment: Jr. Bills move through Midtown protesting against gun violence (86.13)


A grande start to the year: seniors begin their advocacy projects (86.15)

A Return to Condition II, Current metrics allow school to return to Condition II, administration adjusts to 

mask recommended policy ((86.20)

Almost two years after the onset of the Covid 19 pandemic, SLUH finally officially re-enters condition II of the safety plan. This was met with much praise from the student body, eager to see their classmates' faces once again.


Schedule Change highlights Strategic Summit meeting (86.20)


Construction Resumes, after brief hiatus construction continues on the new Dill Center for Academic Success (86.23)


Cashbah raises $1.4 Million, first hybrid auction combines in person and online donations to fund financial aid (86.24)


Admin in conversation about dance policy, hosting discussions about allowing same sex guests (86.25)

Approached with a proposal by the student run organization ongoing conversations to allow same sex guests to dances, SLUH administration discusses possibility of how it would work at SLUH.


An example of Jesuit ideals Hylla honored and remembered for 30+ years of service in FSC 

After 32 years of service at SLUH Kathy Hylla was honored at the 2022 awards ceremony with the renaming of the servery to ‘Kathy’s Kitchen’,  a scholarship named after her, and a SLUH flag signed by students. She retires at the end of the school year as a SLUH legend.




Peter Lucier 

  • Peter Lucier ’08 discusses time in Afghanistan and looks to the future (86.02)

In late August, the United States announced that it was withdrawing all troops from Afghanistan after 20 years. St. Louis U. High alum and 20118-2019 ASC Peter Lucier served in Afghanistan. He sat down with Editor in Chief Jack Figge, discussing his service in Afghanistan and his work in assisting Afghan refugees. 


September 11

  • 20 years after 9/11, teachers recall SLUH’s atmosphere on that day (86.03)

September 11, 2001 started just like any other day at SLUH. Twenty years later, faculty reflect on how the day went for them, how they found out the news, and how the aftermath of the day echoed throughout the community and the world.


Mental Health (photo)

  • Students and faculty contemplate the stigma that mental health carries at SLUH (86.10)

Growing in importance in recent years, schools all over the country are having mental health take center point in many student discussions about helping student life. Now SLUH Students and faculty take a step back to contemplate how mental health should be addressed in a school environment.

2021 Reflection 

  • Peace, Joy, Love and Hope: the SLUH community reflects on 2021 (86.14)

As 2021 drew to a close, St. Louis U. High students and faculty applied the four virtues of Advent (peace, joy, love, hope) to reflect on the turbulent year of 2021. A year where SLUH did all it could to maintain its school spirit while being disturbed by a global pandemic. 

Wall Ball

  • Before there was Bashball: SLUH alumni reflect on Wall Ball, the biggest sport of SLUH’s past (86.20)

Wall ball, which used to be the biggest recreational sport at SLUH, was a game that everyone played when they had a few minutes of free time. But eventually the popular pastime had to go when one student almost lost his finger playing.

Covid Anniversary (photo)

  • Covid Anniversary Issue (86.23)

On the two year anniversary of SLUH’s lockdown due to Covid. The SLUH community recalls how their life was impacted the past two years in four separate areas of their lives: education, sports, mental health, and their social life.

Ukraine Conversation (photo)

  • “It's just all too real”: Marina and Rob Chura talk about the Ukraine Crisis (86.21)

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 23, Russian teacher Rob Chura and his wife Marina, who is a native of Russia, discuss the aftermath, effects, and reactions across the world of the situation in Eastern Europe.

Climate Change

  • IPCC releases climate report with grim outlook, SLUH sustainability leaders contemplate where school should head (86.24)

Following a statement released by the intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) that holds a grim outlook on the future of our planet, SLUH discusses which direction the school should head amidst the news.


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