86.20 Around the Hallways

Truck on Fire: On Monday, Feb. 14, SLUH students studying in the north side of campus at the start of 7th period were surprised to look outside to see a white truck on fire across Oakland from the old entrance of the school. The truck was on fire for some time and attracted a large crowd of onlookers, looking as the scene unfolded from a safe distance in the windows of the J-wing classrooms. The fire was put out by a fire crew from the St. Louis Fire Department. 


Senior skip day: Following in the footsteps of the Class of 2021, the Class of 2022 attempted to plan a senior skip day on the Monday following the Super Bowl. Using a GroupMe Group Chat to spread the word around, the seniors quickly decided on the day to skip. However, Assistant Principal for Student Life Brock Kesterson quickly quenched the rebellious flames by threatening to take away SnoBall while offering Saturday Jugs. Just as the Class of 2021 failed in their attempted skip day, so did this year's seniors. 


Indian Student Virtual Exchange: On Wednesday, Feb. 16, around 70 seniors who are taking World Religions attended a virtual exchange in the west side of the Si Commons during Studium to engage in discussion with three Indian students who attend a Jesuit high school in Calcutta, India. The students received insights into the daily lives of the Indian students and were able to better understand their Hindu religion through questions asked by the seniors. After the formal part of the meeting concluded, the students were able to answer several of the questions asked by the Indian students, some regarding what their opinions were on western political theories.

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