Mother’s Club Cookie Sales

This week featured the return of one of the Mothers Club’s most well-endeared traditions: the Freshman Moms Cookie Sale.  Both Thursday and today, students of all grades were able to purchase three cookies during lunch, Studium, and Activity Period, for the inexpensive price of 50 cents.  The cookies were provided by freshmen mothers, who were asked in the weekly email to contribute three dozen cookies of either the homemade or store bought variety to the sale.


Junior Class Mass 

This past Tuesday, members of the junior class took part in their first class mass of the 2021-22 school year, which was also the first time that they had all celebrated Mass together in the chapel since the beginning of the pandemic. The Mass was celebrated by Fr. Matt Stewart, SJ, and reading roles were filled by members of the Junior Pastoral Team.


Devious Licks 

Worries that SLUH students might hop onto the popular new TikTok trend of “deviously licking,” or stealing miscellaneous items from school, prompted Assistant Principal for Student Life Brock Kesterson to address the matter with students.  During both junior/senior and freshman/sophomore lunch on Thursday, Kesterson took to the podium on the stage in the Commons, warning students to stay away from the trend or risk serious punishment.

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