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Around the Hallways

By Leo Hahn and Kane Luchun



One World Club Meeting

The One World Club met in room 222C on Monday to discuss the World Cup and plan their upcoming event, which will bring attention to human rights issues surrounding the games.

The World Cup only happens every four years and fans around the world are eager to spectate. This year Qatar was chosen to host the games and their soccer stadiums were completed in May 2019. But the construction of the stadiums has been surrounded by controversy. Qatar employed immigrant workers for the construction, resulting in the deaths of 500 of them. To put that into perspective, that is around half of f the student body at SLUH.

To bring awareness to the human rights laws that were broken in the construction of the stadiums, the One World Club has started planning their most recent project, an event early next year to bring attention to the social context around the World Cup.

“This is the first time we’ve broken off from the main leadership planning the event and had the whole club participate,” said student club leader Freddy Laux.

The event will include a number of speakers offering national and international views on the Qatar World Cup. The event is being planned for early next year and is sure to be a ball.


SLUH Hockey Hoodies

The new line of St. Louis U. High hockey hoodies was released this Monday, much to the delight of the student body. Available only to the students, many outside buyers were quick to contact a Jr. Bill for a chance to own one of the elusive sweaters. 

The new hoodie features a bold design change to contrast with last year’s, replacing the iconic powder blue with a more subtle snowy white. The hoodie also sports a family crest-like billiken on the front. At $25, it is also one of the more affordable pieces of spirit wear.

Many SLUH students are becoming sweatshirt entrepreneurs (scalpers, perhaps?), buying and then selling the merchandise to outside buyers at increased prices. Is this phenomenon due to the influence SLUH has on St. Louis’ Catholic high schools? Will this draw potential applicants? The hoodies’  limited edition status also contributes to the frenzy, with many students Wednesday and Thursday buying multiples.


Christmas Concert

The sound of festive carols and choreographed dance are expected to grace the Si Commons this Sunday as members of the student body participate in St. Louis U. High’s annual Christmas concert.

The more musical portion of the concert will be conducted by choir teacher Brian Reeves, who says that the songs sung will capture the spirit of Christmas. Among the classics like “Away in a Manger” and “Oh Come All Ye Faithful,” this year there will be a modern interpretation of a medieval Christmas carol. The choir portion will be featured in the first half of the concert.

The dance portion of the concert will be choreographed by Simonie Anzalone, and is set to feature more global influences. The dance styles will range from salsa to African jazz dance to more Pacific-influenced movement.

“Overall, a varied and fun show,” said Anzalone. 

The concert is at 4:00 Sunday in the Commons, and admission is free.


All School Mass

The student body gathered yesterday to celebrate the Mass of the Immaculate Conception. 

Presided over by Matthew Stewart, S.J., the mass highlighted messages of unity, and the importance of saying “yes.”  

Stewart also announced during the homily that theology teacher Julie Lewis is expecting her first child, due in the spring of next year, a fact previously unknown to students outside of her freshman class. SLUH president Alan Carruthers ended the Mass with a thank you to the student body for exceptional participation.







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