This week I watched The Sandlot while I spoke with Sam Tieber in the Si Commons. Tieber is a senior captain of the SLUH soccer team in his second year as a varsity midfielder. Tieber also scored an absolute banger against Fort Zumwalt South this past Tuesday to help get the Jr. Bills off on the right foot in St. Louis U. High’s annual home tournament, the Jr. Billiken Classic.


Austin Wald: Alright Sam Tieber, you’re a captain on the soccer team this year, tell me about some of the responsibilities you’ve stepped up to this year.


Sam Tieber: The biggest one is being a leader on the team. That's kind of like the role of a captain is to be a leader. And I feel like the responsibility is really big on and off the field. You gotta hold everyone responsible for themselves, make sure they're all capable of doing their job. I think another big thing is making sure I’m also responsible, not like losing my head, stuff like that. 


AW: And you guys just had a little road trip to Kentucky, can you tell me a little bit about that?


ST: It's always a good time, I went there last year. We won both games, which is good. 1-0 the first game. Slow start but a good win. Next game we came out hot, put four in the back of the net which is always good. So as long as we're winning, I think our heads are high. It was a good bus ride home, good spirits.


AW: Speaking of good spirits, you guys are about halfway through the season, how does the team chemistry feel right now?


ST: I think in the beginning, it was kind of low. You know, we had a bunch of new players. But we’ve lost games and won games which really probably made us closer together than we thought it would. I feel like the same players were on the field together and some people who haven't played much weren't a part of that. But now since we all have played together on the field, everyone's kind of coming together on the team. And like I think everyone now has an idea we're all about. 


AW: So you guys are playing in the Jr. Bill Classic right now, how’s that going so far and what kind of opposition are going up against for the rest of the tournament?


ST: Well, we played one game so far. Play another one tonight. We played Fort Zumwalt South who were state champions last year. We were all nervous about that game. But we just played our game, came out and won 4-0 again. And then all the teams that are in the tournament, we don't really play usually. So it's always a good time to see new teams around the city like Parkway South who we've never played before the last three years. The other teams in the tournament like Chaminade, we don't actually play them, it’s a competition of which team can score the most goals. So it will be interesting to see how we play against these new teams that we’ve never played before. And hopefully we'll come out with a win.


AW: What’s up next for the rest of the season?


ST: I feel like most of our heads right now are toward our district games because we wanna get that No. 1 seed spot of course. Last year we had an unfortunate time of losing the last district game. So we’re just focused on continuing to win and stay positive through losses.


AW: Last question, what’s your favorite fast food restaurant?


ST: Chick-Fil-A.


AW: Why?


ST: Because it has the best menu items, like the frosted lemonade is the best thing on the menu.


AW: Valid.

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