The SLUH Esports team took on Nixa high school on Tuesday night in a Rocket League battle for the ages. 

After school in the Science Center’s game lab, the team won an intense competition. Their competition was Nixa, a public high school in the Ozarks. To set up the match, the schools didn’t meet in person, but set up a match virtually so that both teams could stay in their backyard. 

Nixa put up a tough match for the Jr. Bills, even though the stat line didn't make the match seem that close. The match, which was a best of five in Rocket League, turned out to be a clean sweep for SLUH, winning 3-0.

“It was a big step up, playing players that were actually on our level of skill. And I think that hit us and this week we came back down to earth with this game,” said senior player Cam Gegg.

Looking towards the future, the Esports team is ready to keep the momentum up.

“We’re just focused on winning games week by week and keeping the good times rolling,” said Gegg.

               The home arena of the Esports team is something of note as well. Few other teams at SLUH can boast off campus facilities as nice as the Esports team.

              “We go down a level of the Science Center and there's a little place called the Dino Den by that big dinosaur, on the lower level. And they have all of our computer setups, PCs, all of our equipment, all of our controllers, and all that good stuff,” Gegg explained.

Fans that want to stop by the Dino Den and support the Esports team are encouraged to meet with the players in the J-wing after school on Tuesdays.

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