Finan ’85 offers thoughts on gratitude towards teachers

When students thank their teachers, the response is often "no thanks are necessary." The fact that it is not necessary is precisely why students and parents should express their gratitude for the work that teachers do for students.

The last two years have not been easy for teachers. Two years ago, if you would have told teachers that they would have to pivot on a dime to online teaching because of an international pandemic they may have questioned what website you were reading. Teachers at SLUH made that pivot, and made it well. The faculty, administration, and staff of SLUH are owed a great deal of thanks for their work.

As we move into a somewhat normal academic year, we should also remember to thank teachers and staff for their work outside the classroom as teachers, coaches, and moderators. In many cases, they give their time to chaperone dances like the Back to School Mixer (I’m looking at you, Tim O’Neil and Tom McCarthy) or they work the gate at the football games (good to see Mary Michalski and Nina See), or they provide food for the Fathers Club (so good to see Kathy Hylla). Do you think Mr. Corley would have imagined that he would be doing a sophomore Running of the Bills several years ago?  Well, he did, and Mr. Curdt was there to help him, knowing that he was going to do it again next week. And while he would REALLY say it is part of his job, Dr. Brock is always around to keep things on the level. 

Students, remember to thank these people and the people who do things behind the scenes at every opportunity. As we all know, Ignatian prayerfulness begins with gratitude. You students are lucky to have these great people as your teachers, administration and staff. My thanks to all of them. 


Thomas Finan, ’85

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