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Theology teacher Rob Garavaglia brings SLU teacher-in-training under his wing

Recently a new face has been seen around the halls of SLUH. Sarah Ritchie is a senior at Saint Louis University studying theology and education. For her final semester in college, Ritchie is working with Rob Garavalgia in his theology classes as a teaching assistant. 

Sarah Ritchie in the theology classroom. Photo: Drew Figge

“She is here to observe teachers,” said Garavalgia. “She wants to get a sense of different teaching methods and then eventually hopefully teach on her own.”

Ritchie is hoping that through this experience she will achieve this goal and it will help lead her to a future of teaching

“Hopefully by April, I will actually be able to teach the class and create my own lesson plans each day, with a little assistance from Mr. G.” said Ritchie. “I have only been here for a week so I am just getting the hang of sitting in on his classes and watching him create lesson plans, but I am excited to work with him on helping teach his classes.”

Ritchie is excited for the chance to observe a high school class. 

“The whole point of my student teaching is to be able to see how the teacher teaches the class and ultimately take the class over in the future,” said Ritchie.

Ritchie has previously observed middle school classes.

“This is my first time working with high schoolers but it adds a certain level of focus compared to teaching middle schoolers like I have in the past.”

Despite already enjoying her time with a high school class, Ritchie is unsure of whether she would like to teach the secondary level during her teaching career. 

“My plan is to finish up this semester working with Mr. G and then after I graduate in May, I’m hoping to go to grad school so that I will have more teaching opportunities in the near future. I am planning on getting my PhD because I really like the college level, the students have more of a passion for the class and a desire to be there, it’s not just a mandatory theology class like in high school.” 

Garavaglia is glad to have Ritchie working with him.

“It’s a great thrill,” said Garavaliga. “We’re lucky to have her, she brings a great deal of energy and passion for her faith, for teaching, for theology and education.”







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