Local senior sensation Gus Tettamble has recently begun a podcast titled Shooting the Stuff with Gus showcasing his charisma, humor, and coolness while talking to some of SLUH’s heavy hitters, such as Assistant Principal for Student Life Brock Kesterson, and math teacher Tracy Lyons. 

The first episode of Tettamble’s podcast was on Aug. 27. But the first time he actually considered making a podcast was during the quarantine of 2020. He started listening to podcasts and quickly realized he was a fan of the art. 

“It's fun for me, thinking of silly questions and all that, I think that's super fun. Even recording it and everything, it took me a couple of days to figure out how to do all of it and upload it, but it's actually the easiest thing in the world,” said Tettamble. “I guess it's just something fun. And like I feel like sometimes people don't let themselves have as much fun as they should. They take themselves a little bit too seriously sometimes. I guess I was just trying to bring out the fun in some people.”

The original plan was to just have fun and talk about the life of a senior, but when Kesterson expressed interest in being on the podcast, Tettamble couldn’t say no.

“I just had to come into this thing open-minded, knowing that Gus is a, I hate to say it, but he's a pretty creative and funny guy. So I had to just be prepared for anything. And I tried to be, and even though I was, he still came up with some things that I was really not expecting,” said Kesterson. 

After publishing Episode 1 with Kesterson, Shooting the Stuff with Gus was up and rolling, with Episode 2 coming out one week later.

“It was very fun. I don’t think the audio picked up all of my laughter, but Gus was very prepared. He asked hard-hitting questions, he kept me on my toes. It was a lot of fun,” said Lyons. 

Behind the scenes of the podcast, Tettamble works with math teacher Stephen Deves to produce them. Deves, who dubbed himself sounding board and wise counsel of Shooting the Stuff with Gus, expects himself to be on the podcast one day instead of working behind the scenes. 

“I think the arrangement is coming at some point. The only question is when is he prepared and when am I prepared, and is the world prepared to hear us together? We'll find out,” said Deves. 

In the future, Tettamble hopes to have a lot of fun and make some changes to the podcast. But as of right now, he is mainly focused on having fun and talking with some people at SLUH. 

“My plan was that I had no plan,” joked Tettamble. “The plan, going into the podcast, was to make an episode, see how people reacted to it and then go from there. I found that when I have someone on the podcast with me it's a lot easier, it takes a lot of the stress off. I don't really have to think too much, I can just write down some silly stuff and then just let them do the rest.”

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