Mother-Son trivia provides night of fun bonding

The St. Louis U. High Mothers Club hosted its 13th annual Mother-Son Trivia last Saturday. Over 700 guests attended the festivities, held in the Si Commons. 

Sophomores celebrating their win at trivia night. Photo I courtesy of Elisa Doherty

Every year the Mothers Club celebrates the mothers of SLUH and brings students and mothers together through interactive trivia questions, impromptu mini games, a large array of prizes, and fellowship. As far as trivia goes, there were several rounds of trivia that featured categories ranging from logos to movie clips. Students and mothers sat in tables of ten and collaborated to beat out the rest of the competition. 

“A mother-son trivia event is more than just questions. It's an opportunity for fellowship within the SLUH community, for moms to get to know other moms, for sons to see a fun side of their moms and to just be together,” said Mothers Club President Andrea Brockmann. 

Mother-Son Trivia provides a creative outlet for mothers and sons who find dressing up and decoration to be their forté. Every year the event recognizes the best table costume and decoration and rewards the winners with prizes. The incentive creates an atmosphere of fun competition between attire and table decoration. 

“As I walked around the room, there were only smiles and laughter and much conversation. Everyone was happy to have their picture taken. I love that there were tables that were creatively decorated with attendees in costume,” said Brockmann. 

“Everyone was having a good time and a lot of people had dressed up. I didn’t expect it at all to be like that. I had no idea we were setting up our own table and decorating it,” said junior Nick Finlay. 

Despite the laid back nature of the event, Jr. Bills still found ways to turn the night into a friendly competition. 

“There was a lot of friendly competition between tables especially when you had friends with their moms at another table,” said sophomore James Unwin. 

This year was the first full capacity trivia night since COVID. In 2020, the event was canceled and 2021 was hosted online. Last year’s event was in person, but with limited capacity. 2023 posed the first return for normalcy for the tradition since the pandemic, which is especially important for seniors and senior parents. 

“As a senior mom, I was happy to have the opportunity to connect with my son, his friends and their moms. Other moms were experiencing trivia for the first time, and I hope they love and appreciate this event as much as the senior moms have,” said Brockmann. 

Students and mothers alike found pleasure in the fellowship and love present on Saturday night. 

“It was a great time, and a great opportunity for me to get together with a group of my friends and their moms and really just bond,” said sophomore Steven Baudendistel. “It was an opportunity to get to know more about my mom’s past, and the past of all people who experienced the 80s.”

The event was made possible by many different contributors. Mothers Club chairs Kate Glass and Yvette Bozdech played a large part in coordinating the event with everyone. Various mothers volunteeered to help check mothers and sons in, dads helped as floor runners and ticket peddlers, while student volunteers served as concession stand workers. 

The Mothers Club raises money through the event every year. 

“The money raised by Mothers Club is used for various events throughout the year, including St. Nicholas candy canes, the Mardi Gras Faculty Breakfast, Annual Facilities Appreciation Lunch, and Baccalaureate Dinner for the seniors and their parents,” said Brockmann. 

“I had a really great time getting to spend a fun evening with my mom and a few of my friends. It was a fun experience and I definitely would do it again,” said Unwin. 

Above all, the purpose of the night remains: love and fun. 

“There's no right or wrong, just come as you are and have fun,” said Brockmann.

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