St. Louis U. High welcomes two new Alum Service Corps members: Chandler Love, ’17 and Christopher Stahl, ’16, to this year’s faculty. Coming from unique roots, Love and Stahl are excited to bring their experiences to the classroom this year.

Christopher Stahl '16. Photo: Kathy Chott.

Christopher Stahl

Stahl graduated from SLUH in 2016 and began his college career at Murray State University on a football scholarship. In addition to playing football in college, he studied biology in a pre-med program and took psychology in his fifth year.

Stahl has had his eyes on the ASC program since he finished his fourth year. His overarching reason for entering this realm of teaching was that this was a vocation he felt called by God to carry out.

“My goal here is just to impact young men and share the knowledge I have gained both in the classroom and just by living life, sharing the wisdom that God has put on my heart,” said Stahl.

Being devout in his faith, Stahl hopes to share with students not only his knowledge of science but also his spiritual knowledge.

“I hope to inspire whatever encounter I can with the guys at SLUH, you know, bring them to an encounter with Jesus, because he’s definitely met me where I’m at,” said Stahl.

During his year at SLUH, Stahl will be teaching freshman biology and helping coach varsity football. He is approaching this year at SLUH as a year of discernment. In this new environment, he is curious to see whether he is being led to embrace the teaching vocation or to explore other opportunities.

“I feel very comfortable here at SLUH, so I could see myself coming back if the opportunity was there,” said Stahl. “But I’m also contemplating and praying about going to medical school and/or going back to school for theology.”

If he does decide to pursue more college education, Stahl has a scholarship in his back pocket. Last spring, he received the NCAA postgraduate scholarship for excelling academically and athletically during his undergraduate career.

“​​I feel incredibly honored to receive it, and while the money will definitely help, I think putting that on college applications is incredibly valuable too,” said Stahl. “They don’t select very many awardees, so I know I am extremely blessed.”

Chandler Love '17. Photo: Kathy Chott.

Chandler Love

Chandler Love is also a St. Louis native and graduated from SLUH in 2017. After high school, he studied African Studies at Claflin University, a Historically Black University in Orangeburg, South Carolina.

As Love reached the end of his undergraduate carrer and the Covid situation improved, he saw the ASC program as a perfect opportunity.

“I was invited to apply by Mr. Deves, who I met when he was ASC, on a Kairos. He recommended me for this and I had other things kind of lined up like law school and other job opportunities, but I really wanted to do ASC,” said Love.

At SLUH, Love is teaching sophomore English and working with English teacher Frank Kovarik in the senior African American Voices course. He will also coach baseball and wrestling and help out with Mock Trial and the Black Student Union. 

A lot of Love’s involvement this year will be in areas that he was interested in when he was in high school. He hopes to take from his high school experiences and help his students grow in their formation.

“If I could, you know, help one student succeed in areas that maybe I failed when I was going here, or maybe inspire them to come back into the program as well that would be amazing. I just feel like this is a way for me to pay it forward,” said Love. “If I could just help somebody honestly I think that this whole thing would be a great success.”

Love was also asked by his students to moderate the Kanye Club in the wake of Kanye West’s new album, Donda.

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